This article is about the Survive TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic adaptation.
  Duane Jones
Season one duane jones
Actor Adrian Kali Turner
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 14
Occupation Assumed Student
Family Morgan Jones - Father
First Appearance Days Gone Bye
Status Alive
Series lifespan Days Gone Bye to present
Ethnicity African-American
 Duane Jones is a character who appears in The Walking Dead: Survive and The Walking Dead: Jones, he is the only son of his mother and Morgan Jones, Duane resided in King County with his father and eventually founded a community.


Long Way Down

Both of the men arrive in King County, Morgan directs Clyde to his house, and they stop by, enter to Morgan's house where Duane goes and hugs Morgan, as this happens, an herd of walkers is seen making their way towards Morgan's house's street, so Morgan takes wood he found in his attic and covers all the windows and the door, Clyde and Duane helps him, however the herd begins bumping in all houses, while the alkers who directs to Morgan's house aren't able to enter due to being locked, however many of them breaks the woods and the windows, Morgan takes his son and Clyde to another house, while escaping in the backyard, walkers notices them, when Morgan fires his Colt Law Enforcement Carbine and shoots the walkers, until he runs out of bullets, Clyde finds a crowbar in the ground next to a dead corspe, and takes it, however, the corspe reanimates and bites Clyde's arm, he doesn't reveals nothing to Morgan, and begins beating walkers to death, until one of them bites his neck, due to the shock of the bite, he falls to the ground paralyzed, when more walkers approach him, Morgan stills running and tells Duane to don't look behind.


Days Gone Bye

Rick put his eyes out of road and crashes the car in the street he lives, he tries to reach his house, but gets shoved in the head, he wakes up again to see a little african kid and his father, they both question Rick if he was bitten to wich he replies no, he later asks what's going on and they that the deads began to walk, Rick goes to check on his house to look if Lori and Carl were fine, finding nothing he decides to head towards Atlanta Outskirts to look out there for them, Morgan says that he's gonna stay in King County with his son, but helps Rick to get out of city in safety, Rick takes them to the King County police department, as they spot a walker Morgan teaches Rick about walkers: they are people who already died due to an infection and become killing monsters who only kill people by eating them, if one zombie bites you, you'll turn into one of them, unless you get shot on the head to destroy the brain, and Rick kills the walker, once in the departament, they take a bath and Duane thanks Rick for his hospitality, Rick takes a car and leaves Morgan and Duane in the departament.

Long Way Down

Time after Rick Grimes departed the King County Police Station, Morgan and Duane make their road back to the house, when entering their house a man stops them from entering and asks if they're friendly, the man hides his knife on his jacket's bag.

On The Path

Duane is first seen saying goodbye to his father before he leaves to the supply run.

Later he is seen next to Morgan while they execute their escape plan, in that moment Duane is bitten by a walker, the rest are found by the leader of the community and all are forced back inside.


The Walking Dead: Survive

The Walking Dead: Jones

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