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  Dale Horvath
Actor Jeffrey DeMunn
Gender Male
Hair Whiter/Gray
Age 64
Occupation Pensioner
Family Irma Horvath - Former Wife (Deceased)
Andrea Peletier - Girlfriend
First Appearance Days Gone Bye
Status Alive
Series lifespan Days Gone Bye to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
 Dale Horvath is a character appearing in The Walking Dead: Survive, as well a survivor of the Atlanta Camp.


Nothing is known about Dale's life before or as the outbreak began except that he was a pensioner.


Days Gone Bye

In a camp nearby to Atlanta a small group of survivors are living in normal life, between they are found Shane Walsh, the deputy officer, and Rick's wife and son Lori and Carl, an old man and two blonde girls with one's daughter, her husband and an old woman. a walkie talkie works and the girl with her daughter goes to check who is trying to contact.


Dale is seen with the rest of the camp survivors.

Tell It to The Frogs

Dale is among the rest of the survivors when the supply run team returns, also is present when the attack on the camp ocurs, he then turns on his RV  and escapes alongside the rest of the survivors.

Safe And Save

Dale is driving the RV, throught flashbacks is revealed he saved the Peletier family, in the present he attends Jim and Amy's funerals.


Dale's RV runs out of fuel and sends Daryl, Glenn, Charlie and Merle on a supply run to get more fuel, while an herd approaches they hide in the RV.


Dale is allowed on the CDC, as it's going to explode, he tries to convince Andrea to escape, she refuses, and Dale sits with her waiting, they finaly depart.


Dale is with the rest of the group scavenging the highway, when a large herd approaches, he hides in his RV.


Rick orders Dale to take the RV to the Greene farm, later he is seen dinning with the rest of the group.


Dale is maing watch at the top of the RV when he and Andrea sopt who they first believe to be a walker but ends up being Daryl, after Andrea accidentally shoots him, he is seen conforming her and later they kiss.


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