Gary the Snail
Season(s) 1
Actor Tom Kenny
Gender Male
Hair None
Age Unknown
Occupation Pet (pre-apocalypse)
Family Patrick Star - cousin
First Appearance Scientific Analysis of the Fifth Kind
Last Appearance Scientific Analysis of the Fifth Kind
Death Episode Scientific Analysis of the Fifth Kind
Cause of Death Bitten by a walker (alive) Stabbed by Spongebob (out of mercy)
Status Dead
Series lifespan Scientific Analysis of the Fifth Kind - Scientific Analysis of the Fifth Kind
Ethnicity Snail

Gary the Snail is a snail that lived as Spongebob's pet in Spongebob's Pineapple and was also the cousin of Patrick Star. His first appearance was also his last appearance as he did not know the dead were coming back to life.



Bikini Bottom

Almost nothing is known about Gary's life before or as the outbreak began except that he was treated great and was spoiled a lot by Spongebob.


Season 1

Gary the Snail was watching TV when suddenly a walker broke into the house, Gary got freaked out but did not know it was dead and thought it was a robber. The walker went for Gary, Gary tried to run but since he is a snail and slow, the walker already caught up with him and started to devour him, Spongebob later came home and saw the walker eating his snail, when the walker stopped eating Gary and wanted to go for Spongebob now, Spongebob stabbed the walker in the head, he then realized doctors would not be able to patch up Gary seeing Gary's entrails spilling out, Spongebob stabs his beloved pet in the head out of mercy to end his suffering. 

Killed Victims 

This list shows the victims Gary has killed: