Gender Female
Hair Red
Age 35
Occupation Freelance Drug Smuggler (Pre-Apocalypse)
First Appearance Desolation
Last Appearance Home (determined)
Status Alive (determined)
Series lifespan Desolation to Home (determined)
Ethnicity White

Kathy is a solo survivor who resided in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a main character in The Walking Dead: Last Survivors and is the savior of Sarita Tecla. Before the outbreak she was a freelance drug smuggler who worked with many crime bosses in the west coast. Despite her shady life she is still a good person at heart. She saved Sarita from nearly being killed by marauders and brought Sarita to her place to recover. Like her, she spend most of the outbreak traveling place to place alone. Kathy is very sarcastic and can usually lighten the mood most of the time. She does not talk about her past often, not wanting to fear of being looked down on.

In the finale episode, Confrontation, it is possible for Kathy to die. If she survives, she returns in the following special episode, Home. Kathy's ultimate fate depends on Sarita's conditions. In the end she ether joins the airport group or continues to travel with Sarita on the road. 


  • "Desolation"
  • "Trek"
  • "Grave"
  • "Together"
  • "Confrontation"
  • "Home" (determined)


Kathy appears in a punk rock look. She has short dyed red hair and a tattoo of a voodoo zombie on her right shoulder.

Based on her background, Kathy is talented in mixing drugs and healing chemicals.

Kathy reveals herself to be asexual as she is not interested in romantic relationships.

She mentions being an expert poker player and makes a few nods to Telltale's first games: Poker Night 1 & 2.

Like Sarita, Kathy grew up on the streets without parents. She was eventually taken in by a street gang where she got her career as a freelance drug smuggler started.