Save-Lots Bandit
Actor Sean Ainsworth
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unspecified
Occupation Save Lots employee
Family Unknown
First Appearance Hungry For Help
Last Appearance Hungry For Help
Death Episode Hungry For Help
Cause of Death Shot in the head multiple times by another bandit
Status Dead
Series lifespan Hungry For Help to Hungry For Help
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
 The Bandit 2 is the second unnamed bandit and the first one killed on-screen within The Walking Dead: Survive.


Save-Lots Shop

Most likely this bandit along the other bandits worked in the Save-Lots shop and took Jolene's daughter Danielle


Hungry For Help

While Lee, Ben, Mark, Carley, Doug, Irene/Stephanie, Daniel and Andrew St. John are coming to the dairy, they spot this bandit discussing with another bandit about the food, when the topic get off-control the first bandit shoots this bandit multiple times.


Killed By:

  • Save-Lots Bandit 1
  • Himself (Caused)
  • Gary (Caused)


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