Julius Cormington
Season(s) only season 3
Actor Michael Dorman
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Age 27
Occupation Huntsman (pre-apocalypse)
Family Jamie Cormington - brother Jacob Cormington - brother
First Appearance "Brothers"
Last Appearance "No more killing" (hallucination)
Death Episode "Brothers"
Cause of Death Blown up by a grenade
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Brothers" to "Brothers"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Julius is a protagonist of series "The Walking Dead: Renovation" he has two brothers Jamie and Jacob.He was a huntsman before outbreak.


Julius was a orderly and clever man. He loved to read books and swimming.


Athens, Georgia

Little is known about Julius's life before the outbreak. He lived in Athens with his brothers. And he was a huntsman.


Season 3


Julius was seen in police department when A.R.C and Jamie went there. Meanwhile his granade accidentaly blown up killng Julius.

Season 4

"No more killing!"

Julius was saw in Jacob's hallucination


Killed by:

  • Himself (accidentaly)

His granade accidentaly blown up in his pocket

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Julius has killed:


  • Possibly few animals


  • Possibly few walkers


  • He had a cat named Bolly
  • He won a competition for most animals hunted in 3 hours. He hunted 4 deers, 3 foxes, 2 boars and 6 hares