"KTL" is the second episode of Season 2 of The Spongebob Dead It premiered on October 23, 2010.


While Spongebob, Patrick, Mermaidman and Mr.Krabs go on a supply run, an attack is born at the Mansion.


Plankton is up in the Gazebo of the Mansion on watch and sees the three figures in the distance and expresses worry. Meanwhile, Spongebob is going on a supply run for foods with Patrick, Mr.Krabs and Mermaidman and puts Sandy and Squidward in charge of the base. Spongebob, Patrick, Krabs and Mermaidman set off and the three figures begin to make their way to the mansion. Squidward is cleaning his longbow with a handkerchief but then sees Squilliam smiling at him in the distance and getting the longbow ready, he at first thought Squilliam was a zombie but then realized that zombies don't smile and then he sees the two Military officials with him and they along with Squilliam begin shooting at the base nailing Pearl in the neck. Squidward shoots back nailing a Military official in the arm. Squidward and Sandy get the rest of the group to safety and she orders Old Man Jenkins and Bubble Bass to get the injured Pearl to safety since she is losing blood fast and to treat her since Mermaidman is out on the run and Mrs.Puff to help her kill Squilliam and the military. Mrs.Puff is too nervous saying they have AK-47's and all she has is a meat cleaver, Sandy says she will cover Mrs.Puff and use her katana wielding and Squidward will use his longbow. Eight more Military officials have arrived however and now they are outnumbered. An official discovers Pearl and slaughters her to death with his knife. Mrs.Puff then shows signs of going insane since she was treating Pearl and when the Military begins beating Old Man Jenkins senseless, Mrs.Puff grabs her meat cleaver and slices in a few Military Official's faces killing them. While the Military is distracted and shocked, the group gains the upper hand and kills many of them until Squilliam and one other Official are left, Squidward knocks them unconscious and decides to tie them up and torture them especially Squilliam to get nice revenge for the bullying in school.

Other Stars

  • Dee Bradley Baker as Squilliam Fancyson
  • Jamie McShane as the voice of a Military Official


  • Pearl Krabs ~ Slaughtered to death by Military
  • Most of the Military ~ Executed by Squidward, Sandy, Mrs.Puff and Bubble Bass


  • Death episode of Pearl Krabs. She is reanimated in Episode 4.
  • The meaning of the title of this episode is an acronym for KILL TO LIVE(KTL).

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