Jerome Clarke
Gender Male
Hair Brown-Blonde
Age 17
Occupation Student
Family Joy-Ex-Girlfriend
First Appearance Part 1
Status Alive
Series lifespan Part 1 to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-British

Jerome is a character that appears in The Walking Dead: Anubis, as well a protagonist


Part 1

Jerome is talking with Alfie and Joy trought the woods, as a walker tries to approach them, but falls

Part 2

Jerome is still walking in the woods, later, he,Alfie and Joy witness the large herd of walkers following them, and runs away

Part 3

Jerome only concentrates on getting back to the house, while Alfie is bitten in the arm by a walker, Jerome leaves him behind

Part 4

Mara scolds Jerome for letting Alfie behind, and that he could have died due to Jerome's fault, an enraged Jerome then takes a knife of his backpack.

Part 5

Once the plan has been made, Jerome and Mick goes to where the second floor's balcony should be, but after Victor broke it, both Jerome and Mick fell, while walkers surround them.

Part 6

Jerome and Mick flees in fear, while the walkers surround them.

Killed Victims

The next list shows the victims Jerome has killed:


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