"How To Survive" is the debut episode of Season 2 of The Spongebob Dead It premiered on October 16, 2010.


Now that the Dead have taken over, it is mandatory for the group to adapt to their new surroundings since Good People are the first ones to go.


It has been 62 days since the events of the Season 1 Finale, 70 days since the dead have come back to life, the dead have taken over as far as the group knows and the group is convinced that the Government is dead. They also have more weapons and choice of weapons, Hatchet(Spongebob), Numb-Chucks(Patrick), Longbow(Squidward), Axe(Mr.Krabs), Katana blade(Sandy), Handgun(Plankton), Meat cleaver(Mrs.Puff), Shotgun(Mermaidman), Grenades(Bubble Bass) and A Small Scythe(Old Man Jenkins). Pearl is angered that her father, Mr.Krabs is not allowing her to have a weapon rendering her survival in the future very slim. Spongebob tries to convince Mr.Krabs to teach Pearl how to defend herself but Krabs refuses. Squilliam's Mansion is a fortified base protected by Patrick and Squidward. Spongebob asks Squidward if he has seen the two Military officials trying to get revenge on them for the zombie-fest from the Season 1 Finale. Squidward says apart from dead people walking, he has not seen any suspicious happenings. Sandy is training with her katana and alongside Patrick and Squidward is another tough survivor and the toughest female survivor and is trying to train Mrs.Puff and Old Man Jenkins, who are still pacifists and will only kill zombies but not anything else. After Mermaidman accepts the position as the group's medic, three figures that are not zombies loom out in the distance staring at the mansion and are revealed to be Squilliam himself and the two Military officials.

Other Stars

  • Dee Bradley Baker as Squilliam Fancyson (No Lines)


  • None


  • First appearance of Squilliam Fancyson.
  • The meaning of the title of this episode refers to the new world the group is trying to survive in.

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