"You all seem like bandits, so I should end you all right here and right now, motherfuckers."
—Derek to Nathan, Cassie, Johnny, Reed, and Kendra before getting gunned down.[src]

Derek Benson is a character and antagonist in Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead. He served as the overall main antagonist in the Season 7 premiere in Nathan's Journey Section of the TV Series.


Baltimore, Maryland

Nothing is know about Derek except that he lived in Baltimore for most of his life since the age of 12. He was a former gunsmith until he was caught smuggling weapons for a gang that he was once a part of.


At the beginning, he was about to be arrest, but the zombie apocalypse stopped him from being arrested, to which he embraced the madness that the world would bring upon the survivors. He began to lead a small group of survivors in his house. Sometime before Nathan and his group arrived at his base, Jesse began lose trust in Derek's leadership, and he killed fellow group members Arlo and Mateo. After Jesse failed to escape with the supplies that he had stolen, Derek brutally beaten Jesse, and held him in the basement while preparing a plan to execute him.

Season 7

As Nathan and his small group arrives at his base, he begins to hold the group at gunpoint, and begins to harass them. After he stops talking, he is killed and gunned down by Nathan and his group.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Derek has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and survivors.
  • Himself (Caused)


Killed By


  • Derek is the first antagonist in Nathan's Journey in the TV Series.
  • Derek is confirming to be an alcoholic.
    • He is also confirmed to have been drunk when he was killed.
  • It's confirmed that he was an enemy of Jeremiah James Garlitz.

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