Actor Gavin Hammon
Gender Male
Hair Black-Greying
Age Late 30's to mid 40's
Occupation Fisherman
Family Katjaa -Wife
Duck - Son
First Appearance A New Day
Status Alive
Series lifespan A New Day to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"You've always been there for me Lee, always had my back when it mattered. What kind of friend would I be if I wasn't there for you now? You and Clementine are my family, I'm with you to the end."
—Kenny explaining to Lee their friendship. (Determinant)[src]

Kenny is a main character in Polimis' The Walking Dead: Survive. He serves as the tritagonist of the game. Kenny acted as the de-facto co-leader of the Motel Survivors, alongside Lee Everett and Lilly, though he eventually acknowledged Lee as the true leader. While he is known for taking action and showing initiative, his short temper and failure to think things through often get the better of him.


Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida

Kenny was raised by his father, a man who taught Kenny about the makings of and how to repair broken cars (as he usually possessed nearly half-a-dozen wrecked vehicles in his garage at once). Kenny noted that his father was a "mean son'a bitch, but he taught [him] respect". Kenny's knowledge of mechanical engineering extended to boats due to his love of the water and traveling, tools that would aid him in the years following the outbreak. At some point, he went to Mexico.

As an adult, Kenny became a commercial fisherman. He would hunt for snapper fish and yellow fin, but in the summers, he'd take tours down and sailfish. During one of his fishing tours, he encountered a sick octopus and decided to bring it ashore to a veterinarian's office. He met Katjaa at the office, where she agreed to help the octopus. They fell in love and became husband and wife afterward. They later had a son named Kenny Jr. (who they nicknamed to as "Duck" because of his loud nature), whom Kenny frequently played catch with. Kenny retained his job as a fisherman, allowing him to begin catching tuna, which he would allow his wife to grill for him. The family adopted a dog, but it died before the outbreak. Kenny stated that he cried when they had to put it down, despite the fact that he did not like it as much as his son did.

Kenny often went sailing to the open sea for months at a time, separated from his family, which he admits to be a fact that he deeply regrets after their deaths.

Kenny and his family were returning from Memphis, Tennessee after visiting Katjaa's sister when the outbreak started. He and his son were seen at Gil's Pitstop just before the outbreak started.


Season 1

"A New Day"

Kenny is found in Hershel's farm,he is with Katjaa and Duck,he is fixing his truck when suddenly walkers approach Shawn and Duck,while that happens,Kenny saves Duck leaving Shawn to be devoured by walkers.

Later,in Macon Kenny along his family,Clem,Lee and Danny (Determinant).enter to the Everett Family Farmacy Drugstore,he tries to calm down the situations when the others think Duck is bitten

Later he helps Katjja and Duck to escape of the drugstore,and will help Lee after he is punched by Larry.

"Hungry For Help"

Kenny,is hunting in the forest when Lee and Mark goes to check what the scream was, Kenny finds them along David,Travis and Ben,they take the one who passed out to the motel, and goes with Lee,Carley,Doug,Ben and Mark to the dairy,he later re-appears in the time for dinner,he is locked along Larry,Lilly,Danny/Justin,Lee and Clementine in the meat locker,he later goes to try to rescue Duck, but gets shot,and later he steals from the car.

"Road To Savannah"

At the beginning of the episode, he and Lee scavenged Macon for supplies. Kenny remarks that he is pleased by the lack of visible walkers in the area. He asks Lee as they walk what he thinks about leaving the motel, and Lee can give an affirmative answer that generates a positive response from Kenny. Kenny climbs a ladder of a big rig trailer and snaps the hinges, forcing Lee to find an alternative route to the top of the rig. He eventually pulls a jeep to the trailer via a motorized winch. Kenny discusses how Duck still blamed himself for Shawn's death, though Lee says that they've all seen worse. (Determinant) As Lee tries to get up to Kenny, they encounter a girl who was being attacked by walkers. Kenny urges Lee to not shoot her, stating that she would buy them more time to scavenge. Lee had a choice to leave her, or to put her out of her misery.

Depending on his choice, Kenny will either be annoyed by Lee or grateful. They enter the drugstore through the alley door and scavenge the inside of the pharmacy. The player can grab as many supplies as he/she wants, though if Lee had shot the woman outside, the player has less time to gather supplies. When Kenny takes the supplies from Lee and tells him to hop over the counter, Lee is knocked over by the office door falling upon him with walkers on top of it. Kenny will either consider taking the supplies and leaving or rush to help lift the door, depending on what Lee chose to do in the meat locker on the St. John Dairy. Regardless of what Kenny does, Lee is able to free himself and retreat to Kenny's position before following him out of the drugstore.

Back at the motor inn, Kenny and Lilly get into another fight over whether or not to leave the inn. Depending on how many supplies Lee was able to gather, Lilly will either be excited about being able to make it through the winter should they continue their ways or upset that they would be forced to ration their supplies. Kenny will either point out how they would freeze in the run-down motel or how they could always find more supplies elsewhere. Lilly rebukes his claim, saying that she has no desire to listen to him after what he had done to her father. Kenny picks at Lilly's nerves when he talks about how Larry was gone and they no longer needed his medicine that could only be found in Macon. Katjaa,Doug and Carley arrive at the scene of the argument, sarcastically asking if either of them will ever stop arguing. Kenny talks about the bandits in the woods and how they had been quiet recently, but could always spring up and attack if they ever felt the need to. He then abruptly brings up Lee's previous decision to shoot the girl in Macon or let the walkers have her. Lilly is not happy to hear that she had suffered and that they hadn't even tried to save her (a completely different perspective than what she had taken toward Ben), but Kenny is solely focused on how she had represented an opportunity to get what they had needed. Lilly snaps at him and begins raving about how someone had been stealing their supplies before demanding that everyone leave her room. Kenny's demeanor becomes less stable when Lee agrees with Lilly that each day was getting harder.

Kenny was upset to see the broken flashlight. Lee had the option of telling him about his past, and Kenny appreciated his honesty. Lee also realized that Kenny had not told Katjaa the truth about what had happened in the St. John's meat locker. (Determinant)

The bandits later attacked the motor inn, holding everyone but Lee and Lilly hostage in the parking lot. Kenny is unresponsive when Lee reveals himself to the bandits and surrenders, but when the bandit negotiating with Lee is shot and killed by Lilly from atop a balcony, Kenny runs with his wife away from the bandits as everyone else scatters. Lee, after failing to stop one of thee bandits from fleeing, retreats behind the RV. Kenny brings him a rifle while he gets inside the vehicle and attempts to get it working. After dispatching two bandits attacking Ben,Carley andDoug, Kenny's wife calls out for help. Lee kills three more attacking bandits and Clementine runs to him for safety, but a walker attacks Katjaa and Duck, preventing them from reaching the RV. After Lee shoots the walker (Determinant), Kenny runs out and gets his family into the RV. More walkers attack while Lilly continues shooting at the bandits in the forest. Lee orders her to get down to the RV, but Kenny insists that they just leave her behind, as she had wanted to stay in the first place. After clearing the path out of the motel and getting the RV working, Lee tells Lilly that she needed to come down or they she'd have to stay. She manages to get into the RV before Kenny drives off and leaves the bandits to their fight against the walkers.

Several hours later, Kenny is frantic to make sure his wife is okay after she had been cut open near her temple. Lilly insists that someone had betrayed them to the bandits. Kenny is reluctant to believe her at first, but when Lee vouches for her statement, he remains quiet. Throughout the argument between Lilly and the accused party, Kenny continues driving until he inadvertently hits a walker in the road and runs over it. He tells them that they should be safe where they were, and Kenny exits the RV with everyone but the kids and Katjaa. Lilly informs him that there was a walker beneath the RV, and he gets to work on getting it out alive. He ignored Lilly's persistent requests for his opinion on who the traitor was, asking for some time to deal with the walker first. When he finally got the walker out from under the vehicle, he demanded to know what was going on with everyone else's argument, but was stunned when Lilly suddenly shot and killed Irene. Katjaa screamed for him and asked what was happening, but he just told her to "keep Duck away from the windows". He then told Lee, who had restrained Lilly, to get in and leave Lilly behind. Lee can choose to side with him and send Lilly away. If he chooses to do so, Lilly will exclaim that Kenny was being hypocritical in leaving her behind for murder when he had done so himself and Lee had done the same. Kenny will either denounce her claims or ask Lee for the truth depending on his choices of telling people he trusted earlier about his past. (Determinant) Not caring about Lilly, Kenny gets everyone inside and drives away from the corpse of an alive/zombified Irene.

When the group met Omid and Christa, Kenny agreed to instruct Omid on how drive the train.

Having escaped a horde of walkers following them in the train, him and Lee then overheard a transmission to Clementine's walkie-talkie from a mysterious person inside Savannah. Disturbed by this sudden turn of events, the duo look upon the city in awe.

"Around The Corner"

Kenny is one of the few people who arrived at Savannah, suddenly someone rings the bell and Kenny makes a funny comentary about how he'll "Ring the motherfucking bell" of whoever that ringed the bell, after everyone (except Chuck and Bonnie's group) they arrive to a mansion.

Kenny finds a dead boy who highly resembles Duck and either him or Lee is forced to put him down, after this, Kenny and Lee go to search if there are boats left, but finds all were taken, suddenlythey find a woman named Molly, and an herd of walkers break in and the group is forced to leave.

Kenny is brought alongside his group to Crawford, and there both Katjaa and Duck are killed, so Kenny or Lee have to prevent Duck from reanimating and escape of Crawford.

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