Greg Evans
Evan Peters
Season(s) 1, 2
Actor Evan Peters
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 22
Occupation Unknown
Family Monica Evans - Sister (Deceased)
First Appearance "Pilot"
Last Appearance "Survive" (Zombified)
Death Episode "Gutted"
Cause of Death Decapitated by Jason West. (Alive)
Stabbed in the head by Monica Evans. (Zombified)
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Pilot" to "Gutted"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"This flu thing seems serious but... I don't know. It's probably nothing."
—Greg to Monica.

Greg Evans is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in Infections. He is the elder brother of Monica Evans and serves as one of the leaders of the Moyer Hotel group of survivors. He is intuitive, smart, and caring for his sister.


South Point, Florida

Little is known about Greg's life prior to or as the outbreak began, aside from that he lived with his sister in Moyer Hotel.


Season 1


Greg is looking at the disease articles and questions weather or not they're true. Their neighbor asks if they need flu shots, which they deny, and then they go back to their respective activities.

Greg is left with Vince when Monica gets paper work and they see a video of one of the infected eating a man's face. They rush to find Monica and he helps her. The group runs to the basement where Monica shoots the doorman with a flare. They then head upstairs and see disaster in the streets.

"Whatever It Takes"

Greg takes Monica and Vince to the school to find the survivors. They get ambushed, resulting in their first walker kills. Sarah Nixon helps them and they make a plan to leave the school.


He is present when Cat is killed and escapes the school.


Greg returns with the new comers and they all decide on leaving the hotel. While they do, walkers attack and kill Brad, Bite Caulfield, and is later revealed caused Vince to be bit. They all flee to the school where they spend the night.

"School's Out"

He helps destroy the school. He tries to comfort his sister but she blows him off.


Monica leaves the group and he discovers she's gone. He finds her and drives her and the others away.

Season 2

"Moving On"

Greg is ignored by Monica a lot after Vince's death. He gets in a car with her, Jane, Kaya, and Kate. Kaya accidentally drives off the road and he is knocked out. He awakens to Kate's screams as she is bit by a walker. A man shoots her and demands they follow him.

Greg is shown around the sanctuary with the others and doesn't seem to trust Jason.



"Who Is In Control?"


"Lost and Found"






Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Greg has killed:

  • Numerous counts of walkers.


Killed By

Jason is about to execute Jane and Kaya but he intervines and takes their place. Monica is staring at him when Jason raises the sword and chops his head off, leaving it to reanimate.

Monica stabs his reanimated head, putting him down.


Monica Evans




  • TBA
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