Season four henry
Actor James Michael Keats
Gender Male
Hair Red
Age Mid to late 20s
Occupation Unknown
Family Unknown
First Appearance "30 Days Without An Accident"
Last Appearance "A" (Flashback)
Death Episode "Internment"
Death The flu (Alive)
Shot by Maggie Greene (Zombified)
Status Dead
Series lifespan "30 Days Without An Accident" to "Internment"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Henry chokes on his own blood and dies before reanimating and attacking Hershel. During the scuffle, Henry is shot and killed by Maggie.
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"Come on, Henry! That's a good boy!"
Lizzie Samuels luring an undead Henry away from an incapacitated Glenn Rhee[src]

Henry is a survivor of the outbreak and one of the many prison newcomers in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead. He makes his debut appearance in "30 Days Without An Accident".


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Henry's life before or as the outbreak began.


Sometime within the month after the assault from Woodbury, Henry joined the community at the West Georgia Correctional Facility.

Season 4

"30 Days Without An Accident"

Henry is seen on fence duty with Karen, David, Chloe, and another man. He is armed with a sharp poker and kills many walkers.


Henry flees the zombie attack in Cell Block D with other survivors. Later, Henry is seen with Mr. Jacobson and a woman in the cell block, observing the aftermath and removal of the deceased survivors.


Henry can be seen in the prison yard with Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene, and other survivors, digging graves for the residents killed in the Cell Block D attack. Sometime later, Henry is sent to Cell Block A for quarantine.


Henry is first seen barely alive and receiving medical treatment from Hershel Greene and Glenn. Hershel attaches an intubator on Henry to enhance his breathing and leaves to check on the other sick survivors of the prison. Glenn watches over him and eventually Henry succumbs to the fever. Glenn attempts to revive him, but fails.

Henry reanimates soon after and tries to attack Glenn, but is lured away by Lizzie Samuels. As Lizzie lures him away, she trips and he falls on top of her. Hershel walks by and tosses him over the railing. Later on, Hershel returns to an undead Henry after Glenn is coughing blood. Maggie breaks into the cell block and shoots him, saving her father.


Henry is shown opening the front gate with Carl Grimes as survivors return to the prison in a flashback sequence.


Killed By

  • The flu (Alive)

Henry succumbs to the flu and dies. He later reanimates as a walker.

As Hershel struggles to get the incubator off Henry's mouth, Maggie shoots an undead Henry in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Henry has killed:


TV Series

Season 4