Hershel Greene
AND Hershel Barn
Actor Chuck Kourouklis
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Age Late to 50's early to 60's
Occupation Farmer
Family Shawn Greene-Son (Deceased)
Maggie Greene-Daughter
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance A New Day (Unknown)
Status Unknown
Series lifespan A New Day to A New Day (Unknown)
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"You're gonna have to depend on honesty of people if you are gonna make it,and if that same people got to questions the yours, you're gonna be in serious trouble"
—Hershel to Lee about Lying[src]

Hershel Greene is a TV Series character adapted to The Walking Dead: Survive Video Game . He attend his farm along with his sons Shawn and Billy, and his daughters Maggie,Rachel and Suzie.He finds Lee Everett,Clementine and Justin/Danny who came with his son.


Greene Family Farm

Hershel lived in his farm along with his wife, his sons Arnold,Billy and Shawn and his daughters Maggie,Lacey,Rachel and Susie Greene


A New Day

Hershel received back his son Shawn, along with three newcomers ,he put them into the barn and asks Shawn to go and check his sister,he asks Lee about his past and how they found Clementine.Later in the morning Hershel is present at Shawn's death,he shoots the three walkers that bited him,he enraged kicks out Lee, Clementine, Justin/Danny, Kenny, Katjaa and Duck

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Hershel has killed:

  • Three walkers


The Walking Dead: Survive

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