Actor Jeryl Prescott Sales
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Early to mid 40's
Family Unknown
First Appearance Days Gone Bye
Last Appearance Chupacabra
Death Episode Chupacabra
Cause of Death Bitten and then amputated and died due to blood loss and then shot to prevent reanimation.
Status Dead
Series lifespan Days Gone Bye to Chupacabra
Ethnicity African-American
 Jacqui is a female living character who appears in The Walking Dead: Survive, she is living in the Atlanta survivors camp along fellow survivors, and usually does laundry with Amy and Lori.


Nothing is known about Jacqui's life before or as the outbreak began.


Days Gone Bye

Jacqui is one of the residents of the Atlanta survivors camp.


Jacqui is going to do laundry with Amy and Lori.

Tell It to The Frogs

Jacqui is only seen when she and her group flees the Atlanta camp.

Safe And Save

Jacqui is seen only in a flashback, when Merle and Daryl are helping her to get out a car she was stuck in, T-Douglas comes to help them.


Jacqui is seen in the background with other survivors, and goes to the RV when the herd appears.


Jacqui, like all of the survivors enjoy of the benefits of the CDC, and depart when it explodes.

Miles Behind Us

Jacqui has been kidnaped along Charlie, but they are able to escape, however, while trying to find a car, Jacqui is bitten by a walker.


Jacqui and Charlie get into a pharmacy and Charlie cuts Jacqui's bitten arm, telling her her ideology of how cutting the infected part the infection won't spread, however Jacqui screams painfully and begins attracting walkers, forcing both her and Charlie to leave.


Despite Charlie's attemps to prevent her from turning, Jacqui lately succumbed to the blood loss and died, Charlie tried to comfort her but she insisted on being left to die, however Charlie actually shot her to prevent her from reanimating.


Kiled By:

  • Walker (Alive,Caused)
  • Blood Loss (Alive)

​After narrowly escaping from the Wildfire gang, while they raided a car, Jacqui was bitten in the arm by a walker and later Charlie amputated her believing the infection to keep restrained from the blood, however since she was not bandaged she died due to the slow blood loss.

​Before Jacqui would be able to reanimate, Charlie shot her in the head to prevent reanimation.


The Walking Dead: Survive


  • In "Miles Behind Us" when Jacqui and Charlie get into a car, a walker sneaks from behind and bites Jacqui in the neck, however in "Bloodletting" the bite is now on her arm.
  • Something that results strange is the fact of Charlie shooting Jacqui to prevent reanimation since she never heard about how to prevent reanimation.
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