ANW gen 2
Developer JtheAplhabetBoy
Based On The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead
Seasons 7
Episodes 78

A New World is a tv series based off AMC's The Walking Dead. The cast includes Shiloh Fernandez, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Carpenter, Thomas McDonell, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Emma Bell, Maika Monroe, Grant Gustin, Rutina Wesley, MacKenzie Lintz, Victoria Justice, Chris Pratt, Charlie Carver and Mare Winningham.


Season 1

TITLE Number
Pilot 1
Diseased 2
Bloodlines 3
Gunshot 4
Snap 5
Beginning Of The End


Season 2

Lonely Road 7
Spare Parts 8
Cannibals 9
Explosion 10
Ginger Snaps 11
Brooke Manor 12
Be Our Guest 13
Training 14


Season 3

Another Day 16
Ginger Bread House 17
Sleep 18
Family 19
Trust 20
Every Man 21
For Himself 22
Save 23
Oceanside 24
Risk 25
Island 26
Rules 27
Bitter Realization 28
One Way to Hell 29

Season 4

Shore 30
Fresh Blood 31
Waiting Room 32
See You 33
Tests 34
Old Friend 35
Viral 36
Beneath the Streets 37
Adjusting 38
Killer 39
Answers 40
Him 41
Calm Before the Storm 42
Bombs on Monday 43

Season 5

31 Days 44
Run 45
Hide 46
The Shadows 47
Dark Clouds 48
Trapped 49
Hurricane 50
A New Ally 51
Enemies 52
Raid 53
Fire Starter 54
Coming 55
Betrayed 56
X 57

Season 6

Live On 58
Agents 59
Tragic 60
Something Bad 61
Arena 62
Glory & Gore 63
X-Out 64
The Kingdom Falls 65
Cold 66


Season 7

Thin Ice 68
Runaway Runaway 69
New Home 70
A Life Unlived 71
Party Hard 72
You Belong to Me 73
You Saved Me 74
Alliance 75
Knight in Shining Armor 76
Animals 77
A World Alone 78

Season 8

On The River 79
People That Live in a Swamp 80
??? 81
??? 82
??? 83
??? 84
??? 85
Illume 86
??? 87
??? 88
??? 89
??? 90
??? 91
??? 92
??? 93
??? 94

Main Characters

The following list is not including series regulars, only main cast members. Characters are added here by when they join the main cast. For a list of Characters, go here.

Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Shiloh Fernandez Mike Andrews Main N/A
Victoria Justice Abbie Andrews Main N/A
Emma Bell Tina Andrews Main N/A
Wes Bently Mitchell Main N/A
Holland Roden Tori Hill Main N/A
Bobby Campo Wes Burke Main N/A
Michelle Ang Lina Recurring Main N/A
Luke Bilyk Blake Recurring Main N/A
Blake Lively Nichole Recurring Main N/A
Mare Winningham Ginger Walsh N/A Main N/A
Jennifer Carpenter Melissa Brooke N/A Recurring Main N/A
Lucien Laviscount Nick N/A Recurring Main N/A
Thomas McDonell Heath Jacoby N/A Recurring Main N/A
Anna Paquin Sandra Atkins N/A Recurring Main N/A
Jake T. Austin Brandon N/A Recurring Main N/A
Charlie Carver Ben N/A Main N/A
Ryan Kwanten Marco N/A Main N/A
Maika Monroe Mattie Monroe N/A Recurring Main N/A
Rutina Wesley Kaya Dutch N/A Main Recurring Main
Tyler James Williams Zack Bell N/A Recurring Main N/A
Dichen Lachman Aile N/A Main N/A
Grant Gustin Andy Banks N/A Recurring Main N/A
Billie Lourd Jane N/A Recurring Main
Chris Pratt Shadow N/A Recurring Main N/A
Angela Bassett Maura Knight N/A Main
Jacob Artist Corey Reed N/A Recurring Main N/A
Kevin Durand Mister X N/A Recurring Main N/A
Liz Gillies Kyra N/A Recurring Main N/A
Argiris Karras Sacha Vetrov N/A Recurring Main Recurring Main
Bianca Lawson Shaine Washington N/A Recurring Main N/A
Naya Rivera Ingrid Martinez N/A Recurring Main Recurring Main
Cassie Scerbo Serina N/A Recurring Main N/A
Stefanie Scott Kayla N/A Recurring Main N/A
Alycia Debnam-Carey Vivian Lox N/A Recurring Main
John Barrowman Jack N/A Main N/A
Katelyn Nacon Veronica Franz N/A Recurring Main
Carlson Young Kelly Westfield N/A Recurring Main N/A
Jake Abel Winston N/A Recurring Main N/A
Christian Serratos Santana Gonzales N/A Recurring Main
Bob Morley Aiden Brookes N/A Recurring Main
Ian Anthony Dale Lorenzo Walker N/A Main
Scott Porter Nathan DeVries N/A Main N/A
Armie Hammer The Director N/A Main N/A
Ian Harding Nathan DeVries jr. N/A Main N/A
Emily Kinney Danni Bleu N/A Recurring Main
Johnny Galecki Shepard Reedus N/A Recurring Main
Nolan Gerard Funk Connor N/A Recurring Main
China Anne McClain Ivy Wexler N/A Recurring Main
Austin Nichols Peter Rappid N/A Recurring Main

Rumored Future Cast

This section is the announced main cast list (Including Series Regulars) of future seasons. It is not finalized until the season is written.

Season 9

  • Angela Bassett as Maura Knight
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey as Vivian Lox
  • Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
  • Rutina Wesley as Kaya Dutch
  • Billie Lourd as Jane
  • Katelyn Nacon as Veronica Franz
  • Ian Harding as Nathan DeVries jr.
  • Bob Morley as Aiden Brookes
  • Johnny Galecki as Shepard Reedus
  • Austin Nicols as Peter Rappid
  • Anna Camp as Cleo Macen

Season 10

Rumored to be a "New Generation" beginning.

  • Alycia Debnam-Carey as Vivian Lox
  • Katelyn Nacon as Veronica Franz
  • Bob Morley as Aiden Brookes

Major Characters

Opening Sequences

The Opening Sequences for Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 were all made of landscape shots with the main cast names appearing, some with multiple names to a card. Seasons 5 and 6 were just a simple title card. Season 7 featured a spinning globe with the cast members names fading on. They can be found on the Youtube channel belonging to JtheAlphabetBoy.


  • Originally, Mike was going to die in the season 2 mid-season finale instead of Abbie. Victoria Justice said it would impact Mike more.
  • Jennifer Carpenter wanted to leave the show in season 3 but returned for a few episodes in season 4.
  • The creator was asked who would die out of the current main cast. He said, "Mike, Zack, Marco, Shadow, Jane, Heath, Kaya, Brandon, Dean, Kyra and many more characters that are coming in soon."
  • The cast of infections wasn't supposed to join the show.
  • Several people were series regulars for short times.
    • Mitchell had appeared in four episodes.
    • Cissy was listed for 2 episodes.
    • Ginger was listed for seven episodes she appeared in.
    • Gary Hughes was in five episodes.
  • In Season 6, it was said there was only going to be 10 episodes.
  • Season 7 went back to some series regulars in main, the rest in also-starring.
  • Season 7 will have less main cast deaths.

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