Amy Harrison
Season one amy harrison
Actor Emma Bell
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 24
Occupation College Student (Pre-Apocalypse)
Family Andrea - Sister (Deceased)
(Unnamed) - Mother (Deceased)
(Unnamed) - Father (Deceased)
First Appearance "Days Gone Bye"
Last Appearance "Hounded" (Voice only/Hallucination)
Death Episode "Vatos" (Alive)
"Wildfire" (Zombified)
Cause of Death Bitten by a walker (Alive)
Shot in the head by Andrea (Zombified)
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Days Gone Bye" to "Vatos"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Amy is bitten in the neck and later put down by Andrea after she reanimates.
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"He knew we were so different. He knew that you needed to catch the fish and I needed to throw them back."
—Amy to Andrea about fishing with their father[src]

Amy Harrison is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She and her sister Andrea were saved by Dale Horvath during the initial outbreak and eventually found a camp for survivors.


Amy was twelve years younger than Andrea and that caused no small amount of tension between the sisters. She was resentful of Andrea leaving her behind at home and not coming back often enough to visit and be a part of her life. The experience of the apocalypse strengthened their bond enormously, though Amy was still often frustrated by Andrea correcting her, judging her, and generally telling her what to do. However, Amy worshipped her older sister, wanting to be just like her.

Still young, Amy was impetuous and eternally optimistic. She helped look out for the kids in the camp, was quick to defend others' actions when she saw them as being protective and generally tried to keep the peace among her fellow survivors.


Atlanta, Georgia

Not too much is known about Amy's life prior to the outbreak; she was living in the city of Atlanta where she was attending college and lived in a dorm room. She was on a road trip with her older sister Andrea, headed back to her college when the zombie apocalypse occurred. They were stranded in Atlanta where they were rescued by Dale Horvath.


Season 1

"Days Gone Bye"

Amy hears Rick Grimes' voice over the radio and attempts to respond to his calls, though the transmission does not go through to his end.


When Amy's group receives a call about Andrea and her group under distress in Atlanta, she declares that they need to assist them, but Shane Walsh objects, saying that it may be too late. Amy becomes angry, yelling that Andrea and the others volunteered on behalf of everyone to get supplies.

"Tell It to the Frogs"

When Andrea's group returns from the city, she and her sister reunite by sharing a big embrace, hugging. When Carl Grimes and Sophia Peletier find a zombie outside of camp, Amy and the other adults go into the woods to investigate. She and Andrea look away in disgust as Dale chops the zombie's head off. Later, while doing laundry at the quarry with Andrea, Jacqui, and Carol Peletier, she and the women share what they miss most, hers being her computer and texting. When Ed comes around and begins snapping at the women, telling Carol it is time to go, Andrea intervenes and sticks up for Carol, while Amy tries to prevent a fight by asking Andrea to stop. After Ed Peletier slaps Carol, Amy pulls Carol away from Ed while Andrea and Jacqui hold him back to prevent him from causing further harm to her. Amy gives Carol over to Andrea, and all of the women watch in shock as Shane beats Ed senseless.


Amy is on the lake fishing with her sister, and the two share their experiences fishing with their dad, sharing how he raised them differently according to their feelings and character. She and Andrea return to camp with a whole string of fish, but their excitement is interrupted as Dale Horvath explains the situation with Jim. She witnesses the confrontation of Jim as he digs strange holes on the hillside. After Dale explains about his watch's story, the camp goes silent, until Amy breaks it saying, "You are so weird". The group bursts out in laughter. During the feast, Amy excuses herself to go use the RV's bathroom. When she exits the door, complaining that the RV is out of toilet paper, she is accosted by a walker that rips open her arm as her screams are heard. The camp is swarmed and multiple struggles ensue. Amy screams in agonizing pain as the walker rips out a large chunk of her neck with his teeth. Amy continues screaming in pain. Andrea tries to apply pressure to the neck wound but to no avail. Amy slowly dies in Andrea's arms from trauma and severe blood loss minutes after, which leaves Andrea heartbroken and suicidal.


The next day is her birthday. Andrea, devastated, puts the mermaid necklace around Amy's neck. She lies dead in Andrea's arms all night until morning, when she wakes up as a zombie. She opens her eyes, which, though always blue, are suddenly an icy cool grey-blue, the pupils gone. Her eyes are bloodshot. Amy reaches up for Andrea, somewhat pulling her hair. Andrea apologizes to Amy for never being there for her. She then puts Amy down, tears rolling down her face.

Amy is later buried during the funeral for the fallen campers.

Season 3


Rick begins receiving phone calls from individuals who he believes are part of another group. The first call is from a young woman who is shocked to have made contact with someone. She reveals that she is with others and in a safe place, but she is cautious not to reveal the location. She seems willing to help, but insists on speaking with her people before taking in Rick and the other survivors. Despite Rick's pleading, she hangs up. Rick later receives a phone call from Lori, who informs him that the people he had spoken to all day were Amy, Jim, and Jacqui.


Killed By

During the night after supper, Amy uses Dale's camp RV bathroom. She exits the trailer to ask where the toilet paper was when a walker comes out from behind and bites her in her arm as her screams are heard. The camp is swarmed and multiple struggles ensue. With Amy screaming in pain, the bent-over walker bites the side of her neck, ripping out a large chunk. She continues screaming in pain. Andrea comes to her aid, completely horrified and shocked. All she can do is apply pressure to Amy's neck wound. Amy can't even speak. She caresses Andrea's cheek before her eyes close.

Andrea continues to hold Amy's body, apologising to her for not being there for her. When a reanimated Amy wakes up, she tries to attack Andrea. Andrea apologises a final time and shoots her in the side of the head, instantly killing Amy while Andrea chokes back tears.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Amy has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies




TV Series

Season 1

Season 3

  • "Hounded" (Voice Only, Hallucination)


  • Amy is the only recurring character to have a promotional poster in Season 1.
  • Amy is the only character in the series seen having their birthday acknowledged by other members of the group.
    • Ironically, Amy died the night before her birthday.
  • In the original teleplay script for "Days Gone Bye", Amy's character was given the name Rachel (though her role remained otherwise unchanged).

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