Blood & Guts (Infections)
Season 4, Episode 5
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Cast Guide
Chloe Grace Moretz - Nikki Alexis
Rutina Wesley - Kaya Dutch
Leigh Allyn Baker - Sarah Walters
Dove Cameron - Melanie
Josh Duhamel - Gus
Ansel Elgort - Russel
Emily Kinney - Danni Bleu
Bethany Anne Lind - Quin
Billie Lourd - Jane
Melanie Martinez - MacKenzie Jameson
Jennette McCurdy - Abby Walters
Dylan O'Brien - Jake
Carlos PenaVega - Mikel
Mary Scheer - Diane
Also Starring
Madison Lintz - Amber
Amanda Seyfried - Gigi Alexis
Stefanie Scott - Kayla
Keke Palmer - Jenna
Kerr Smith - Tom Anderson
Max Carver - Brandon
Charlie Carver - Ben
Gabourey Sidibe - Queenie
Brighton Sharbino - Claire Anderson
Katelyn Tarver as Faith
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Molly


Gus finds Kayla in captivity and attempts to get to her. Meanwhile, Nikki finds a camp where she believes they could be safe in. Brandon decides to speak with Jake.


Gus listens to the men talking to find out they're father and son. When they leave, Gus opens Kayla's cage and they climb out the window and run away.

Nikki stops the cars and they discover the bike gang from before was killed. They seemed to have been shot, some reanimated. Nikki drives through and they stop to take a break. Brandon asks to talk to Jake and they go to the woods. Brandon attacks Jake, pinning him to a tree. Jake pushes him back and hits him with a branch. Before he can do anything else, Ben enters the area and stops them. He yells at both of them before telling them both to stay away from him.

Nikki comes across the gates of a community known as The Vox Safe Zone. Parker and Michelle warn her to back away when Nadia arrives and tells them to stand down. Nikki and the others enter the community. Nikki speaks to a girl named Faith, who helps her around the community. Kaya discovers the bikers were killed by this group. She tells Nadia it was a bad idea and the other members may go after them.

Gus and Kayla run out of the woods, hearing voices behind them. Three people, revealed to be Decklan, Carson and Frankie, chase after them. Carson shoots Gus in the back. Kayla runs on as Decklan takes a knife and cuts his stomach open, his guts pour on the ground.

That night, Carson approaches the gates and Faith exits, telling him to say hi to their dad for her.


  • Mike O'Mally - Decklan
  • Sabrina Carpenter - Frankie
  • Jessica Biel - Michelle Wilkins
  • Michael Taber - Carson
  • Kellan Lutz - Parker


  • Gus

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