Guts (Survive)
Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date January 25th 2016
Written By Polimis
Directed By Polimis
U.S. Viewers 11.00 million
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Cast Guide
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh
Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes
Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
Addy Miller as Summer
Also Starring
Emma Bell as Amy Peletier
Melissa McBride as Carol
Madison Lintz as Sophia Peletier
Andrew Rothenberg as Jim
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee
Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon**
IronE Singleton as Theodore Douglas**
Laurie Holden as Andrea**
Danai Guira as Michonne**
Aldis Hodge as Mike**
* = Not in episode
** = No Lines
Guts is the second episode of both the season 1 of  The Walking Dead: Survive, and the series in general, it was premiered on January 25, at 9:00 PM on FOX and AMC


Rick is still heading towards Atlanta, when his car runs out of fuel, he does to a gas station to look for gas, when suddenly a small girl voice asks "Mom?", Rick turns around to discover is a little girl, who asks where her mom is, since the gas fuel depot was abandoned and all left was abandoned cars with walkers inside, suddenly a walker comes trying to attack the little girl, but Rick pulls out his Colt Detective Special and shots the walker, the little girl runs and hugs Rick, he offers to take her on the road to Atlanta and she asks if she will find her mother there, Rick assures that she will and they continue the road.

In the camp Amy is still trying to make the walkie talkie work, as this happens Shane goes to check on Lori and Carl's wellbeing, and tells Lori he was planning to teach Carl how to shoot, but Lori refuses.

Jaqcui comments on going to do laundry with Amy, Carol and Lori, Amy wants to show Sophia how to do laundry but Ed refuses, insisting Sophia wants to stay with her father, as they begin to argue, Jim bump in the conversation and punches Ed in the face, wich Ed returns to Jim, and Sophia enters her tent and begins to cry.

Rick and Summer finally make it to Atlanta, when a large herd of walkers starts following them, they leave the car blocking the path and make it into a militar tank, Rick enters and tells Summer to still running until she finds people, so she runs away while Rick covers himself in the tank, as this happens he finds a dead lieutenant body's with a gun and Rick plans to shot himself, when a voice asks "Hey, you,dumbass in the tank, are you cozy in there?" and Rick takes the walkie talkie.

In the a distant building, an asian man tries to comunicate and says that he is cornered by walkers and he has no exit, but that his group can help, so he tells his group is "time to move"







  • First appearance of Theodore Douglas
  • First appearance of Andrea Peletier
  • First appearance of Michonne
  • First appearance of Merle Dixon
  • First appearance of Summer
  • First appearance of Glenn Rhee
  • First appearance of Mike
  • First appearance of Jim
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