"You friend."
— Anna's last words before being put down by Jade.
  Anna Hazel
Gender Female
Hair Red
Age 11
Family Kirk Hazel (Father) Missy Hazel (Mother)
Cause of Death Killed by Jade Susan
Status Dead
Ethnicity White

Anna Hazel was a mentally and emotionally unstable 11 year old. Along with the Skinner's, she served as a main antagonist for the main episodes of The Walking Dead: Divided Home.


She resides in the Wellton community with her parents, who she despises. A couple of nights after Clyde Dover arrives, she murdered both of parents by cutting their heads with an axe. Anna generally expresses homicidal urges to all who she doesn't get along with.

Some days later, she is caught gutting the community horse by her friend Jade. After Anna was revealed to be the killer, Clyde had to make a decision on what to do with her. While Clyde and the group went to the Prison to battle against the Skinner's, she had an intense fight with Jade and was ultimately killed by her.

Killed Victims

  • Her mom,dad, Buttons and possibly numerous Walkers.


Anna's character was inspired by Lizzie Borden.