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  Jeffrey Carver
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Late 20's to mid 30's
Occupation Former Band Musician (Pre-Apocalypse)
Leader of Camp Morrison (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Heather Carver - Mother (Deceased)
William Carver - Brother (Deceased)
Jesse Carver - Brother (Deceased)
Connor Hunters - Possible Son
Alvin Jr. - Possible Nephew
First Appearance "Old Scars"
Last Appearance "Start to Finish"
Death Episode "Start to Finish"
Cause of Death Bitten by multiple walkers.
Shot in the head by Drake Norton to prevent reanimation.
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Old Scars" to "Start to Finish"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Jeffrey Carver is a main character and an antagonist in Season 2 of Ghosthunter's The Walking Dead: Last of Humanity. Jeffrey was Drake Norton's best friend until they met Kerry Hunters and Zoey. While Drake and Kerry were dating, Jeffrey developed romantic feelings towards Kerry but never had the courage to confess to her. Until one night, Kerry betrayed Drake and had an affair with Jeffrey. Afterwards, Jeffrey believed he was being used and that he was betrayed by his best friend and the woman he loved.


Before the apocalypse began, Jeffrey lived with his brothers William Carver and Jesse Carver, and his mother Heather Carver. Then he met Drake Norton where they became best friends and later on when they were teenagers they met two girls Zoey and Kerry, they were both their good friends and love interests. Jeffrey especially developed strong feelings for Kerry as he never had the courage to tell her.

But then one night when they all have a party and Drake and Zoey go out to get alcohol and Kerry cheats on Drake and has an affair with Jeffrey and even finally tells her his feelings towards her which then she replies telling Jeffrey that she wanted to be with him for so long. But then everything took turn for the worse where Drake discovers Kerry's betrayel and then the relationship between them all becomes heavily strained.

Last Of Humanity: Season Two

In the TV Series

A few months after events of No More Running, Drake and the group discover the Alexandria safe-zone and are recruited. There he meets Rick Grimes and his group. The two groups team up as they try to keep the safe zone safe and deal with the threats outside and inside the community.


Member of Groups

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims that Jeffrey has killed.


Drake Norton

Drake and Jeffrey were best friends before the outbreak, they've known each other since they were kids, they went elementary school and eventually high school together, then they met two girls Zoey and Kerry where they all be became close and lovers. While Drake was dating Kerry, Jeffrey showed slight jealously as he had feelings for Kerry. But then their relationship became heavily strained when Jeffrey betrayed Drake and had an affair, which left their friendship strained and didn't talk to each other, but in the end Drake forgave Jeffrey and built a relationship with Zoey, while Kerry on the other hand wanted to forget everything that happened, which Jeffrey in depression and badly shaken, where he then started to blame Drake causing a hatred.

Then about a year and a half into the apocalypse Jeffrey became the leader of Camp Morrison and imprisoned Drake like an animal, as he still showed anger and hostility towards him after all these years. While Drake wants to help and survive with Jeffrey as he still wants to continue their friendship.

Later near the end of "Strangers" Drake still cares for Jeffrey and wants to continue their friendship, while Jeffrey still shows some amount of hostility and distrust towards Drake.


Jeffrey and Kerry were good and close friends back in high school, they always talked and hanged out with each other as Jeffrey wanted to tell how he really felt about her but didn't have the courage and felt jealous while she was dating Drake. Until one night Kerry and Jeffrey have an affair behind Drake's back. Where Jeffrey finally confesses to Kerry that he has always had feelings towards Kerry for sometime. Which makes Kerry blush as she confesses that she also has feelings towards Jeffrey for sometime too and reveals to him that she wanted to be with him for so long, before she even started dating Drake.

But then after Drake found out, Jeffrey and Kerry couldn't start a love relationship as she still had more strong feelings for Drake, which made Jeffrey depressed and drove him to blaming Drake. Then at the end of "Strangers", Kerry confesses to Jeffrey that he has a daughter and that she wanted to tell him, showing that she still cares about him even more when she tells him that she loves him and always has as she wants to raise their chile together.

Later during the events of Season 5, it is revealed that Kerry had lied all along about Jeff and Drake's child and reveals that one of the, is their true father, this completely angers Jeffrey and filled with rage he shot her in the shoulder, though he appeared greatly shocked for what he did, he ran away and was seen completely remorseful showing that he still loved her.


The relationship between the two was never really explored, but they were good friends and were close as Jeffrey appeared shocked and saddened about her death.

Heather Carver

Heather was Jeffrey's mother, not much was known about them, but they originally had a loving mother and son relationship, until for unknown reasons turned into a bad relationship and acted aggressive towards each other. When Drake ultimately kills Heather Jeffrey shows no emotion or response, he even thanks Drake for killing her saying that she was always a "Bitch" anyway.

Jesse Carver

Not much is known about them, but when was killed by Joel he seemed to be upset about his brother's death.

William Carver

Their relationship is unknown, but it is assumed they had a good brother relationship, as Jeffrey mentions that he always a "smart son of a bitch and a cool brother to have."


Last of Humanity

Season 2

  • "Old Scars"
  • "Never Let Go"
  • "Into The Fray"
  • "In Cold Blood"
  • "No More Running"

TV Series

Season 6

  • "First Time Again"
  • "JSS"
  • "Now"
  • "Heads Up"
  • "Start to Finish"


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