This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Last of Humanity counterpart.
  Drake Norton
Drake season six
Actor Mike Vogel
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Age 29
Occupation Former University Student (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former U.S. Army Member (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former Group Leader
Look-out for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Remember"
Last Appearance "Last Day on Earth"
Death Episode "Last Day on Earth"
Cause of Death Shot in the head by an unnamed Savior
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Remember" to "Last Day on Earth"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"You see I know people like Rick. Rick is a man who never stops, who always keeps going, doing whatever it takes to keep his family safe. That's why I have faith in him, why I believe in him as leader. Those people from the Hilltop, they may think that these Saviors are scary, but they ain't got shit on us."
—Drake to Alex[src]

Drake Norton is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone who serves as one of the lookouts in the Alexandria tower. Like Rick Grimes, he was the leader of a group of survivors and becomes hardened due to the harsh environment and losses he has suffered, doing whatever it takes to keep his group and loved ones safe from danger.


Location Los Angeles, California

Not much is known about Drake's life prior to the outbreak, except that he was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and at one point was studied as a student at the University of Southern California. He was also a member of the U.S. Army.


Season 5


Drake is first seen watching Rick and his group entering Alexandria. Later, he is seen talking to Ellie, Alex and Jeffrey and tells them to keep an eye on them.


Drake is seen at the party talking with Rick and Jessie and then later seen talking to Glenn.


Drake is seen present with Ellie and Alex while Rick fights Pete.


Drake is at the hearing and defends Rick, claiming that they need people like Rick if they want to stay alive. He is later seen when he restrains Pete after he kills Reg, and witnesses Rick executing Pete.

Season 6

"First Time Again"

Drake is briefly shown in the house with Ellie, Alex, Jeffrey and the rest of the town and volunteers to help with Rick's plan. He is present with Tobin and the others when the plan is taking place.

"Thank You"

Drake is part of the group trying to head back to Alexandria. He witnesses Barnes being killed. Throughout the episode he is with Rick, and when get inside the RV and find out that it does not start. The two men run back to Alexandria when walkers come in through both sides of the forest.


Drake and Rick yell to open the gates and are let in by the townsfolk. He is later seen talking with Maggie often and is even asked by Rick personally to look after her for a bit while Rick tries to keep everything under control.

"Heads Up"

Rick offers Drake to help out with his plan to get the walkers away from the fence, and he accepts. He is seen talking with Maggie while she is looking out for Glenn. He is seen later trying to help Spencer get back in the walls after he does a stupid stunt to get to a car. He is there later witnessing the watch tower collapse on the wall.

"Start to Finish"

When the walkers flood Alexandria, he helps Maggie get to safety and then goes to find Ellie, Alex and Jeffrey. He founds out that Jeffrey got bitten while trying to protect Ellie. Drake apologises to Jeffrey for everything that has happened between them and holds his hand, when he puts him down, by shooting him the head. They all help Deanna get up to a couch upstairs Jessie's house. He, Ellie and Alex cover themselves in walker blood, going through the herd.

"No Way Out"

Drake first appears when he, Ellie and Alex they spot Denise and Riley Vega making a run for the infirmary. He pulls out his gun and shoots Riley in the chest, whilst shouting at Denise to get to safety. Drake appears shocked to see Riley sacrifice himself to the walkers so Denise can escape.

He later catches up with Rick and the others through the herd. He goes to the quarry and back with them, and is there when Sam and Jessie are devoured. Rick chops Jessie's hand off so Carl goes free and then Ron shoots Carl accidentally in the eye. He helps Rick and Michonne get Carl to the infirmary and leaves Ellie and Alex with them, then goes out to fight the walkers with Rick along with the whole community. In the aftermath, he is seen talking with Daryl.

"Knots Untie"

Drake first appears in this episode and is there listening to Jesus tell Rick about his community but does not speak during the conversation. He tells Rick that he will go to the Hilltop with him and they hit the road. He is in the RV trying to get some rest while they drive to the Hilltop.

When the group comes across the crash, they go inside the place and rescue the survivors of the crash. Once they arrive at the Hilltop, he is seen giving a dirty look to Gregory and follows the rest of the group to get 'cleaned up'. He is later seen when Ethan returns to deliver a message to Gregory and stabs him. Rick knocks Ethan down and punches him repeatedly. Andy tries to pull Rick off but Abraham tackles him but ends up getting knocked to the ground by Andy, and Andy chokes Abraham until Drake comes up and breaks Andy's arm, then throws him onto the ground. He witnesses Rick stabbing Ethan in the neck, and then standing up and saying 'What?'

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

(To Be Added)

"The Same Boat"

Drake is shown from the perspective of Carol and Maggie with Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Gabriel as Paula reveals to him via the talkie that they have captured Carol and Maggie. Later on, after Carol and Maggie escape, Rick and the others arrive with Primo. Rick vigorously questions Primo about Negan, and Primo reveals that he is (apparently) Negan. Drake immediately puts him down, which shocks Carol.


Drake goes with Rick and Morgan to find Carol. Drake, Rick and Morgan follow Carol’s tire tracks east -- the opposite direction of the Saviors’ compound that Rick attacked, Morgan notes. Drake asks why Morgan wants to help find Carol, whom he barely knows. Morgan insists he knows more about Carol than Drake and Rick thinks. At the scene of the shootout, another injured Savior staggers out of the truck and sees Drake, Rick and Morgan approaching. Drake, Rick and Morgan arrive at the scene and find a mortally wounded Nathan. Realising that he won't be able to survive asks them to put him out of his misery, Drake puts him down and is saddened by his death. They discover Carol’s car, but no sign of Carol. Uncertain whether she’s alive or dead, they follow a trail of blood leading away from the road. The injured Savior emerges from a hiding spot, grabs Carol’s rosary beads from the ground and follows Drake, Rick and Morgan. Drake, Rick and Morgan follow the blood trail. Morgan recalls that Rick banished Carol after she killed two of their people at the prison, and asks what Rick would do if that happened today. Rick says he would thank her. Morgan makes the argument that because Rick spared Carol’s life, she was able to return later and save them at Terminus. "People can come back," Morgan says, to which Drake coldly replies "Not everyone can."

Drake, Rick and Morgan later encounter a man at a farm overrun with walkers. Rick orders the man to drop his weapon, but he says he’s only looking for his horse and flees. Drake fires at the man, but Morgan intervenes. Drake guesses the man was a Savior based on his weapon, but Morgan insists they had no way of knowing who he was. Morgan confesses to Drake and Rick that he took a Wolf captive during the attack on Alexandria. Rick seethes, but Morgan explains that the Wolf later saved Denise from walkers — and Denise then saved Carl. Morgan vows to find Carol on his own and tells Rick and Drake not to come looking if he doesn’t return. Drake hands Morgan his gun.

Drake and Rick returns to Alexandria and learns from Abraham that Michonne hasn’t come back. Staring at the gate, looking worried, but, Abraham says, "I think I’m that much more ready to tear the world a brand new asshole." they both smile in agreement. Drake is not seen for the rest of the episode.

"Last Day on Earth"

Drake is first seen getting inside the RV and travelling with the group He is later seen being surrounded by the Saviors lashing out at them which prompts Negan to order a Savior to shoot him in the head, instantly killing him.


Killed By

  • Unnamed Savior
  • Negan (Caused)



Drake and Ellie have a close bond and are really good friends. Drake is shown to actively care about her and is extremely protective her. After Joel's death, he promises to protect her no matter the cost. They are shown to care about one another, Drake even considers her as a sister, Ellie in turn, sees Drake as a brother figure. Ellie is deeply saddened by Drake's death


Alex was one of the first people Drake met since the outbreak, and has since become one of his best friends. As one of the original survivors from the his original group, Drake trusted Alex with important tasks, such as scavenging for supplies and reconnaissance. Alex is deeply saddened by Drake's death

Rick Grimes

Drake and Rick are on good terms. Drake is shown to respect him both as a leader and a survivor, Rick also sees him to be trustworthy and treats him as if he is a member of his own group. Drake also defends Rick at the hearing, claiming that they need people like Rick if they want to stay alive. The two are shown talking to eachother often. He acknowledges that Rick's of survival is right and that he will fight with Rick, of which Rick approves and who is happy with Drake's urge to survive. Rick is visibly shocked and saddened after Drake is executed screaming NO! after his death.

Glenn Rhee

Drake and Glenn share an understanding of each other and are on good terms. When Glenn returns, he looks releived when he sees him alive and well. Over the two month jump, the two start a friendship.

Daryl Dixon

Drake and Daryl are on good terms, they are shown to trust eachother and bond a bit. They consider eachother as friends.


Drake and Michonne are on good terms, Drake seems to respect Michonne's survival skills and appear to have an understanding of one another.

Carol Peletier

Drake and Carol appear to have a mutual trust and respect for one another.

Abraham Ford

Drake and Abraham appear to have a good friendship and a mutual respect for eachother.

Deanna Monroe

Their relationship was really explored, but it is known that Drake did respect her, but though that she was not capable as leader of the safe zone. However, he is saddened when he learns of her death.

Spencer Monroe

Drake thinks of Spencer as somewhat annoying and sees him as a liability.


Drake and Aaron are really close friends, Aaron found Drake and his group and brought them back to the Alexandria-Safe Zone, for that Drake is very appreciative and fully trusts Aaron with his life.

Nathan DeVries

Drake and Nathan are on good terms as they both cooperate together as they were taking on The Saviors in one of the compounds.

Lucas Black

Drake and Lucas seem to have a good relationship. They are shown to have an understanding for eachother, they are seen regularly talking and they both cooperate as they were taking on The Saviors in one of the compunds. He also saves Lucas from almost being sniped by a Savior. Lucas is visibly shocked and saddened by Drake's death

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Drake has killed:


TV Series

Season 5

Season 6


  • The casting call for his character was Douglas Ward.
  • Drake is portrayed by Mike Vogel, who is best known for his role as Dale "Barbie" Barbara in CBS'
  • Under the Dome.
  • Drake first appeared as a guest star in Season 5.
    • He was promoted to series regular for Season 6.
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