Amber Millington
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 19
Occupation Student
Family Unknown
First Appearance Part 1
Status Alive
Series lifespan Part 1 to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-British

Amber is a student at Anubis House as well a protagonist of The Walking Anubis.


Part 1

Amber is talking in the woods along Fabian and Nina, while a walker sneaks up from behind and tries to catch them, but falls

Part 2

Amber is still talking with Fabian and Nina, as Patricia comes running to warn everyone about walkers, as they notice the large her, they try to run and Amber falls to the ground, screaming in despair as walkers get near to her

Part 3

Before a walker can bite or attack her, Patricia goes help her to get up and all escape to the Anubis House

Part 4

Amber helps the bitten Alfie to get up, by tackling away the walker, later she makes her way back to the house with the injuerd Alfie


The Walking Anubis


  • The long develop time for part 3 was because of a choice of kill Amber, however various producers decided against this and the final script let her live
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