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  Drake Norton
Drake S6 Appearance
Gender Male
Hair Dirty Blonde
Age 26 "(From The Ashes)"
29 "(Old Scars)"
Occupation University Student (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former Army Cadet (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former Savior Lieutenant (Post-Apocalypse)
Group Leader (Post-Apocalypse)
Family John Norton - Father (Deceased)
Lara Norton - Mother (Deceased)
Kerry - Ex-Girlfriend (Deceased)
Zoey - Fiancée (Deceased)
Connor - Possible Son
First Appearance "From The Ashes"
Last Appearance "Start to Finish"
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "From The Ashes" to "Start to Finish"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Drake Norton is the main protagonist of Ghosthunter's The Walking Dead: Last of Humanity. He is a survivor of the zombie outbreak and is currently a member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.


Before the outbreak began, Drake was born and raised Los Angeles, California. And back when Drake was a kid he was often a loner and was teased by other kids in school until he met Jeffrey Carver where they became childhood best friends and continue later in life where they created a brotherly bond. Then by the time they were 18 they met two girls Zoey and Kerry where they became good friends and lovers.

One time they were having a party and Kerry was dating Drake before Zoey. Jeffrey also had feelings Kerry but never really had the courage to tell her, until after when Drake and Zoey went out to get alcohol Jeffrey and Kerry shared and afair as they finally shared their true feelings for each other and impregnated Kerry with his child which is completely unknown to Jeff. After their relationship between Drake and Kerry ended, Drake started a relationship Zoey. Then later on he studied at a university and joined the army..

Last Of Humanity

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"From The Ashes"

Drake first appears in this episode, where he is a member of the The Saviors, and had a series of an unfortunate event with a camp of survivors down by a river, where Drake ultimately killed a man named Roman.

"Lost In Memory"

Drake is seen fleeing from the saviors and has been traveling on the road. A day later, after leaving the saviors he found a dying Peter Joseph Randall suffering. He tries to aid him, but Pete begs him to put him out of his misery. And he does by shooting him in the head, dying a quick and painless death.

"The Fire Within"

Drake Later returns in his third introduction, where he seen trying to get through a herd of walkers, just when clementine and her group were escaping Howe's Hardware. Unfortunately he couldn't catch up or escape with them, due to the incoming walkers and having to put down a Zombified Sarita.

"Into The Darkness"

Drake stops and rests at Parker's run for a short period of time after escaping the herd at Howe's Hardware. Then he sees in the distance, Kenny, Mike and Bonnie coming towards his location. Drake then grabs his supplies and quickly takes off before they could notice him. He later appears near the end of "Amid The Ruins" where he finds church hoping to find some supplies for the road, where stumbles upon Jane. The two then travel together and developed a short but close bond.

"No One Else"

Drake and Jane continue to travel together until they heard gunshots. Jane confesses to Drake and tells him that she has to go back to Clementine, because she doesn't want lose her like she lost her sister Jaime. Jane asks Drake to go back with her, but declines saying that "there's somewhere he's gotta go". The two then share a kiss and say goodbye to each other. As the two walked away from Jane says to Drake that it was nice knowing him while it lasted and hopes one day that they will see each other again on day. Nine days later, Drake is seen walking on top of a hill, then a herd of walkers are seen swarming in on him. Drake let's them circle and surround them, as he pulls out his machete and then says "for my kid." After that his fate is currently unknown.

Last of Humanity: Season Two

In the TV Series

A few months after events of No More Running, Drake and the group discover the Alexandria safe-zone and are recruited. There he meets Rick Grimes and his group. The two groups team up as they try to keep the safe zone safe and deal with the threats outside and inside the community.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Drake has killed:


Jeffrey Carver

Drake and Jeffrey were best friends before the outbreak, they've known each other since they were kids, they went elementary school and eventually high school together, then they met two girls Zoey and Kerry where they all be became close and lovers. While Drake was dating Kerry, Jeffrey showed slight jealously as he had feelings for Kerry. But then their relationship became heavily strained when Jeffrey betrayed Drake and had an affair, which left their friendship strained and didn't talk to each other, but in the end Drake forgave Jeffrey and built a relationship with Zoey, while Kerry on the other hand wanted to forget everything that happened, which Jeffrey in depression and badly shaken, where he then started to blame Drake causing a hatred.

Then about a year and a half into the apocalypse Jeffrey became the leader of Camp Morrison and imprisoned Drake like an animal, as he still showed anger and hostility towards him after all these years. While Drake wants to help and survive with Jeffrey as he still wants to continue their friendship.


Drake and Kerry were close friends back in high school, they always talked and hanged out with each other and eventually started a relationship and loved each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. Until one night Kerry and Jeffrey have an affair behind Drake's back. Which completely strained and ruined their relationship. But after when he reunites with her, Drake forgives her and tells her how happy he is to see her as they try to survive together and try to convince Jeffrey to come back to them.

After Kerry's death Drake becomes extremely upset and holds her tightly in his arms after she passes away.


Zoey was a close friend of Drake then later became his girlfriend after he breaks up with Kerry then later becomes his fiancé they had a loving relationship and knew each other for a long time, they couldn't be more happier. But when Zoey dies in a car crash with Drake's parents he breaks down in tears and fell into depression.

Joel Kenneth

Drake and Joel respect one another and are good friends.

Ellie Kenneth

Drake and Ellie share a friendly relationship.


Last of Humanity

Season 1

  • "From The Ashes"
  • "Lost In Memory"
  • "The Fire Within"
  • "Into The Darkness"
  • "No One Else"

Season 2

  • "Old Scars"
  • "Never Let Go"
  • "Into The Fray"
  • "In Cold Blood"
  • "No More Running"

TV Series

Season 6

  • "First Time Again"
  • "JSS"
  • "Thank You"
  • "Now"
  • "Heads Up"
  • "Start to Finish"