B. Everett
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Late to 30's
Occupation Worker at the Everett Pharmacy Drugstore
Family Lee Everett-Brother
First Appearance A New Day (Zombified)
Last Appearance A New Day (Zombified)
Death Episode A New Day
Status Dead
Series lifespan A New Day to A New Day
Ethnicity African-American

B. Everett is an unnamed character within The Walking Dead: Survive ,he is a worker of the Everett Pharmacy Drugstore along his parents and formerly his brother Lee


Everett Family Pharmacy

Nothing is known about B. before or as the outbreak began, except that he worked at the Everett Pharmacy along with his parents.


A New Day

When Lee and Doug go check the street, a zombified B. is found in the street, Lee was forced to put down his zombified brother in order to get the keys to the pharmacy.


Killed By

  • Zombies (Alive) 

B. went to look for the pizza that his parents ordered, when suddenly a walker or maybe more approached him and bited him, he died and turned undead

  • Lee (Zombified,Out Of Mercy) 

Lee was forced to put down his reanimated brother in order to get the pharmacy keys.


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