This article is about the Last of Humanity character. You may be looking for his Brave New World counterpart.
NGB Kerry Drawing
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age Mid to late 20's
Occupation Unknown
Family Drake Norton - Ex-Boyfriend
Connor Hunters - Son
First Appearance "Old Scars"
Last Appearance "No More Running"
Death Episode "No More Running"
Cause of Death Fatally shot in the shoulder by Jeffrey Carver.
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Old Scars" to "No More Running"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Kerry is a fictional character who appears in Season 2 of Ghosthunter's The Walking Dead: Last of Humanity. She had a relationship with Drake Norton until she betrayed him and had an affair with his best friend Jeffrey Carver which soon led to their relationship to go in ruins before the apocalypse had began.


Before the outbreak began, Kerry was best friends with a girl named Zoey, where they had sister like relationship and have been close ever since. Then she and Zoey met two boys Drake and Jeffrey, eventually Kerry started dating Drake.

Last Of Humanity: Season Two

"Old Scars"

"Never Let Go"

"Into The Fray"

"In Cold Blood"

"No More Running"

It was later revealed that Kerry had lied to Drake and Jeffrey about their childs, she tells them that that Zoey was never pregnant with Drake's child, much to Drake's anger he demands to know why hshe lied to them. She tells them that she had to, in order to get to her son and reveals that either Drake or Jeffrey are his biological father. This cause Jeff to be consumed rage for being lied to again and attempts to shoot her, but Drake tackled him to the ground in order to stop him, but Kerry got fatally shot in the shoulder. Jeffrey was shocked for what he did and ran away, Drake then held a dying Kerry in his arms and apologises she apologises for lying and hurting him and Jeffrey. He forgives her as she passes away.


Drake Norton

Drake and Kerry were close friends back in high school, they always talked and hanged out with each other and eventually started a relationship. Until one night Kerry and Jeffrey have an affair behind Drake's back. Which completely strained and ruined their relationship. But after when he reunites with her Drake forgives her and tells her how happy he is to see her as they try to survive together and try to convince Jeffrey to come back to them.

Jeffrey Carver

Jeffrey and Kerry were good and close friends back in high school, they always talked and hanged out with each other as Jeffrey wanted to tell how he really felt about her but didn't have the courage and felt jealous while she was dating Drake. Until one night Kerry and Jeffrey have an affair behind Drake's back. Where Jeffrey finally confesses to Kerry that he has always had feelings towards Kerry for sometime. Which makes Kerry blush as she confesses that she also has feelings towards Jeffrey for sometime too and reveals to him that she wanted to be with him for so long, before she even started dating Drake, But then after Drake found out, Jeffrey and Kerry couldn't start a love relationship which made Jeffrey depressed and even drove him to blaming Drake. Despite this Kerry still cares about Jeffrey and still wants to be with him.


Zoey was Kerry's best friend who was always like a sister to her. Afte she cheats on Drake with Jeffrey their relationship becomes strained, and after she finds out about Zoey's death she is deeply distraught and saddened.


Last Of Humanity

Season 2

  • "Old Scars"
  • "Never Let Go"
  • "Into The Fray"
  • "In Cold Blood"
  • "No More Running"

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