Bite (Infections)
Season 1, Episode 4
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School's Out
Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev as Monica Evans
Tyler Posey as Vince Jameson
Abigail Breslin as Maggie Thomas
Willa Fitzgerald as Sarah Nixon
Jennette Mccurdy as Abby Walters
Evan Peters as Greg Evans
Also Starring
Leigh Allyn Baker as Sarah Walters
Billie Lourd as Jane
Ving Rhames as Mike Monroe
Rutina Wesley as Kaya Dutch

Bite is the fourth episode of season 1.


The group bands together and decides to survive together.


The entire group meets in the lobby, everyone meeting each other. Greg tells them eventually, they will need to leave. He explains on how the hotel is too big and cannot keep them safe. The group is silent, unsure of what to say.

Monica goes to the basement to see the doorman still moving around. She sighs, then heads back upstairs. Greg asks if she's alright and she shakes her head, telling him she doesn't like the way of the world.

A day later, the group is walking to find their new home but cannot decide. When walkers emerge from the building, Brad is overrun while Caulfield is bit. The rush to the school and hide there. Caulfield explains to the group they need to kill him before he turns. He tells them about how you turn if you don't destroy the brain.

Mike finds Kate in tears and tells her how she needs to toughen up and learn to kill.

The group head to the gym again, feeling it is the safest place. Mike is grabbed by a walker and Kate stabs it, making him smile at her before they run. They block the entrance and rest for a while.

Sarah and Abby tell the group there is no way they can stay in the gym with walkers right there. Vince tells them he has a plan and explains how they need to get out so they can blow up the school from the boiler room. The group has mixed reactions and think about it.

Late that night, Vince stays awake and pulls his sleeve back to reveal a bite mark on his wrist. He starts crying as he looks at the walkers in the window.


Carlson Young as Kate

Connor Weil as Brad

Scott Wilson as Mr. Caulfield


  • Brad
  • Caulfield


The episode is titled bite because Caulfield and Vince are both bit.

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