Eyes (Infections)
Season 3, Episode 5
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Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev - Monica
Jensen Ackles - Shawn
Rutina Wesley - Kaya*
Leigh Allyn Baker - Sarah
Dove Cameron - Melanie
Emily Kinney - Danni*
Bethany Anne Lind - Quin
Billie Lourd - Jane
Melanie Martinez - Kenzie
Dylan O'Brien - Jake*
Carlos Penavega - Mikel*
Mary Scheer - Diane
Neil Patrick Harris - Jason
Also Starring
Brianne Tju - Lucy*
Madison Lintz - Amber
Isla Fisher - Denise
Keke Palmer - Jenna*


Jason is holding the group captive and does something unthinkable with Monica. Amber tries making herself useful to the captive group.


Jason is holding Monica captive, she is tied to a chair and he is threatening her. Meanwhile, the others are trying to escape the cages they are in when they hear Amber whisper to them that she can help.

Amber ventures off to find something to open the cages with and stumbles upon two gaurds, both begin to chase her. She grabs a branch with a sharpened point on it and hits Greg with it, ripping his stomach open. Brendon runs away in fear.

Jason takes a knife, telling Monica he knows what to do with her. She then begins screaming. Diane hears it and the group end up breaking out. Amber leads them to Jason's lair where they find him stabbing Monica's eyes out.


  • Last appearance of Greg.
  • The episode is titled Eyes because Jason stabs Monica's eyes out.


  • Greg (Alive)

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