Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Mid to late 30's
Occupation Unknown
Family Diana - Wife
Clementine - Daughter
First Appearance A New Day (Photograph)
Status Unknown
Series lifespan A New Day
Ethnicity African-American

Ed is a character mentioned in The Walking Dead: Survive, he is the father of Clementine and husband to Diana, along with his wife went on vacation to Savannah leaving Clementine with her babysitter but never came back.


Ed along with Diana went on vacation to Savannah leaving Clementine with her babysitter but never came back.


A New Day

When Lee and Justin/Danny enters to Clementine house and Lee check the message recorder, in wich Diana mentions that a "Crazy guy" (probably refering to a walker) bite Ed, and that he was put on quarantine and possibly he turned into a walker . she states that the air forces forced her to leave the hospital.


The Walking Dead: Survive

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