Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Late Teens to Early 20s
Occupation Unknown
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Volume 30"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Volume 30" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-British

Jack is a character to be introduced in Volume 30 of the comic series, as well as an unannounced series of the TV series.


Jack is a British exchange student who was trapped in the US away from his family. Unable to get home, he made his way to a quarantine zone before things went south and he had to run. He stayed in a state of depression for a while before finding Morales (new character in the comics and returning character in the show) and his family who were willing to take him in. They stayed together for a year, facing the loss of Morales wife putting more responsibility on Jack to look after Morales's two kids. They eventually stayed at a settlement for six months before it was attacked by the whisperers, killing Morales's son. The three again hit the road as Jack began to take lead over the mentally unstable Morales, always looking optimistic towards life. Eventually they found Ricks group after Alexandria was destroyed, finding refuge with them and becoming a valuable part of the group.


Jack is an optimistic and upbeat, yet serious ally and fighter when it comes to it. He often presents his British sense of humour, with sarcasm and one-liners, trying to lighten the mood but never verging on annoying. He knows when to get serious, and has a cool head when in battle, not letting emotion get to him. He is still phased by death, but has become accepting of it's inevitability. His accent often leads to people questioning him and stereotyping him, something he has become accustomed to.

His one major flaw is he is not a killer by nature. Finding it harder to kill innocent people or someone who might be unarmed, something required of him in his stealthy role. This protection over life often makes him weak in the face of moral dilemmas.


Jack is skilled with most weaponry, including martial arts training and a very skilled use of the bow and arrow, his primary weapon. Due to this he maintains more of stealth/ranged role amongst the group, partly replacing Andrea after her death. He also carries a silenced pistol, which he only uses in emergencies.


  • He is 6"0, 65kg and has medium brown hair.
  • He has green eyes.
  • The character of Jack is largely based on the author of this page, jaga 321. His personality, nationality and skill in martial art and archery are all features taken from the author, creating what would be a perfect role if he was on the show.
  • The author plans for Jack to have a especially brutal and sudden death, notably half way through an important storyline to add realism as he is left with loose ends in his character development.