Connor Hunters
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unspecified (possibly in his early teens)
Family Kerry - Mother (Deceased)
Drake Norton - Possible Father
Jeffrey Carver - Possible Father (Deceased)
Alvin Jr. - Possible Cousin
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Connor is the infant son of Kerry. Due to the situation at her conception, Connor's father isn't defiantly known; it could either be the series' protagonist Drake Norton or one of the series' main characters and antagonist Jeffrey Carver. Kerry was about to explain who the actual father could be, but was shot by Jeffrey when he was angered for being lied to again.


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Connor never makes an appearance in Last of Humanity, but he is mentioned numerous times by Kerry during the course of the series. Connor's fate as of the apocalypse remains unclear, but it has been stated by Kerry that Connor is very much alive and is presumably somewhere in Virginia.