Infected (Infections)
Season 1, Episode 6
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Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev as Monica Evans
Tyler Posey as Vince Jameson
Also Starring

Infected is the finale.


Monica enters the hotel and begins walking up the stairs to her apartment.

As she goes through the hotel, she kills each walker that passes.

She opens the door to see Vince in pain and sick. She sits next to him and he tries to get her to leave. He is just barely alive and tells her to leave again and again until he dies. She stands up and waits.

The group realize she is gone. Greg looks to the hotel and sees their room light flicker on. He leads them over to the building.

Vince opens his eyes, now dead. He stands and walks to Monica, but she stabs his chest in anger. He is unaffected, but she pushes him. She stabs him two more times, blood splatering on her. She keeps stabbing, not getting his head. She breaks into tears and falls to her knees. She stabs again and pushes him back before stumbling out of the room. She whispers she's sorry before leaving.

The group find two cars and get in, driving off as the sun starts to rise.

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