Captain George Wadmore is a British troop in the America before the event  assisting in the training of United State Marines. When it happened his squad and trainees were killed most being killed by comrades as they were taken by the 'Things' as George calls them. He is a wanderer and never seen in a place for more then a few nights.


He wears multi terrain trousers, a woodland Osprey vest, multi terrain combat shirt, woodland combat jacket and the cream beret of the SAS. He also carries a berghan backpack in woodland and boots. He sometimes wears tactical glases when he doesn't there around his neck. At 6ft 2 he is sometimes seen as a threat.

​Skills and personality

George is a well trained special forces soldier un compromised in his duty and his survival. Though you may rarely meet him he is a good friendly person who will care for those until he leaves them. He is serious and completely humour-less he only has a straight face rarely seen doing anything then his duty and his face never changing. 

Previous Groups

Though he is a wanderer he is seen in numerous groups for longer periods of time then small ones.

​The Spartan group of Texas

The training of the USMC by the SAS took part on a training ground in Texas after the event George teamed up with a local police force of a man and woman who in turn teamed with a group of high school children after a week they have got fifty survivors five including George of military personnel. After a few more days they had been significantly short handed then a cop and a soldier went mad killing any thing it resulted in a explosion of a gas tanker and a patrol car 'Things' then appeared in all forms killing them all. Except George.

​Route 66 Angels

A biker group who accepted the SAS trooper as a friend then betrayed him he then killed them all ten of them.


George was a highly decorated SAS trooper with numerous medals including a George cross. He hopes to return to Britain to his girlfriend and family.


None as such but he wants a more permanent group of people.

​ Weapons and Equipment

George uses a mixed load out of:

MP5 sub machine gun. With 4x ACOG, a torch, dual mags and extended magazines.

M4A1 Assault Rifle, M203 Grenade launcher (HE, smoke and flash bang grenades), Holographic sight and torch

USP 45 pistol.

M67 grenades


Smoke grenades


NLAW AT launcher.


NV googles



(Property of Commisar Wadders)

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