Jenny Pitcher
Gender Female
Hair Unknown
Age Late teens
Occupation Cheerleader
Family Unknown
First Appearance Hungry For Help (Mentioned)
Last Appearance Hungry For Help (Mentioned)
Death Episode Hungry For Help (Confirmed Fate)
Cause of Death Pill Overdose
Status Undead
Ethnicity Unknown
 Jenny Pitcher is a mentioned character within The Walking Dead: Survive, as well one of the undeads.


Stone Mountain High

Little is known about Jenny's life before or as the outbreak began, except that Jenny was a teenage student who presumably attended Stone Mountain High School with Ben Paul, Travis, and the band teacher, David Parker. She was a cheerleader for her school.


Hungry For Help

During the initial stages of the outbreak. Jenny, Ben, David, Travis, and many other survivors were hiding in the high school gymnasium. One night, Jenny went into the girls' bathroom and overdosed on pills. The next morning she reanimated and massacred her roommates, which was the first clue to Ben and the others that you do not have to be bitten to reanimate.

Though she is not actually seen, Ben mentions what he saw happen to Jenny to Lee and the group at the Travelier Motel. Since her brain isn't mentioned to be destroyed, she is possibly wandering around somewhere as a walker.


Killed By:

  • Pills Overdose
  • Herself (Suicide,Alive)

Jenny decided to commit suicide due to not being able to support the outbreak, and took a pills overdose and died, however she later reanimated as a walker

Killed Victims

  • Herself (Suicide,Alive)
  • Many unnamed classmates (Infected)


  • Jenny is the sole unseen character with an undead status
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