Actor Rebbeca Schweitzer
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Late to 30's
Occupation Doctor
Family Ed - Husband
Clementine - Daughter
First Appearance A New Day (Voice Only)
Status Unknown
Series lifespan A New Day
Ethnicity African-American
"Don't worry sweetie, we'll be back in a few days"
—Diana to Clementine in the message recorder[src]

Diana is a character mentioned in The Walking Dead: Survive .She is the wife of Ed and mother of Clementine


Diana along with Ed went on vacation to Savannah leaving Clementine with her babysitter but never came back.


A New Day

When Lee and Justin/Danny enters to Clementine house and Lee check the message recorder, in wich Diana mentions that a "Crazy guy" (probably refering to a walker) bite Ed, and that he was put on quarantine and possibly he turned into a walker . she states that the air forces forced her to leave the hospital.


The Walking Dead: Survive

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