Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 7-10
Occupation Assumed Student
Family Jolene-Mother
First Appearance Hungry For Help (Mentioned)
Last Appearance Hungry For Help (Photograph)
Status Unknown
Series lifespan Hungry For Help to Hungry For Help
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
 Danielle is the daughter of Jolene as well a mentioned character within The Walking Dead: Survive .


Nothing is known about Danielle's life before or as the outbreak began, except that she was protected by her mother Jolene, after the bandits raided their camp, it's unknown what happenned to her as she isn't seen in the camp


Hungry For Help

When Lee and Danny are looking in Jolene's camp Lee discovers a tent and inside of it a photo of a woman with her daughter, after Jolene catches them she mistakes them as the bandits who took her daughter, after they explain the aren't bandits, she warns them about bandits are dangerous and they raped her daughter Danielle.


  • Jolene mentions the bandits raped her daughter Danielle, however unused files also mentions that she was raped to death
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