Gutted (Infections)
Season 2, Episode 5
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Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev - Monica Evans
Evan Peters - Greg Evans
Leigh Allyn Baker - Sarah Walters
Willa Fitzgerald - Sarah Nixon
Neil Patrick Harris - Jason West
Jennette Mccurdy - Abby Walters
Billie Lourd - Jane
Rutina Wesley - Kaya Dutch
Ving Rhames - Mike Monroe
Also Starring
Matt Bomer - Frank
Mary Scheer - Diane
Emily Kinney - Danni
Dylan O'Brien - Jake
Carlos Penavega - Mikel
Jensen Ackles - Shawn


When the two communities combine, a shocking meeting puts everyone on edge.


Three days after the combining, the main group discuss why both groups would have combined. Glad they're even together, Jane tells them they should just forget about it. Sarah Nixon asks where Frank has been and no one knows.

Jason calls a town meeting where everyone meets. Danni runs to Monica and her friends and tells her Frank's been missing for a day. Jason appears on the stage and talks about how glad he is to be surrounded by friends. He then gets angry and mentions multiple backstabbers, pulling Frank out. Danni and Skylar watch in fear as Jason pulls out a sword and prepares to kill. He chops Frank's head off.

Many people scream and cry when Frank calls a list of people, including Kaya, Jane, Sarah Nixon, Martin and Sam. He tells everyone how one man betrayed them before killing him. He gets to Sam and Martin and tells them how they both stole food from the pantry the other day, then killing them. Their families scream in fear.

He goes to Sarah and mentions how she had a chance to help Angie and kills her. Kaya and Jane tremble as they are the only ones left on stage. He mentions how they killed Meg and is about to kill Jane when Greg shouts at him to stop and says it was all him. He told them to lie about it. Monica, knowing he's lying, cries as he is brought on stage in replacement for Jane and Kaya. The girls hold Monica as Greg is killed.

Monica, Sarah, Abby, Jane, Mike and Kaya are all circled around a fire as they mourn Sarah and Greg's deaths. They are approached by Diane, Danni, Melanie, Jake, Mikel, Chase and Wes. They all say they want to leave. Abby agrees, saying they can come back and 'kill the bastards later.' The group eventually agrees but need a place to go. Monica knows where and says they'll know it.

As they are leaving, Monica sees the heads of the executed people. She starts closing the gate when Jake stops her and opens it wider. Many walkers begin stumbling towards them and they hide in the woods as they enter the town. They run, screams being heard.

Monica leads the group out of the woods and they see the store. Shawn is waiting with a smile, saying, "I told you so."


  • 3 Community Members (Alive)
  • Frank Bleu (Alive)
  • Helena (Alive)
  • Kyler (Alive)
  • Martin (Alive)
  • Sam (Alive)
  • Sarah Nixon (Alive)
  • Greg Evans (Alive)


  • Features most human deaths, with 10 total.
  • Last appearance of Frank Bleu.
  • Last appearance of Helena.
  • Last appearance of Kyler.
  • Last appearance of Martin.
  • Last appearance of Sam.
  • Last appearance of Sarah Nixon.
  • Last appearance of Greg Evans.

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