D Man wearing his mask in his first safe house.


D Man was a soldier in the U.S. army before the apocalypse. He was part of the "zombie outbreak response team" when the government attempted to eliminate the zombie threat. He was with a large group of soldiers when he landed in an infected city. Their goal was to evacuate all survivors. The team managed to rescue many civil lions however D Man's best friend, Jake, was injured. Jake told everyone to get to the helicopter and leave him behind. D Man reluctantly agreed and led the group back to the helicopters waiting on a landing pad. Upon arrival however, D Man refused to go with the group. He let them leave without him and went in search of his friend. After fighting his way through a large horde of zombies armed with a shotgun and a pitchfork which he found in a store. He reached the place where jake had been left behind only to find that jake wasn't there.

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