Ken Jr
Actor Max Kaufman
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 10
Family Kenny-Father
First Appearance A New Day
Status Alive
Series lifespan A New Day to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"You're the greatest detective and i can be Dick Grayson! your ward...that's Robin"
—Duck to Lee Everett[src]

Kenny Jr. also known as Duck by his friends and family and Ducky by Katjaa, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak that appears in Polimis' The Walking Dead: SurviveHe is the son of Katjaa and Kenny who lived in Fort Lauderdale when the apocalypse started. Loud and boisterous, what he lacks in smarts, he makes up for with enthusiasm.


Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida

Very little is known about Duck prior to the outbreak except that he is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and that his father, Kenny, considers him and Duck's mother, Katjaa, his main priorities. He was allergic to bees, was never fussy about what he'd eat, and did not enjoy using forks. He was traveling with his parents from Memphis, Tennessee after visiting his aunt when the apocalypse started. While parked at a gas station, Duck was grabbed by an unknown man, causing his father to savagely beat the stranger.


A New Day

Duck was with his parents at Hershel's farm, he accidentaly started a tractor and pinned Shawn, causing him to die,he and his family were kicked out of Hershel's farm.

Later in Macon Duck was almos bitten and killed by a walker, but is saved by Carley, inside on the drugstore Larry starts thinking that Duck was bit, later Katjaa cleaned him just to discover that he wasn't bitten, when the drugstore is overrun Duck escapes along with Katjaa and Kenny.

Hungry For Help

Duck is seen in the episode,Lee can decide to give him food,later he will play in the swing as Kenny pushes him,later in the dinner time, he witnesses the legless David/Travis,Lee and Kenny tries to rescue Duck,but ends in Kenny getting shot (but not killed),after that Duck along the others return to the mottor Inn, while on the road, Duck spots a car full of supplies.

Road To Savannah

Duck enthusiastically offers to help Lee as his side kick Robin (Dick Grayson) investigate the disappearance of Lilly's medical supplies, even if you refuse his offer.

When bandits raid the Motor Inn after Lee takes back the stolen medication from a grate outside the camp, walkers are attracted by the gunfire. Duck and Katjaa are tackled to the ground by one.However both survive and enter on the RV and escapes.

Duck along his mother and Kenny and others, enters to the train that will lately lead them to Savannah.

Around The Corner

Duck arrives with the others at Savannah. He alongside the others stay at the mansion while Lee travels to Crawford, however, they are found by the scavenging group and are brought to Crawford. There, Duck's participation is minor, and only is seen when the group reunites after erradicating Crawford. Duck alongside the othermembers of the group, comes back to the mansion after Bonnie and her group clear the path.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Duck has killed:


The Walking Dead: Survive


  • Duck is the second youngest survivor encountered in the Video Game with 10 years after Clementine who has 8
  • Duck's real name is Kenny Jr.
  • Duck alongside Katjaa had originally their deaths added to the game in episode 4 "Around The Corner" but they were removed in further updates, making them both to be the first characters to have their whole death sequence into the game and then removed.
    • Had Duck kept his death sequence, this would make Duck the first character in the video game to have a determinant status wich consists of "Dead" or "Undead"
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