• JtheAlphabetBoy

    Because I always do character auditions, here's another one!

    For this one, it will be for Survivors We Become and the rules will be:

    1. They can be characters that exist in other stories on this wiki.
    2. No more than six characters per auditions.
    3. I need a first and/or last name for it to be a proper character. An alias will be accepted, but I need at least an actual name.
    4. The characters will not show up until Season 2.

    The first half of second season follows the Crestview survivors after they are taken to a supposed safe haven. It is a camp set up by Jeff McLemore (Dayton Callie) and he is a sketchy man to the group. His camp, called "The Reserve" by it's residents, has many civilians living inside the walls. They have a clearing where they host "Bite…

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  • TWDFan630


    • Atlanta Camp VS "The Living" (Original)
    • Greene Family Farm
    • Gang At The Gun Warehouse (Original)
    • Prison Takeover (Expanded)
    • Blake Brothers
    • Georgian War (Expanded)
    • The Governor's Militia
    • Eugene's "Mission"
    • Jeremiah's Cult
    • Gabriel & The Hunters
    • Rooker's Brutal Authority (Original)
    • Anderson Family Terror
    • The Scavengers (Expanded)
    • Richmond Junkyard
    • Herd Within Alexandria
    • Licari And His Friends (Original)
    • Negan's Brutal Demonstrations
    • March To War
    • The All Out War (Expanded)
    • Oceanside Rising (Original)
    • Deserters And Rule Breakers From The Saviors (Expanded)
    • Monroe And The Fairbanks Family
    • Magna And Co
    • The Whisperers
    • Border Of The Heads On Pikes
    • Whisperer War
    • Tragic Loss Of The Beloved
    • Voice On The Radio (Expanded)
    • Nathan's Hometown (Original)
    • Returnin…

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  • TWDFan630

    More TBA

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  • TWDFan630

    I'm being serious on this question. I've dealt with this problem for so long. I reported the problem twice, and nothing's been fixed about it. I'm feeling tempted to make a video on reporting the problem. This problem is atrocious as fuck.

    Proof Of Problem -

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  • JtheAlphabetBoy

    Hello, everyone! As you can see, I'm holding another Character Audition. I always get fresh ideas when I get character submissions. This one is different however. I'm allowing you to choose which show your character goes in.


    1. I'm not accepting characters from other fandoms.
    2. Do not make them Dead or Mentioned.
    3. I'll be doing most of the casting, but if you have ideas, please submit the actor. (If the casting is a problem, I'm changing it myself.)
    4. Please only submit five characters per show.
    5. Do not expect your character to be a series regular as soon as it enters the show.


    • Name - Camilla Layne
    • Series - Willing to Survive
    • Actor - Elizabeth Ludlow
    • Casting - Supporting
    • Storyline - Camilla is working as a guard at a new community. She is the r…
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  • TWDFan630

    Nathan DeVries Jr - 1st place (Will Not Return For Season 2)
    Jeb DeBiose - 2nd place (Will Not Return For Season 2)
    Daniel Cooper - 3rd place
    Emma Hart - 4th place
    Olivia Johnston - 5th place
    Nathan DeVries - 6th place
    Curtis Denver - 7th place
    Leon Chacon - 8th place
    Mason Douglas - 9th place
    Finch McCoy - 10th place
    Ryan Carver - 11th place
    Cornelius Summerville - 12th place
    Bethany Churchill - 13th place
    Franklin Knight - 14th place
    Clancy Ashford - 15th place
    Wallace Newton - 16th place
    Robert Miller - 17th place (Will Not Return For Season 2)
    Phoenix Taggart - 18th place
    Ash Wilkins - 19th place
    Delta Sherman - 20th place
    Parker Monroe - 21st place (Will Not Return For Season 2)
    Reed O'Conner - 22nd place (Will Not Return For Season 2)
    Rosita Denver - 23rd p…

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  • TWDFan630

    TWDT Season Posters

    April 21, 2017 by TWDFan630

    If I were to do it, then I'd need to work on them, thus would delay my story even further more; however, it'll get me to think of other possibilities of avoiding the chances of killing off many characters and have side-stories have a majority of deaths. I have an idea of what to do with the posters. Below are the ideas of each season, and the characters featured aren't looking like their portrayers.

    Season 1

    Nathan DeVries standing in front of a wall.

    Season 2

    Two survivors on each side of a wall (Outside Of Wall = Nathan DeVries and Daniel Cooper/Inside Of Wall = Franklin Knight and Jesse Churchill).

    Season 3

    Nathan DeVries, Franklin Knight, Finch McCoy, Julia Hornsby, and Burns Andrews standing in front of a large fire.

    Season 4

    Lorenzo Walker s…

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  • TWDFan630

    This blog is regarding to TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.

    I've done a blog like this, but for TWDFan630's Walking Dead.

    Since my story is in it's second half, and the first four seasons (26, 27, 28, 29) are completely planned out, I want to know what characters I should add. Be sure to add the season you want them in.

    Here's the listings that you must add:

    • Name [1]
    • Gender [2]
    • Actor [3]
    • Age [4]
    • Role (Main, Supporting, Minor)
    • Alignment (Protagonist, Antagonist, Unknown, Neutral)
    • Planet (Earth, Dellowingsen, etc) [5]
    • Relations (If there is some, give out their listings also)
    • Debuting Season (Between 30 and 50) [5]
    • Sexuality (If they are 18+) [6]

    • [1] - None of the accepted characters from [1] will be allowed, since they were already auditioned. Also, character…

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  • TWDFan630

    I'll be the first to admit this; I've killed some characters off too early, and I'm here to address the major deaths that happened too early, and how they were originally going to leave the series.

    • The General
      • He was originally set up to survive Season 1, and go into Season 2 as a bigger enemy, but get killed by Franklin Knight as he switches sides.
    • Gareth Lovett
      • He was originally going to die how Jesse Churchill died in Episode 8.
    • Emma Hart
      • She was originally going to be killed off in Episode 96 at the end of the All Out War Story Arc.
    • Jesse Churchill
      • He was originally set up to survive up until Episode 100, and then disappear permanently.
    • Troyer Mitchell
      • He was originally going to die how Emma Hart died in Episode 15.
    • Robert Miller
      • He was originally…

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  • TWDFan630
    1. Fallen Worlds At War (August 2018) - An american journalist must fight the rising dead just after the USSR and the United States begins World War III with the zombie apocalypse beginning as it's the sole product of the war just as society falls apart in the year 1985.
    2. TWDFan630's Walking Dead 2 (February 2018) - The sequel of TWDFan630's Walking Dead that follows several survivors in the brutal world after the deaths of the heroes just as new and old foes faces them head on just as more planets takes part in the epic journey.
    3. Denial At It's Finest (June 2019) - Spinoff to TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV that follows a post-apocalypse journalist named Rudy and his small news crew just as they uncover the secrets of the universe's villians that di…
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  • TWDFan630

    Any characters that have any resemblance or shares the same name as a real person is completely coincidental. Any character that shares my name isn't completely myself.

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  • TWDFan630

    TWDT Season 22 Intro Video

    February 20, 2017 by TWDFan630

    Like I said in the descriptions, do not share the video with others. My Youtube and my Wikia profiles must never be a part of each other for the most part.

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  • TWDFan630

    Look at this!

    February 13, 2017 by TWDFan630

    You all know the Hilltop Colony on The Walking Dead, right? The actor that plays as Andy, the member of the colony that came with Jesus to Alexandria is following me on twitter. Since I'm a fan of the walking dead, I've been following the cast, both current and former, to see how they're doing and other sorts of things, so please, don't call me a stalker.

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  • TWDFan630

    This is a blog about my story, TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV. These are small canon special episodes. This blog will be updated, and will contain some pre-apocalypse scenes, and some episodes are only of the pre-apocalypse. Some are connected to the overall storyline, and some are completely independent from the storyline.

    Nathan gets a surprise from The General debut the New Years Festival.

    Nathan begins to look outside at the fireworks goes off as several residents of the Davidson Colony watches. Nathan begins to look at the now-outdated calendar. Nathan looks at a note on the kitchen's counter as Alice states on the note that she is serving meals for the residents of the colony. Nathan smiles at the note as Nathan Jr and Cory exits from the…

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  • TWDFan630


    January 1, 2017 by TWDFan630

    Happy New Years, everybody!!!!!!!!

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  • AquaSoloSky

    Recent Update (READ)

    December 6, 2016 by AquaSoloSky

    Incase you haven't noticed, I have recently deleted every episode of a fanon that I've written.

    This is because I have lost all interest in writing. Don't worry, I'll still be active and I'll still edit my characters. However, I'd love it if you could all accept my choice ;) Sorry if I'm doing a collab, that's gone as well. But you all have you main series to write anyways? xD

    If you do attempt to bring the pages back then I'll probably delete them (Sorry.) :)

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  • TWDFan630

    Be sure to go out, and vote for who you want as the next president of the US.

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  • TWDFan630

    What are all of your opinions on it?

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  • JtheAlphabetBoy

    Hey, everyone.

    While looking through the TV Series Characters (With Fanon) page, I noticed how many characters are untouched, unused or just abandoned by old users. There's so many that are completely unused and just there, such as Bill, Kate, Greg, Mia, Billy Greene, Alec, Ike, Matthew, Dodge, Jim, Lilly, Fred, George, Adam, Peter, Dan, Edward, Orin, Roger, Kaylee, Jeffrey, Kerry, Alex, Daniel, Jack, Ellie, Joel, Jess, and numerous others. All of those pages have yet to be created.

    And then there's the ones that TWDFan found that were around far before we were even here. Since those are other people's characters, I don't think it's right for us to just keep them there, especially since they are not even up to date and these people are proba…

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  • TWDFan630

    What are all of your opinions on it?

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  • AquaSoloSky


    October 23, 2016 by AquaSoloSky

    Just so you all know. I won't be online at all tomorrow, due to me attempting to avoid spoilers for the premiere. ;)

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  • TWDFan630

    Like I've said in the big bolded letter, I do feel like an asshole. I told the girl in the end that it was a prank, so maybe a little less of an asshole? Yep.

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    Minor break.

    August 9, 2016 by KeepOnKeepingOn

    Hey all, I hope you don't mind, but I'm taking a small break from the wiki. Mainly due to A New Day being completed.

    I plan on publishing 400 Days around December, and I'll probably be back soon to continue iSurvive the Zombie Apocalypse, but until then, I do have school starting up.

    It's fun working with you guys, and I like the people I've met here. I'll never leave for good, but I just need to focus on some of my other fan projects for now.

    If you ever care to read A New Day, there is a story link on the page.

    Happy travels!

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  • Imaginetastic

    I personally think it's either Abraham or Daryl. But I would kill if Daryl died. Like, I would kill someone if he died.

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  • TWDFan630

    It will end at Episode 100. I've lost all taste in the story, and I will no longer focus on the story, but there will be a sequel.

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  • TWDFan630

    Hello, everyone. This is TWDFan630 here with an important blog. Pay close attention to what I want to set up for here that'll help the organizing of everything on here.

    • List of User Accounts that've made edits on here.
      • This doesn't include Wikia Staff Members unless they've made any edits directly on here instead of the automatic edits and replies.
      • This doesn't include banned users.
      • This doesn't include user accounts that are disabled(Taken down)
    • Lists of Active, Upcoming, Scrapped, Finished, Paused, and Adoptable stories.
    • Set rules for all users to follow.
    • Community projects.
    • Forum Games.
    • Staff Member Debates For Ideas.
      • Votes to require being passed with a majority of 51% or higher of supporting votes.
      • 50/50 voting results are held for 1 weeks, and …

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  • JtheAlphabetBoy

    Wiki Adoption

    July 18, 2016 by JtheAlphabetBoy

    Hey, everyone, J here.

    I decided to talk to wikia about adopting the wiki. They said I'd need to inform you all first. This means we'll get some admins and leadership in here. We also will be able to take better care of the wiki. I'm still waiting to hear back from them at the moment, but we can hope for the best.


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  • TWDFan630

    This user is named 20Kellerw that acts like YoungAnarchy, but he isn't exactly YoungAnarchy at the same time. Everyone, be on watchout for him. I've discovered two of his sockpuppets, and I already know that he may arrive here, and attack. If he attacks here, one of us that aren't banned on another wiki must ask Wikia to allow some of us admin and bureaucrat rights.

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  • JtheAlphabetBoy

    So this is inspired by TWDFan630 as I liked the idea and I feel it'd be interesting to add new characters.

    Rules for submitting characters:

    1. Do not make the characters based off some other fandom characters.
    2. Characters cannot be dead or mentioned.
    3. I will be doing most of the casting for the characters, but if you have an idea for the actors, just say so.
    4. Please keep it limited to about 7 characters per person.

    Information needed for the characters are:

    1. Name:
    2. Family (If any):
    3. Cast Listing: Main/Recurring/Co-Star
    4. Storyline: What is their main story while on the show.
    5. Ethnicity:
    6. Age:
    7. Actor/Actress: (If you have one)
    8. Lifespan: How many episodes (opt.)


    • Name: Lukas Darkbloom
    • Family: Sasha Darkbloom (Sister)
    • Cast Listing: Recurring
    • Storyline: Lukas is looki…
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  • TWDFan630

    Nathan and Cassie walks away from the camp as the others are getting ready for a battle. "Should we help them?" Cassie asks Nathan. "Not entirely." Nathan answers to Cassie. Cassie hugs Nathan just as Johnny sits on a bench.

    Jeremiah reloads his assault rifle. "We go in, we take all of them out. If things goes wrong, attract the zombies, and we'll join the zombies soon after." Jeremiah says to the others just before they begin to advance towards Tent City. Nathan snipes Kelly in the head while Johnny guns Magna and Luke down. "Get ready to get into defenses!!!" Dean yells for the others just before getting shot in the head by Reese. "Nice shot, Reese." Joseph says to Reese before getting shot to death by Bobby. "We need to fight hard." Mega…

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  • TWDFan630

    Hello Everyone. This is TWDFan630 aka Nathan DeVries. Today is not only my 18th Birthday, but it's my YouTube Channel's 5th Year since being created. Today, I'll be planning doing a 50/50 Reddit Challenge, and I hope that you all watch the video.

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  • TWDFan630

    Hello Everyone. This is TWDFan630 with an audition blog. Here's the guidelines for auditioning a character.

    • No characters from other fanon series
    • No characters from popular games, movies, tv series, books, etc
    • First and Last Names are required for Main or Supporting Casts
      • Exceptions are character names like The General, Lone Wacko, etc
      • If you're thinking that a name might not qualify, feel free to ask me.
    • No mentioned characters
    • No deceased characters
    • No zombified characters
    • Maximum of 6 main cast auditions per seasons
    • Don't get pissed off if your character is declined

    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Casting List:
    • Season To Debut:
    • Protagonist or Antagonist:
    • Brief storyline of a maximum of one paragraph(Optional):
    • 3 Main Personality Traits:
    • Any living appearing family members to…

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  • TWDFan630

    Nathan and his group begins to travel towards a community that has no walls surrounding it. Monica begins to think that it isn't a good idea to walk into the community, but Cassie disagrees with Monica. Nathan takes Cassie's opinion, and he and the others begins to enter the community. He meets an armed man who is serving as a guard. The man tells Nathan that his name is Dean Gorman, and that the community is called Tent City. Monica and her original group members begins to walk away from Tent City as Nathan, Cassie, Johnny, Reed, and Kendra follows Dean into Tent City.

    Nathan and his group meets with two other guards, who are Ben and Harlan. Nathan tells the two that "he wants to meet the leader." Ben tells Nathan that he "has to earn it."…

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  • TWDFan630

    Nathan, exhausted after the search for Carol, decides to head back to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He enters his house, and begins to pack all of his stuff, and begins to write a note that he's going on his own journey. Nathan finishes the note as a female survivor enters the house. Nathan and the female survivor begins to meet each other, and the woman's name is revealed to be Cassie. Nathan smiles at Cassie, and he notices Cassie with a large bag on her back. Nathan asks Cassie, "What are you carrying?" Cassie reveals that she no longer wants to be a part of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Nathan tells her that she can accompany him on his journey, to which she gladly accepts. Nathan grabs his stuff, and he and Cassie walks out of the Alexandria …

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  • TWDFan630

    Hello Everyone. This is TWDFan630. As the supposed main character died, do you believe that the story should continue or should it end? The story's fate of being a continuing or finished story lies in your hands. Comment on here about your thoughts.

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  • Polimis

    Survive Season 2 Q&A

    March 30, 2016 by Polimis

    Hello everyone, i'm Polimis, the creator of the Survive franchise, in this blog post, we're talking about Survive TV Series; mostly focusing on season 2, this is a Q&A, so you can ask whatever you want about the season and i'll answer it. Let it go

    Q:How are the episodes going?

    A:They are well, following the part 1 and part 2 thing.

    Q: Do you plan on introducing any new characters? Or accepting any from people?

    A: Basically...i was thinking about instead of Dave and Tony's group, adding the military (That's why i kept the name of episode 6 as Cobalt) and not, i'm not adding characters from people (on this season)

    Q:Also, are you planning on making and new story arcs? A:Basically i wanted to follow the original plot, remain faithful to the series,…

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  • TWDFan630

    What are all of your opinions on it?

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  • TWDFan630

    What are all of your opinions on it?

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  • TWDFan630

    What are all of your opinions on it? Sorry if this is too small of a blog, as I'm still currently new on here.

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  • AquaSoloSky

    Season 2 Confirmed!

    March 1, 2016 by AquaSoloSky

    So, Season 2 of my series is now official! Leave what you think is going to happen down below! :D I'm so excited to get into this!

    The tagline is: "You're never safe."

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  • AquaSoloSky


    February 14, 2016 by AquaSoloSky

    I'm having trouble with adding pictures to my characters! D: I was also wondering if anyone wanted to help me make the pages? There's a lot xD

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    Random Blog Post

    February 3, 2016 by KeepOnKeepingOn

    Just a random blog post for the purpose of getting a badge because I'm greedy, and the sight of one bronze badge below four gold badges is...not exactly pleasant. It's out of place and tampers with my OCD.

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  • Polimis

    Hungry For Help

    December 9, 2015 by Polimis

    January 15, 2016

    "Group is trying the best for survive, when more survivors enter the ground,Lee questions if they can trust them"

    • Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett
    • Melissa Hutchison as Clementine
    • Gavin Hammon as Kenny
    • Cissy Jones ad Katjaa
    • Max Kaufman as Duck
    • Nicki Rapp as Lilly
    • Terence Mcgovern as Larry
    • Nicole Vigil as Carley
    • Sam Joan as Doug
    • Brett Pels as Irene (Determinant)

    • Trevor Hoffmann as Ben Paul
    • Ruby Butterfield as Travis
    • Kevin Burns as David Parker
    • Adam Harrington as Andrew St. John
    • Brian Sommer as Danny St. John
    • Jeanie Kelsey as Brenda St. John
    • Cissy Jones as Jolene
    • Anthony Lams as Vince
    • Jace Smykel as Wyatt
    • Vegas J. Jenkins as Russell
    • Erin Yvette as Bonnie
    • Cissy Jones as Shel
    • Brett Pels as Becca
    • Erik Braa as Danny (Determinant)
    • Trevor Hoffman as Justin (Deter…

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    I mean, I have plenty of others in my head but I'm gonna run out of ideas very soon...when I do, I'd love to collaborate with someone on a new idea, if that's good with anybody.

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  • Kamarovsky


    August 29, 2015 by Kamarovsky


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  • Darkshot22

    Days Gone Bye: Rick is driving with Carol, his wife for the series (reference to comic pilot) when he swerves off the road. Carol is okay, but Rick is now in a coma. Rick eventually wakes up and exits the room in the hospital he was in, when someone hits him with a shovel, knocking him out/ Rick wakes up to see a human who later says her name is Alice. Alice tells Rick that she mistook him for one of "them". Rick asks Alice who "they" are, and she asks him if he didn't know about what had happened with the world. Alice tells Rick about the apocalypse. Suddenly, a group member named Donna tells Alice that several walkers had found their way into the hospital. Alice rushes down a hallway, and shoots 2 walkers in the head, but is almost overp…

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  • OrkMarine

    Afghan Project

    April 15, 2013 by OrkMarine

    Im just making a blog/sandbox for my project thingy with Noobz4life, Baconater, and Kermizk. The project is the story of 4 different military units (french foreign legion, US marines, Russian army and chinese army). This will just be where we post ideas and stuff before starting the pages and stuff.

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