Gone (Infections)
Season 2, Episode 2
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Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev - Monica Evans
Evan Peters - Greg Evans
Leigh Allyn Baker - Sarah Walters
Abigail Breslin - Maggie Thomas
Willa Fitzgerald - Sarah Nixon
Neil Patrick Harris - Jason West
Jennette Mccurdy - Abby Walters
Billie Lourd - Jane
Rutina Wesley - Kaya Dutch
Ving Rhames - Mike Monroe
Also Starring
Matt Bomer - Frank
Mary Scheer - Diane
Emily Kinney - Danni
Dylan O'Brien - Jake
Troian Belisarrio - Angie
Carlos Penavega - Mikel
Brianne Tju - Lucy


Monica, still unsure of if they can trust this place, makes new friends that could change her mind. At Mattson, Some of the group are left in trouble when they are outside the walls.


Jason has three of his people, Marco, Carly and Victor bring the dead body of the man from the last episode out of the walls to dispose of. While tossing the body, Victor is grabbed by the man, who is turned to a walker. His shoulder is torn apart and Victor stabs him. Jason approaches after hearing the screams. Victor begs for help when Jason shoots him in mid sentance.

Monica stares at Jason's house, when Jake and Mikel walk to her and ask her what's wrong. She explains everything and Jake tells her to stop being so tense about things. He then tells her to start trusting a bit more. Mikel asks if she wants to go outside the walls with some of them later and she agrees.

At Mattson, Frank elects Mike, Sarah Nixon, Maggie and Abby to join Lucy, Angie, Sam, Martin and Walter on going to look for supplies. They agree and head out.

Mikel, Jake, Monica, Cleo, Chase and Helena leave the sanctuary and walk to a store, unaware Mattson is about to arrive. They meet, Monica telling her group not to shoot and run to Sarah, Maggie, Abby and Mike, hugging them all. They ask questions on where they are but Jake makes her be quiet. Monica snaps, telling him that they've been with her. Walkers suddenly attack, sending Lucy running and killing Angie. The group run into the store as they begin to get cornered. The groups begin to blame one another until Monica, Sarah, Maggie, Abby and Mike silence them all. Monica tells them they need a plan.


  • Unnamed Man (Zombified)
  • Victor
  • Angie


  • First (and Last) appearance of Victor.
  • Last Appearance of Angie

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