Death Coming Our Way is a story written by LummoUnlimited2323.

Story Plot

Andre, a 20-something year old scientist from the Bronx begins to uncover an unusual disease that he recovered from a mysterious plane crash off the shores of the Pensacola beaches. Soon, he begins to realize that he alongside his fellow scientists begins to suffer from symptoms similar to the ones of rabies. One after another, the scientists excluding Andre begins to die off and turn into rabid ghoulish Zombie-like freaks called wendigos. He begins to fear that the wendigos will doom the Earth, so he puts down his turned friends. As soon as he exits from his laboratory, he realizes that the virus has spreaded across the world. Being the sole surviving living victim of the virus, he vows to help repair human civilization and alert the virus within himself in order to save himself from completely losing his humanity.


Act 1 - The Beginning

Season 1

Season 2

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  • Andre Withers (20s) - Protagonist; Scientist that indirectly spread the virus across the world.
  • Donna Salazar (33) - Deuteragonist; Optimistic woman that lost her entire family to the virus, and vows to avenge them.
  • Tony "Ruthless" Chalmers (Late 20s) - Tritagonist; Ex-solider that was left on the streets after not having enough money to pay his bills that finally has an importance in reviving his old duty that he was forced out of due to a dishonorable discharge from a fist fight with a senior official.
  • Walter Snipes (Mid 40s) - Season One Main Antagonist; Stealthy assassin that vows to keep chaos going on Earth and for humanity to not return to the days of the pre-apocalypse.
  • (More To Be Announced)

Character Appearances

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  • This is LummoUnlimited2323's first story on here.
  • The zombies are called Wendigos in this story.