Heather Carver
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Early 60's
Occupation Unknown
Family Jeffrey Carver - Son (Deceased)
Jesse Carver - Son (Deceased)
William Carver - Son (Deceased)
Alvin Jr. - Possible Grandson
First Appearance "No Sanctuary"
Last Appearance "No Sanctuary"
Death Episode "No Sanctuary"
Death Kicked off the roof by Drake Norton
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Heather Carver is an original fictional character that was drawed on September 28th 2014 by Jake Tynan. She is the mother of Jeffrey Carver, William Carver, Jesse Carver and the possible grandmother of Alvin Jr.


Nothing is known about Heather's life.


Heather serves as the mother of Jeffrey Carver, William Carver, Jesse Carver, and a side antagonist.


Killed by:

after Heather shot Jack in the shoulder injuring him, Drake retaliates and kicks Heather of the rooftop instantly killing her on impact.

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