Actor Cissy Jones
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age Late to 30's mid to 40's
Occupation Former Veterinarian
Family Kenny - Husband
Duck - Son (Deceased)
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance Around The Corner
Death Episode Around The Corner
Cause of Death Shot by Crawford
Status Dead
Series lifespan A New Day to Around The Corner
Ethnicity Caucasian-Belgian
"Yeah i know ya did, i guess the right thing is scary sometimes"
—Katjaa to Lee[src]

Katjaa is a main character who appears in Polimis The Walking Dead: Survive.she is the wife of Kenny, mother of Duck and a resident of the Motor Inn, after it's assault the group moves towards Savannah, where the group encounters a community called "Crawford" where Katjaa learns her ultimate fate



Katjaa lived in Florida with her brother, she married to Kenny some point and had a baby,they went to visit Katjaa's sister and when returning the outbreak suddenly started, they used to live in Hershel's farm as a temporal refugee.


A New Day

Katjaa is find talking to Clementine at Hershel's farm, she also is present and withnessed of Shawn's death,along with Kenny,Duck,Clementine,Danny,Justin (Determinant) and Lee she was kicked out.

Time later,in Macon she presences how a walker tried to bite and kill Duck,but he was saved,inside on the drugstore she cleaned him to reveal that he wasn't bitten.Later when the drugstore is overrun by walkers she escapes along with Kenny and Duck,she and the other survivors reside in the Motor Inn.

Hungry For Help

Katjaa will try to help David/Travis, however he will die due to blood loss,later the zombified Travis or David will try to kill Katjaa and later go to Lee.

She re-appears in the St. John farm taking care of Maybelle, later is hold as a hostage by Brenda.Later she and the others escape the dairy before is surrounded.

Road To Savannah

Katjaa appears in this episode as well, along the others, she survives the motor inn raid and goes in the train leading to Savannah, she like most of the members knew Chuck, Christa, Samuel, Omid and Leland. Katjaa can be heard talking with Clementine stating hope she finds her parents.

Around The Corner

Katjaa is one of the survivors to arrive to Savannah, after the group gets to the mansion, Katjaa is included, when Lee is brought to Crawford, she is brought by Gabby, after Kenny is chosen to be killed by Oberson, Katjaa attemps to attack Crawford but he manages to shoot her.


Killed By:

After Kenny is chosen to be killed off, Katjaa attemps to save him and attack Crawford, Crawford manages to overpower her and once in the floor shoots her.


The Walking Dead: Survive

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