Almost (Infections)
Season 3, Episode 6
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End the War
Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev - Monica
Jensen Ackles - Shawn
Rutina Wesley - Kaya
Leigh Allyn Baker - Sarah
Dove Cameron - Melanie
Emily Kinney - Danni
Bethany Anne Lind - Quin
Billie Lourd - Jane
Melanie Martinez - Kenzie
Dylan O'Brien - Jake
Carlos Penavega - Mikel
Mary Scheer - Diane
Neil Patrick Harris - Jason
Also Starring
Brianne Tju - Lucy
Madison Lintz - Amber
Isla Fisher - Denise


The group has to decide what to do for Monica.


The group brings Monica to their new home, where they reunite with the others. They discuss what to do with Monica since she has no eyes.

MacKenzie confronts Jason West about stabbing Monica and he declares they have to go to war. MacKenzie replies with, "We already have one." She walks to the gate and leaves with Nica and Brendon.

Monica awakens and tells them she's going to die. Jake asks the others to leave and she holds his hand, telling him they need him to be a leader. He nods and lets Jane in. As the group finishes, Sarah is the last one to say goodbye. Monica tells her Jason is holding Abby in one of the cages at his camp. Sarah cries and thanks her. The group leaves and Monica hears Jason and his men approach.

Jason looks around the house, Monica killing three of his men while he isn't looking. She then attempts to stab him when he grabs her and takes her knife and stabbing her in the stomach. She then pulls a hidden knife out and stabs him in the back of the head. She then pulls the knife out of her stomach, placing it against her head and ramming it in the wall.

The rest of the group meet MacKenzie's group and they silently look to each other before joining forces, not saying anything.


  • Three of Jason's men
  • Jason West
  • Monica Evans


  • Last appearance of Jason West.
  • Last appearance of Monica Evans.
  • It is unknown if they will cast a new protagonist or not.
    • It's been confirmed that a new group will be introduced in season 4 and Chloe Grace Moretz will be portraying the new lead.

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