Gloria Pyne
Gloria RTS
Gender Female
Hair Red
Age Late to 20's
Occupation Soldier
Family Unknown
First Appearance The Governor Arrival
Last Appearance The Governor Arrival
Death Episode The Governor Arrival
Cause of Death Shot in the head by Darius/Brian Blake
Status Dead
Series lifespan The Governor Arrival
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
 Gloria Pyne is a non playable character appearing in The Walking Dead: Road to Safety as well a Woodburian defending Woodbury from Philip Blake.


Gloria lived near or in Woodbury as the outbreak began


The Governor Arrival

after the fight the Woodbury gates opens revealing Dr. Stevens and the fellow Woodburians:Bruce, Gloria, Gabriel and Joshua Lee Hamilton as Lee spots Lilly he instantly sides with her and Gene's team, as this happens Gloria asks why Hero, Garret and Darius are on Philip's side (Determinately) , however Garret tries to convince her to join Philip's side but she refuses, she is taking secretly a knife to stab Garret when Darius notices the action, takes a gun and shoots Gloria, If they joined Gene's side then Brian infiltrates into Gene's side and shots her in the head.

Death (Joined Philip)

Killed By:

  • Herself (Indirectly Caused)
  • Garrett (Indirectly Caused)

​Gloria was planning to stab Garrett, which leads to her own death

  • Darius 

As Darius notices Gloria plans for stab Garrett, Darius instantly shots Gloria in the head

Death (Sided With Gene)

Killed By:

  • Brian Blake

Brian infiltrates into woodbury's army and shots Gloria and Bruce


The Walking Dead: Road to Safety


  • Gloria can't be played despite siding with Gene and being of Woodbury army, this is because the game only allows player's fight group to be conformed of 5 playable characters and an ally, and in that moment player controls Sandy, Garrett, Darius, Nick, Gene/Philip and using Mirabelle/Lilly Caul as an ally
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