Fabian Rutter
Actor Brad Kavanagh
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 18
Occupation Student
Family Nina-Ex-Girlfriend
First Appearance Part 1
Status Alive
Series lifespan Part 1 to Part 1
Ethnicity Caucasian-British

Fabian Rutter is a protagonist of Walking Anubis as well as a survivor of the outbreak.


Fabian used tu study in the Anubis House.


Part 1

Fabian is in the woods along Nina,Patricia and Amber, as a walker tries to approach them, but falls.

Part 2

Fabian is talking with Nina and Amber as Patrcia comes to warn them about the walkers,then he is seen running with Amber and Nina

Part 3

Fabian is still making his way trought the house

Part 4

Fabian makes his way in safety to the house along his team, he and Nina tries to formulate a plan to go downstairs without calling attention

Part 5

As Fabian finally made his plan, he and Nina and the others goes downstairs and are cornered by walkers, when Trudy distracts them.

Part 6

Fabian helps the other students to escape and tries to comfort Nina about Trudy's death.


The Walking Anubis

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