This article is about the Survive character. You may be looking for his A New Day counterpart.
  Lee Everett
Actor Dave Fennoy
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 37
Occupation Former University of Georgia History Professor (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former Supply Runner of the Motel Survivors (Post-Apocalypse)
Former Leader of the Motel Survivors (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Mr. Everett - Father (Deceased)
Mrs. Everett - Mother (Deceased)
B. Everett - Brother (Deceased)
(Unnamed) - Ex-Wife
Carley - Girlfriend
First Appearance "A New Day"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "A New Day" to Present
Ethnicity African-American
"That little girl's in my care! We've been through more together than you can imagine. Anyone who tries to get between me and her - ANYONE!! - is gonna wind up dead! You hear me?!"
—Lee threatening Vernon (Determinant)[src]

Lee Everett is the protagonist of Polimis' The Walking Dead: Survive. Convicted for murdering a state senator who slept with his wife, Lee is freed from this fate by the apocalypse and encounters a young girl named Clementine. He took Clementine under his care, and the two met up with a group of survivors. Lee rose up to protect them, becoming co-leader with Kenny and Lilly before becoming the sole leader of the group. Lee's personality is, to some extent, up to the player; but he is consistently smart, independent and resourceful. Lee also cared deeply for Clementine. It was because of Lee that Clementine learned how to defend herself from both people and the undead in the apocalypse.


Macon, Georgia

Lee comes from Macon, Georgia. His mother, father, and only brother worked at the family's pharmacy in Macon. Lee had been a history professor at the University of Georgia for several years before the incident with the senator. His wife had a traveling job that kept her away for significant periods of time, something that had been difficult for their relationship. One day, he came home sick from work at the university and discovered his wife sleeping with a state senator. Angered, Lee killed him. For this he was convicted of murder. Lee claimed the two got into a fight and he killed him by accident. Near the start of the apocalypse Lee was being transported in a prison bus by a police officer to the Meriwether County Correctional Facility.


Season 1

"A New Day"

In a prison bus, three prisioners Lee Everett, Justin and Danny, are being transported to prison while the bus driver was talking via walkie-takie, Justin and Danny talk about what their lifes have turned out to be, and how they was before being arrested, In that moment, Bennett puts his face in the driving table and was slowly began to die,he soon reanimates and tries to get in the other side of the bus (as it was locked by a door), more walkers enter the bus and try to get Danny, Justin and Lee, then Lee along with Justin and Danny's help tried to get to the keys to open the foot lockers, as no keys was found the forced to shoot the foot of one of them Justin or Danny, after this happens Lee and the remaining prisoner fled the bus, while the other one tried to escape, ending in him losing his foot.

Lee and Justin/Danny get inside a house and find a little girl, Lee and the bus prisoner take charge of the little girl and decide to escape in day or night

Leave Before Nightfall: Lee tells Clementine that they need to leave immediately in order to find help. They exit the house through the back door and out through the gate. They see a pair of men trying to push a car out of the middle of the road. Lee greets them, and they both cry out in shock, afraid that Lee and Clementine were about to eat them. They introduce themselves and explain that they were trying to move a car so they could drive away to one of their dad's farm a few miles away from Atlanta. One of them, Shawn , asks for Lee's help in moving the car in exchange for passage to the farm. Lee, before he thinks about it, blurts out tat Clementine is not his daughter, and says that they are just some guys who found her. (Determinant) The other man, Chet, raises the alarm that "more monsters" were coming. Lee and Shawn quickly hop over to the obstacle and push the car out of the road. Shawn calls for everyone to enter his pickup truck. Lee, Danny/Justin, Clementine and Chet safely in the truck, Shawn drives away from the rotting people and onward to his father's farm. Upon his arrival several hours later, Chet gets into his own car that was at the farm and leaves for his mother's house.

Leave After Nightfall: Lee tells Clementine that they would have a better chance of leaving unnoticed by the monsters if they were to leave at night. She tells Lee that they could hide in her treehouse until the sun goes down. Several hours later, Lee limps out onto the streets with his charge and quickly ducks at the sound of a nearby gunshot. A man claiming to be a Georgia State Police Officer orders Lee to stay down. Clementine frightfully asks Lee if they were going to die, to which he states that the officer was after him, not her. (Determinant) Lee loudly announces that he would come quietly as he stands up and raises his hands in clear view. (Determinant) Two men approach cautiously; one in a sheriff's uniform, one without. The sheriff lowers his gun after realizing that they were indeed regular people. The two men introduce themselves as Shawn Greene and Andre Mitchell, and that they were looking for the monster that had killed their friend, Chet. Shawn offers a ride to his father's farm if Lee would help them find the monster that had eaten Chet. Lee, before he thinks about it, blurts out that Clementine is not his daughter, and says that he is just some guy who found her. (Determinant) This worriedly Shawn and Andre, but a sudden growling from nearby cuts off any further questions. Chet, with rotted skin and blood covering most of his face, steps out from around a corner and wanders towards them. Andre commands the others to get into his car as he raises his pistol at Chet. Not having the motivation to shoot his friend, Andre withdraws his gun and runs to his car. He drives them away, careful to avoid hitting Chet with the car. Several hours later, Andre drops Shawn, Lee and Clementine off at the Greene Family Farm and offers his condolences about Chet. He leaves them and rives off into the night.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices:

After the departure of the fourth man, Shawn's father exits the house, expressing relief at seeing his son alive and well. Shawn hugs his father and delivers news of Chet's fate. Both men discuss the situation in the city before turning their attention to Lee and Clementine. Shawn's father mistakenly believes that Lee was Clementine's father, but Shawn corrects him and explains that Lee is just a man who found her by herself. (Determinant) He asks Clementine to verify Lee's identity, and she does so while hiding behind Lee's back.

Lee and Clementine bed down in the barn with a pair of small sleeping bags. Clementine quietly comments on the smell, where Lee finishes her sentence about what the smell was like. Clementine says that she misses her parents and asks how far Savannah is from where they are. Lee says that it is very far away, and Clementine dozes off.

The following morning, Lee is awoken by a man telling him lightheartedly to "get up". Lee yawns and stands up as the stranger jokes to Clementine that she might have spiders in her hair, but her "daddy" scared them off. Lee explains that he his not truly her father and introduces himself. The man greets Lee and tells them that he is Kenny. Suddenly, a very loud boy appears at the doors of the barn and calls for his dad to join him before scampering off. The trio in the barn leave to find him. Kenny tells Lee that the boy was his son, "Ken Jr." , but he tends to call him "Duck" because he tends to quack like one.

Kenny then brings Lee, Danny/Justin and Clementine over to meet his family. He introduces them after asking whether or not Lee wanted a ride to Macon. Kenny's wife, Katjaa, quickly compliments Clementine and she warms up to the older woman. Shawn comes over and informs them that he needed to reinforce the fence on the west side of the farm. Duck volunteers his help, and Shawn gives him the "position" of foreman. They break off to the other side of the house and work on the fence. Clementine joins Katjaa as Kenny leaves to fix his own truck. Lee asks Kenny if he needed any help and what his plan is. (Determinant) Kenny then says that he believes the National Guard would solve the situation and that they should just try to weather the storm. In the event that the National Guard would be unable to fix the problem soon, he would just return to his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and get on his boat until the situation was resolved.

Lee can choose to talk to Katjaa and ask about her profession. He learns that she is a veterinarian and her job was how she met Kenny. She asks about Lee's job, and he says that he was a history professor at the University of Georgia, but was fired. (Determinant) He can then ask what her story was. She remorsefully tells him that she had driven by other people that had needed help and over others. Lee apologizes for her hardships and leaves to find Shawn.

He finds Shawn working to hammer a board into place on the fence. He asks if Shawn needed any help, and Shawn puts him to work on sawing a length of two-by-fours apart. Shawn relays a story to Lee where he watched a man in Atlanta shoot a boy dead without hesitation. He then asks if Lee had killed any of the undead people so far, to which Lee says that he was forced to bash a "poor girl's brains in". (Determinant) Shawn is quite perturbed by this, and sends Lee's way to find his dad after Lee finishes cutting his board in order to be alone.

Lee finds Hershel in the barn as he is raking along a bale of hay to one of his horses. Hershel looks up and asks him how he got out of the city, to which Lee can be honest or dishonest about. Lee compliments his farm, and Hershel turns the conversation around to Lee's family. Lee explains that his parents are in Macon with his brother. (Determinant) Hershel then points out that Lee must take care of a little girl now and asks how he had met her. Lee can choose to accept it as an accusation or a true question, but regardless of his answer, Hershel asks Lee if he could give him some advice. Hershel tells Lee that he may not know who he is or what he did, but warns him that he'd better become a better liar. (Determinant) If the situation in the city does not get resolved soon, then Lee would be bound to meet other people that would question his honesty and if they were to find him guilty of lying, they would hurt him.

Suddenly, Shawn screams out from the fence. Hershel orders him to go help while he gets his gun. Lee rushes around the house and finds Shawn's legs pinned beneath a tractor while a pair of zombies (as he truly acknowledges them for here) try to break through the unfinished fence. Duck is stupefied upon the tractor at having run Shawn over, and a third zombie reaches over the fence and grabs him.

Help Shawn: If the player chooses to help Shawn, Lee will rush over to the younger man and test his options of either trying to move the tractor, pull Shawn out, or attack the walkers. After his first failed attempt, Kenny arrives to pulls his son out of danger, but struggles with the walker attacking Duck. Lee then tries one of the other two options and fails again. Kenny successfully free his son from the walker's grasp and chooses to run away with his son instead of helping Lee free Hershel's son. The walkers then burst through the fence and leap onto Shawn, biting into his leg and neck. Hershel then arrives and looks on in horror as his son is suffering beneath the walkers' ministrations, but quickly recovers enough to shoot the walkers with his shotgun, then the third who had attacked Duck as it tried to get in again. He then rushes over to Shawn's side as he dies. Everyone gathers around Hershel as he closes his son's eyes. He tells them all to leave the farm. Kenny tries to apologize, but is rejected. Hershel then tells Lee to hope Kenny doesn't do the same thing if Clementine's life is at stake, but Lee tells Hershel that Shawn's death was not Kenny's fault. (Determinant)

Help Duck: If the player chooses to help Duck, Lee will rush over to the boy and test his options of either trying to punch the walker, pull Duck away, or picking up a fragmented board and bashing the walker with it. If Lee does either of the former options, then he is unsuccessful in saving Duck until Kenny arrives to help him, in which case Lee will try again. If Lee chooses to pick up the board and hit the walker on the first attempt, then he is successful in incapacitating Duck's attacker, and Kenny comes along to pull his son out of danger. Lee then says that they need to help Shawn now, but Kenny runs away to get Duck to safety. Before Lee could aid Shawn, the walkers break through the fence and leap onto him, biting into his leg and neck. Hershel then arrives to the horrifying sight of his son's corpse being devoured. Hershel promptly shoots all three walkers in the head and rushes to his dead son's side. Everyone gathers around Hershel as he stands up. He tells them all to leave the farm. Kenny tries to apologize, but Hershel rejects it. He then turns his attention to Lee, who he accuses of not trying to help. Lee uncomfortably tries to come up with an excuse, but Hershel accepts nothing from him.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices: Hershel orders them all to leave again as he tends to his son's corpse. Kenny somberly approaches Lee and tells him he, Jstin/Danny and Clementine could tag along with them to Macon if he wanted to. He then takes his family to the truck as Lee pulls Clementine away.

At dusk, the truck they had driven to Macon in runs out of gas. Everyone exits the vehicle and walks a short distance until Duck points out someone working on an engine of a big rig truck. Kenny shouts at the man and asks if he is friendly. The man then looks at Kenny and growls. Several more walkers approach from all directions as they put their backs to a drugstore. Duck is then tackled by a walker and screams for help until a gunshot sounds out and kills the walker, spraying blood all over Duck as he fearfully runs to his dad. Lee looks and sees the shooter; a woman who had come out of the drugstore with an Asian man. The woman shoots at several more walkers as the man ushers everyone inside the drugstore. After everyone safely enters, he locks the security gate to the drugstore and runs inside.

Immediately, an argument ensues between the two rescuers and another woman who appears to be angered by the shooter leaving the drugstore. The angered woman's father says "Goddammit, Lilly! You have to control these people." Lee can choose to intervene and try to end the argument diplomatically, but is shut down either way. The leader's father then notices Duck in the corner with his mother covered in blood and immediately assumes he was bitten. He decides that they must kill the boy before he turns, but Kenny steps between them and threatens Larry. Katjaa says that there is no bite, but Larry refuses to believe her and explains that they had already seen this happen where a man with a bite had died, turned and attacked them all. Lee tells him to stop yelling and making the situation worse (Determinant), but Larry does not want to wait. Lee must choose who to side with in the argument, but whatever he chooses, Clementine soon cries out as a walker attacks her at the bathroom door. Lee rushes over to help her, but stumbles past Lilly and falls. He gets back up and runs to Clementine to get her out of harm's way, but inadvertently pulls the walker to its feet to attack him. (Determinant) As the walker claws at him, (Determinant) a gunshot rings out and kills it. Lee sees that the previous shooter had shot the walker and killed it, but a bunch of walkers outside start banging on the gate in response. As everyone cowers behind the counters, a string of gunshots outside draw them away from the drugstore. Larry then throws another tirade at the stupidity of Carley's shot, but soon falls to his knees with severe chest pain. Lilly explains that he has heart problems and that he needs the nitroglycerin pills in the pharmacy. Lee suggests that they find a way into the pharmacy through the office (Determinant) and leaves Lilly and her father alone. Kenny takes charge of the situation and tells the quiet man in the corner to be the lookout. He says his name is Doug while the shooter introduces herself as Carley. Lilly introduces herself and her father, Larry, and is told to keep an eye on him.Another girl is located at the corner and introduces herself as Irene The Asian man, Glenn, volunteers to run to a nearby motel to find fuel for their truck. He leaves and Clementine gives him one of her walkie-talkies.

After Lee went to check if everyone is fine and talk with everybody, he receives a call for Glenn, he and Carley get to check him and eventually save him, Irene asks if she can come too, if Lee decides to let her come then she comes and is secured the rest of the episode, or if not, then when Lee returns he doesn't find her, the drugstore is overrun by walkers, Lee,Glenn and Carley protect the main door as Kenny helps Katjaa, Duck, Irene and Lilly to escape, as he escapes too, then Glenn is called and Lee, Doug and Carley are forced to keep the door, Lee helps Clementine escape as Carley and Doug escape too, Larry is the last one escaping.

They put theirselves safe at the Mottor Inn Travelier Motel,as this happens Glenn decides to leave and go to Atlanta, as this happens the energy goes out and the episode ends

"Hungry For Help"

The episode opens with Lee, Irene and a man named Mark out in the woods attempting to hunt for some food. Along the way, they hear someone screaming and run to investigate, believing it to be Kenny. They find a group of three people in desperate need of help; David Parker, who is caught in a bear trap; and two teenagers struggling to get him out. Kenny arrives, and everyone frantically tries to decide what to do next.For the woods a group of six survivors enter to the ground asking about the situation and that they heard the screams.Soon enough, the walkers hear the screams, and the group is faced with the problem of how to free David. After checking the bear trap itself and finding out that it is been tampered with to not have a release latch,one of the girls of the group asks what to do. Lee takes the axe he has with him and tries to make a quick decision.

Lee may try to hack at the chain connecting the bear trap to a nearby tree, pry open the trap with a branch or stick, chopping at the tree, and smashing the chain with a rock, though none of those tactics are successful. If Lee is unable to free David from the trap, Kenny and Mark will stop him from any further rescue attempts and tell him, the other group and the teenagers to leave. As they try to make their escape, one of the teens that was originally with David, Travis, tries to go for one of the hunting rifles Mark is holding. In the ensuing scuffle, Travis takes a shot to the stomach. The group carries Travis back to their camp and are forced to leave David for the walkers. Alternatively, Lee can choose to chop David's leg off. He passes out from the pain and blood loss, and Mark takes him with back to the motel on his shoulders. Travis is utterly revolted by the sight of David's detached leg, and is too sickened to notice a walker sneaking up behind him. Lee prevents Ben Paul from going back for his friend, and Travis is eaten alive, much to Ben's horror.If Irene was kept alive she will shoot Stephanie to let her to be devoured by walkers and buy the group some time to escape

Back at the motor inn, Larry and his daughter are upset to see that Lee has brought back even more mouths to feed. Lilly, who seems to have become the de-facto leader of the group, has already been pushed to her limits trying to ration out what little food remains and snaps at Lee for bringing back the two survivors. She gives Lee the day's rations and leaves it up to him to decide who to give them to.

Lee has been given four pieces of food (two packets of cheese and crackers, a piece of beef jerky and half an apple) to distribute out to Sixteen people. At this point it is up to Lee to decide if he wants to continue building relationships with characters that are already friendly to him or to mend bridges with hostile characters. After Lee has distributed three of the pieces of food, there is yet another decision to make. Does Lee keep one for himself to stay strong at the risk of appearing selfish to the group, or does he take a personal risk and give it to someone else?

Lee talks to many of the group, giving his axe to either Larry or Mark to help build the wall and fortify their position at the Travelier Motel. After, Lee helps Katjaa with the wounded, and asks Clementine about her hat which she had lost; later on he agrees to help find her hat.

After deciding where all the food is going to end up, Lee focuses on the injured Travis/David, who is being tended to by Kenny’s wife, Katjaa. She tells Lee that she has done all she can but he has passed away. Just as Lee begins to say that it is a shame but at least there is one less person to worry about, Travis/David reanimates and tries to attack Katjaa. Lee saves Katjaa and then struggles with the zombie himself for a bit. After a short struggle, Larry, Mark, or Carley dispatches the newly reanimated zombie.

The group turns to Ben Paul, the other surviving teenager, and asks him why he did not let anyone know that his friend had been bitten. Ben insists that he was not bitten and realizes that the new group does not know the truth behind how humans are turned into walkers, everyone is already infected; a bite isn't required to turn.

Shortly after this realization, two other survivors, brothers Andrew and Danny St. John, arrive looking for gasoline. They tell the group that they own a dairy farm, and are willing to trade food for gas to keep their generators running. Mark, Doug, Carley, Ben, and Lee decide to bring some gas with them to check out the farm. Along the way the motel group and St. John brothers see and hide from a couple of bandits. The bandits argue and yell at one another over food, till one pulls out his weapon and shoots, killing the other bandit. The bandit still standing walks away from the corpse, and the group comes out of hiding and keeps moving to the farm.

At the dairy farm the group meets Andrew and Danny's mother, Brenda St. John. She welcomes the group and gives them a basket of biscuits. When hearing Brenda say the St. John's last cow isn't doing too well, Mark says that they have a veterinarian within the group, and that everyone is extremely hungry. Brenda says they should bring the whole group over to the farm and have a big dinner. The group agrees and sends Doug, Carley and Ben to get the others, with the basket of food.

Andrew asks for Mark and Lee to clear the electric fence, that surrounds the farm, of walkers, who have fused in with the fence, while he fills the generators that power the fence with fuel. Mark and Lee walk along the fence pushing, and in some causes, chopping, the dead off of the electrical wire. They then stumble along a couple of posts that are knocked down. Mark and Lee hop over the fence, and set the posts back up. At that moment, the fence turns on, leaving the two survivors outside of the farm.

Bandits, who claim to have been cheated of food, open fire with their crossbows, while Mark and Lee hide behind a tractor. Lee gets it to move and the two use it as mobile cover, until they reach the gate. They run for the farmhouse, and the bandits back off. Lee talks to Andrew about the bandits . The motel group arrives and sees the mess, and Lilly believes the farm is unsafe. Andrew states that the bandits and St. John's had a deal, and that as long as they provided food, the bandits would leave the farm alone. He says that the bandits have broken the truce, and that Lee and Danny/Justin should try and find where the bandits are sleeping.

Lee and Danny/Justin make their way into the woods, and after a short while, find a small camp. Danny/Justin checks the only tent while Lee checks the supplies. Lee finds all the boxes empty, and tells Danny some are from the farm. Justin says the bandits probably stole them. A few moments later Lee finds a video recorder, which Danny/Justin tells Lee to let him see it. Lee states that the batteries are dead and not to worry about it. Lee then checks the tent, in which he finds two sleeping bags, one kid sized, inside the tent. He then finds Clementine's hat, as a bandit, by the name of Jolene, has snuck into the bandit's camp. She tells the two men to drop their weapons, or she will shoot.

Jolene then tells them about the St. John brothers are dangerous and that the bandits too, she then leaves. Once arriving back at the dairy, Danny/Justin tells Brenda that nothing happened. Kenny and Lilly begin to fight about something, unknown to Lee. Lee then talks to Lilly and she exclaims that Kenny was suspicious of a room in the barn. Lilly thinks that they should just take their dinner and then leave. Lee then enters the barn door to find Katjaa, Duck, Andrew, and Clementine around the farm's cow. Lee gives Clementine her hat back, asking her if anybody suspicious was around the motor inn. Clementine then denies this and says that Lee would make a good dad someday, thanking him for bringing him her hat. Upon inspection of the locked door in the barn, Kenny arrives and says that he thinks something is up on the other side of the door. Lee and Kenny both agree to find out a way to open the barn door, noticing that a screwdriver is needed to pry the door open.

Andrew notices this and exclaims to the two to not mess around with the door. Thinking that he needs to be distracted, Lee picks up a multi-tool from a toolbox and shuts off the generator. Andrew comes out of the barn, not knowing what happened, and tries to fix it. Upon arriving inside the barn with the multi-tool, the dinner bell rings. Everybody rushes to the farmhouse. Kenny exclaims that he will make an excuse for him if he can see what the other side of the barn door holds, at this point the player can choose to either open the door or just leave for dinner.

If the barn door is pried, Lee is shocked. The entire room is filled with blood and torture devices. Andrew sneaks up on Lee and exclaims that the devices were used to skin animals. Hungry, Lee refuses to argue and the two head to the house for dinner. Upon arriving inside the house, Andrew exclaims that a lone walker got into the house awhile ago and that the hallway is barricaded from that incident. With everybody at the dinner table waiting, Lee asks where the bathroom is. Brenda exclaims that it is down the hall.

Lee goes upstairs and finds many unusual items, such as a bottle of morphine and blood stains on the floor. He turns on a power switch, which lights up a room connected to the bedroom. The room is blocked by a set of bookshelves. He moves it and opens the door. To his shock, he finds David/Travis with his legs cut off and blood on his entire body. Lee asks David/Travis what happened and David/Travis weakly replies that the brothers skinned his legs and that is what they are having for dinner. Lee rushes down into the dinner room, and sees everybody about to eat. Lee yells at Clementine to not take a single bite, much to the others confusion. Lee exclaims that the farm is a human slaughterhouse and that David/Travis is upstairs, legless. Not denying it, Brenda claims that while growing up in rural Georgia, they were taught to not waste a thing. Daniel exclaims that David would have died anyway. Lee tells Clementine to run, Kenny to grab his gun, or Lilly to grab a knife, but Andrew and Daniel pull their weapons out and Andrew grabs Clementine. At this moment, David/Travis falls down the stairs and crawls all the way to the dinner table. Daniel then hits Lee with the butt of his rifle, causing him to black out.

Lee awakens inside of a meat locker, with everyone except Duck and Katjaa. He asks Larry, who is pounding on the locked door, to calm down. Larry threatens to tell everyone who Lee really is, so Lee backs down. While trying to find a way out of the room, Larry seems to have a heart attack over all the stress the situation has brought.

Lilly runs over and tries to revive her father, while Kenny believes that Larry is already dead, and in a moment, may return as walker. At this point Lee must choose to either help bring Larry back to life, or to help kill him for the group's safety. If Lee does nothing, Kenny will push Lee to the ground calling him useless. The relationship between Kenny and Lee will be the same as if you tried to save Larry. Lily would not hate you for not choosing a side. In the end, Kenny brings a salt lick over and crushes Larry's skull in. Depending on Lee's actions, the relationships between the characters may alter. Kenny states that they need to hurry and get out of the room to save Katjaa and Duck, and Lilly says he only cares for his family, and none of the other survivors.

Lee, using coins from Larry's pocket, unscrews the air conditioner in the room, and sends Clementine through the vent. A few moments later she opens the door. Kenny,Danny/Justin and Lee leave while Clementine stays with Lilly to comfort her in mourning her father. Lee grabs a weapon from the skinning room, and they attempt to sneak up on Daniel, who is guarding the barn. Andrew comes over and talks to Daniel, so Lee and Kenny hide in a stall. Andrew tells Daniel to bring all but one in to butcher and package as meat. Andrew leaves, and Daniel pulls out a bear trap that looks similar to the one David was stuck in, and places it in front of the barn door.

When Lee peeks his head out to look, he finds himself staring down the barrel of Danny's rifle. Lee grabs it and moves it to the side, just as Daniel shoots. Lee hits Daniel once with his weapon, and Kenny/Lilly then stabs him. Daniel backs up and gets caught in his own bear trap. Lee grabs a pitchfork, and Daniel tells him not to kill him, but keep him alive so they can eat him. Lee can choose to drive the pitchfork into Danny's chest, or into a bale of hay, angrily exclaiming "This is NOT how the world works now!" Clementine bears witness to either action, changing Lee's relationship with her.

Kenny runs out to try and find Katjaa and Duck, and Lee runs into Carley and Ben. Lee tells them the situation and says they should sneak around the back of the house while Lee takes the front. He then enters the house, and finds Brenda holding Katjaa hostage. He asks her questions, why it came to eating other human beings to survive, what would her husband think, and she backs up. Lee keeps walking slowly to her, seeing David/Travis, now a walker, upstairs, struggling with the railing. Brenda ends up walking back into David/Travis' outstretched arms, in which he pulls her towards him and takes a bite. Katjaa and Lee run outside to find Kenny, who is yelling at Andrew, who is holding Duck hostage. Kenny makes a move, and is rewarded with a bullet in the side of his stomach. Doug and Carley distracts Andrew for a second, and he accidentally lets Duck go.

Lee rushes in and grabs for the gun. They fight, and in the end Andrew is dragging Lee towards the electric fence. Depending on whether Lee chose to assist in killing Larry or not, two scenarios could occur at this point. If Lee tried to help Lilly with her father, Lilly will shoot at Andrew just before Lee almost gets zapped by the electric fence. If Lee decided to help in killing Larry, Lilly will not take the shot at Andrew and Lee will have to struggle to get himself free from Andrew. Either way, Lee starts beating up on Andrew by either punching him in the face repeatedly or throwing Andrew into the electric fence (depending on how the player is with their button mashing skills). Eventually, Lee starts walking away from the fight. Andrew starts antagonizing Lee by saying that he "ain't shit" and encourages Lee to finish out the fight, which is ultimately Lee's choice.

After the decision to keep Andrew alive or not, the farm gets overrun with walkers. Lee and the group decide to head back to the motor inn. On the way back, everyone is mainly quiet after the onslaught of things that happened back at the farm. Doug and Carley explains to Lee that they should have been there sooner, to which Lee agrees. Kenny wants a word in private with Lee. Based on the decision to help Kenny kill Larry or not, Kenny's relationship with Lee either grows stronger, and wants Lee and Clementine to come to the coast with his family, or his relationship with Lee grows weaker, with him saying that they should stay out of each other's way for a while. Clementine asks Lee if what he did was right back at the dairy, to which Lee assures her.

Duck then hears a noise. Everyone creeps up on the noise, to which they find an abandoned car. The car is full of food and supplies, to everyone's amazement. Clementine, Ben and Lilly agree that the food is not theirs. Lee then agrees with their decision or not, which affects his relationship with Clementine. Katjaa finds a red hoodie in the car that looks to be Clementine's size. Clementine declines to wear it, but based on how Lee chooses previously, she either does not accept the hoodie or is forced to keep it by Lee.

Carley finds batteries in one of the boxes and gives them to Lee to use with the camcorder. To their shock, the camcorder shows a video of Jolene filming the group's stay in the motor inn, particularly focusing on Clementine, saying that she needs a mother to look after her. It is assumed for this reason why she took Clementine's hat. Jolene then says that the real danger in this new world is the humans, not the walkers, stating that as long as they get food from the dairy (which is now overrun with zombies) Clementine will be safe. The bandits then find Jolene. She then addresses several of the bandits by name, cursing them and calling them, "rapist monsters", before the camera blacks out, ending the episode.

"Road to Savannah"

A week after the events of "Starved For Help", the survivors continue to use the Travelier Motel for shelter, now that they have obtained more supplies from the back of an abandoned car. Lee and Kenny procure the last of the supplies from the town of Macon. While Lee is having a second go at climbing up a ladder, he hears a girl screaming whom he thought was a walker at first. The girl ends up bitten before they could help her and Lee wants to put her out of her misery. Kenny then tries to convince Lee to let her live, buying them time.

Shoot her: Lee shoots her directly in the head, killing her instantly. Kenny is frustrated, picking Leeup and heads for the store, Walkers pursuing them. Choosing this option means Lee will have less time to get supplies.

Take too long/Miss/Leave her: Lee abandons the girl or Kenny forces him to, picking him up and heads to the store, no Walkers in sight. Beatrice's screams will buy them more time to get enough or all of the supplies.

Lee is attacked just as they are escaping the drugstore, a door collapsing on him. Depending on his relationship with Kenny, Kenny will either lift the door and fight off the walkers or attempt to leave Lee. Lee makes it out regardless, scolding Kenny or thanking him depending on the result.

Once back the pair head straight to Lily. While passing her the supplies and returning their guns, Kenny jokes that Ben being on watch is death sentence, Lily not taking too fondly to the remark. Depending on how many items Lee has gotten, (from little to full supplies) Lilly will be angered because of the shortage of supplies, or relieved by the good amounts of medicine. Once again, Kenny brings up his wish to leave the Motor Inn now that he has gotten the RV working, leading to another bitter argument between him and Lilly. Lee tries to either stay neutral, convince Lily he and Kenny have nothing against her or tries to make Kenny leave Lily be.

She brings up her contention that someone is stealing from the group's medicine supply, and mentions that her trust in the others is wearing thin. Lee decides to look into the matter of the pilfering, aided by Duck. During this time, the player has the option to tell all the survivors about Lee's past after a conversation with Carley . His investigation leads him to a ventilation shaft outside the motel, inside which a bag with the missing drugs is found.

While Lee reports back to Lilly, the motel is attacked by the Save-Lots Bandits, including Jolene. The situation quickly escalates once Danny/Justin is killed and turns into a frantic firefight between the bandits and survivors. A large group of Walkers is attracted by the noise, and the survivors, realizing that the motel is lost, manage to escape in the RV. It is revealed that the bandits attacked because they "didn't get their meds," implying that the bag Lee took from the shaft was a delivery made by a member of the group. Lilly accuses Ben and Irene/Mark of being traitors and making a deal with the bandits for supplies. The argument escalates throughout the RV ride and reaches its peak when Kenny is dealing with a Walker that is stuck under the RV. Mark argues with a paranoid Lilly and supports Ben's statement of innocence. Lee tries to keep the peace, make Ben confess, or claims he stole the supplies (Lily knows he's lying, knowing Lee wouldn't having taken care of Clementine). If Irene survived "A New Day" Lilly draws her gun when the women is distracted and shoots her in the head mercilessly. If Irene doesn't survives "A New Day", Lilly tries to shoot Ben, but Mark pulls him out of the way and a zombified Irene gets shot in the distance. There is a brief silence as everyone stares in horror at Lily. Either way, Lee grabs Lily and forces her against the RV, slamming her arm against it to make her release the gun. The group is in utter shock about Lily's action, Kenny making Katjaa keep Duck from the windows, and Ben hesitantly asking what they should do with Lily while Clementine sobs as she looks at the results of Lily's murder. Lee now has a choice to make.

Let Lilly back on the RV: Lee slowly lets Lily go, telling her to get on the RV. If Lee didn't tell Kenny about his past, Lily will reveal it to him, creating distrust between the two.

Do nothing or refuse Lily reentry: Lee refuses to let Lily back on or Kenny enforces that choice himself, dubbing her a murderer thus a detriment to the group. Lee releases her, picking up the gun and states that he doesn't care what happens to Lily. The women panics, trying to make them see that Lee is a killer but is allowed to stay; as is Kenny. If the player told Kenny about their past, he briefly argues with Lilly how she would have killed him given the chance and how the past doesn't matter now. Not telling him results in the same anger as in the alternative choice.

The group get on the RV and take off. Lee tells Clementine stories of his brother, mother and of the day they met. The group, now visibly depressed, travels all the way till morning until. Lee falls asleep, but it's shoved in the head by a man,Kenny asks about the stranger and how he got inside the car, but Lee ensures Kenny and Katjaa he will take charge of him, Lee interrogates the man while Kenny keeps driving. After the man revealed his personality, he is allowed by Kenny and Lee to stay in the group, and Lee falls asleep. Lee awakens, visibly shaken, Kenny calling him to front of the RV, slowing to a halt. They are forced to stop due to an abandoned and partially derailed train blocking the road.

While searching the train, Lee finds a makeshift bedroom set up for what seems to be one person in the one undamaged boxcar. In the locomotive the group finds that the train's engine is still running and are slightly elated, thinking they'll have amazing transportation if they can start it. If Lee chose to bring Lilly, she will steal the RV when everyone is outside, and drive away. After Lee detaches the train from its damaged cars and starts the engine after finding a list of instructions, the group is surprised by Charles, a homeless man who has been living in the train. He instantly befriends the group and decides to join them as they board the train.

The group leaves on the train. Leland, the new member of the group reveals to Lee that he was the traitor, and explains that he was giving the bandits drugs in exchange for the life of a friend they claimed to be holding hostage; Lee can then choose to be understanding or threatening, and tells Leland that he should probably refrain from telling others. Chuck advises Lee to teach Clementine how to shoot, implying that he has seen the death of another girl her age who was unprepared for the dangers the walkers present. Lee takes his advice and starts to teach Clementine to shoot, cuts her hair shorter, and starts to talk about a plan when they eventually reach Savannah.

Shortly after, the train is brought to a stop as the track is blocked by a petroleum tank truck, hanging from a damaged bridge up above. As the survivors briefly argue over what to do now, they are met by Omid, Samuel and Christa, three survivors from San Francisco who had been on a road trip at the start of the outbreak. Omid is excited and happy to meet other living people, especially a kid, but Christa is cautious and skeptical, believing that moving in large groups causes problems, Samuel mentions being looking for a safe-zone with his friends, but some marauders killed them and he was the only one to be still alive. Lee convinces them to meet the group and help them get rid of the hanging tanker. He can also tell them about one of the group to further gain trust.

While Omid, Samuel and Christa talk with the group, Lee decides to scout out the nearby freight-station for tools to remove the tanker, and lets Clementine tag along. Luck has it that they find a blowtorch, but unfortunately they also come across three walkers occupying the station, and they barely avoid getting bitten, though they work together well enough to kill them. Christa hears the noise from the fight, comes in and scolds Lee for putting Clementine in danger. Lee can either scold her back or be honest with her.

Back on the bridge, Lee starts cutting the coupling to the tanker with the blowtorch, but runs into complications as it slides out of his reach. Instead, he opts to dangle Omid over the gap to finish the job, much to the latter's discomfort.Ben spots a massive zombie herd heading toward the group, and they must leave, as Omid finally cuts the coupling. The truck damages the ladder leading to the bridge and Omid and Lee cannot get down. Lee may or may not kick the lit blowtorch onto the spilling gas, (depending on the player's choice) making a small barrier of fire to buy time. They move to the other side and jump onto the train, with Omid having a bad landing and falling off, badly injuring his leg. Lee gets on the train and Christa gets off to help Omid. Lee now helps either Omid or Christa to get on the train, and both panic at the prospect of the other getting left behind, but both manage to get on the train regardless.

Later in the day, Lee is driving the train, with Clementine sleeping next to him. He notices a drawing Clementine drew. Kenny comes in, appearing a bit more stable, and talks with Lee on what to do when they reach Savannah, when Clementine's walkie-talkie, which she had always said was broken, comes on. A man's voice is heard, telling Clementine that he's happy she's coming to Savannah, and that he has her parents, Ed and Diana. The voice then instructs Clementine to find him whether Lee approves or not. Kenny and Lee, who both believed the walkie-talkie was broken, are stunned and wonder who it could be as the train pulls into Savannah.

"Around The Corner"

Roughly four hours after the end of "Road To Savannah", Lee, Kenny, Clementine, Carley, Doug, Katjaa, Duck, Christa, Samuel, Omid, Chuck, and Bonnie's group finally reach the city of Savannah. The next day, they start to walk through the town with Lee hanging on to Clementine's walkie-talkie for any more transmissions from the unnamed man despite Clementine's pleas for it back. After walking a while, Christa will ask to let Omid rest for a bit. Lee can ask Kenny to wait for a while or can have them all keep pressing on. Not much time will pass before the group nears a church and the bell begins to ring. Lee becomes suspicious of the bell ringing at an unusual time and notices a figure running across a roof.

The unknown man speaks through the walkie-talkie warning the group to move out of the street. A large group of walkers will descend on the group. They will try to run, but are forced to fight back. Kenny is tripped by a walker under a car and drops his gun, Lee will need to save him. Kenny comments on the close call, but Lee's attention is drawn to Clementine and Leland being cornered by a group of zombies. Leland freezes in fear and abandons Clementine to save himself leaving Clementine to fend for herself. Lee shoots a number of walkers around her, but a stray walker almost catches Clementine and is killed promptly by Chuck and his trusty shovel. Clementine catches up with Lee and the others, but Chuck is left to fight off the other walkers on his own accord. He yells to the others to move on without him and that he will meet up with them later, Bonnie asks her group to go after Chuck to find him, and only her and Becca goes with the rest of the group.

The group runs off without Chuck,Vince, Russell, Wyatt and Shel, and they manage to hide in the backyard of a mansion that has been thoroughly fortified. Omid trips on the way in, and Christa worries when she sees that his wound has opened up again. The back door as well as the pet door are both locked tight. Omid comments that the pet door is probably electronically locked, and responds to the electronic signal that comes from the animal's collar. Lee finds a small grave next to a doghouse and digs it up, revealing a decomposing dog. Clementine will come to watch as Lee digs up the dog.

Lee tries to take the collar off the dead dog, but can't get it until the dog's head suddenly falls off its body. Christa vomits at the sight of its head falling off. Clementine asks if she is alright, and Christa assures her that it was just the smell that made her sick. Omid begins to question the honesty of her statement and that it might be something else, but she quickly rejects his theory.

Now that Lee has the collar for the door, he unlocks it and says he can't see anything from the pet door (or get the main door open). Ben asks if he can give it a try, but before Lee can answer, Clementine quickly rushes in through the pet door and unlocks it from inside (much to Lee's worry). Christa hurries the group inside to help Omid and carries him onto a couch inside.

Once they are all inside, Christa starts to berate Lee for not telling them that Clementine's walkie-talkie works and that there is someone on the other end of it. Kenny wonders if the one on the radio is the one that rang the bells and drew the walkers toward them. He quickly debases it saying it makes no sense to lure someone into a trap and warn them about it. Kenny and Ben decide to search the second floor of the house and have Lee search the first floor for any dangers. The house is picked clean, save for two bottles of whiskey and a large bag of dog food.

After checking the place out, Kenny finds an emaciated zombie boy that looks like Duck in the attic. Kenny theorizes that he ran out of food and starved to death. Lee and Kenny decide they can't leave him there.

Have Lee kill the child: Lee tells Kenny he doesn't have to do this, proceeding to kill the boy himself (either by bashing, shooting or stomping the boy to death). The pair look over the dead body, Lee taking the corpse to bury, Kenny looking on in despair.

Convince Kenny to kill the child: Lee presents Kenny with his pistol convincing him the boy needs his help like Duck did or that it isn't his son so he can do this. (Determinent) Kenny slowly walks to the boy, glancing wearily back to Lee, before proceeding to execute the boy with a bullet to the head. The scene now plays out as the other choice.

Leave the room: Lee claims they don't have to kill the Walker, making his way out the room. He reaches the bottom, telling a concerned Ben and Christa that it's just a decaying Walker. Christa is angered that Lee left Kenny on his own, heading up to shoot the boy herself, carrying the corpse down for Lee to bury. Unlike the others, this choice negatively impacts Lee and Kenny's friendship.

After his death Lee buries him next to his dog and fill up the grave while Clementine and Duck watches sadly. Lee suddenly sees that someone is watching him from beyond the fence but they run off before he can get a good look at them. Kenny then wants to find a boat and Lee goes with him while Clementine stays behind with the others. A bell tolls from a different location somewhere in the city distracting the walkers in the area. When they reach the river there are no boats except one that has sunk halfway into the water, which Kenny tries in vain to salvage.

Kenny tells Lee to check out the coastline for anymore working boats using a telescope. Lee looks through it but realizes that he needs a quarter to activate it. He searches around and makes a gruesome discovery, a barrier made up of body parts, and several live walkers impaled on spikes, serving as a warning. Lee also finds strange markings on the boarded up doors. Lee pokes around some more, finding cars that have been stripped clean in the process and eventually finds and bashes open a newspaper dispenser, giving him a single quarter. Looking through the telescope reveals nothing useful, until Lee looks at a building to his left and spots somebody skillfully climbing down it. He tells Kenny to get down and they watch as the figure walks over to a newspaper stand with their back to the men. Kenny hastily comes up with a plan; for Lee to sneak up on the person while he covers the flank. Kenny gets into position and Lee sneaks up to the stranger, but finds them to have disappeared.

Overpower them: If the player successfully navigates the action sequence, Lee successfully blocks the attacker's strikes and proceeds to beat them to the ground. Lee ends up on top of the assailant with his pistol pointed at their face. Clementine shows up and temporarily distracts Lee, but he retrains his pistol on the stranger. Lee allows the assailant to get up, slowly.

Refuse/fail to strike back: Alternatively (if the player doesn't search behind the counter, or fails to successfully have Lee defend himself during the action sequence) Lee is struck down to the ground. The stranger is about to kill Lee with an ice axe when Clementine suddenly appears and shouts. This causes the stranger to hesitate and then stand down.

The stranger removes their hood and mask, revealing the mystery person to be a woman. She introduces herself as Molly. Kenny sneaks up on her and prepares to shoot her in the back of the head. Molly hears him and ducks, successfully tripping Kenny, the gun discharging on contact with the ground. Lee exclaims that Kenny is with his group, preventing Molly from retaliating on the now-defenseless Kenny. Molly thinks that you are from Crawford: the town that hides behind the strange warning signs. You learn that Crawford is where all the well-bodied people of the area are now holed up. There are very strict rules in Crawford. Survival of the fittest. Including a strict no children, no elderly, nor anyone with any advanced medical condition policy. The conversation is soon interrupted when the undead approach after hearing the gunshot, filling the street that Lee and Kenny had come from, preventing the group's escape.

Contemplating their next move, Lee and Kenny turn to see Molly making her way up a fire escape within a nearby alleyway. She contemplates on leaving them to fend for themselves, but Clementine beckons to Molly, who changes her mind. Kenny and Clementine are pulled up, but Kenny loses his grip on Lee's hand while trying to pull him up, and Lee falls back into the alley with a large group of walkers quickly closing off the alley. With no alternative, Lee continues down a man-hole, and discovers a sewer cover. Molly throws down her pick for Lee to utilize as a tool to pry the cover free. Lee climbs down just as soon as the walkers reach for him.

In the sewers below Savannah, Lee uses some misdirection to avoid walkers. Along the way, Lee discovers Stephanie's reanimated body, implying she was bitten. Lee eventually makes his way into a fortified basement area of what seems to be a morgue, which appears to be well-stocked with supplies. Unfortunately, the place is also home to a small group of rather paranoid and hostile survivors, who assume Lee is from Crawford, and therefore dangerous.

An older member of the group, Vernon, interrogates Lee at gunpoint, growing evermore twitchy as the conversation continues, and a younger women, Brie, urges him to shoot, again claiming you must be from Crawford. The player has to make several dialogue choices that will either help or hurt negotiations for Lee's life. If the man feels threatened or more suspicious due to a poor choice by the player, Lee is executed. At some point, Lee must make a move to disarm the man, depending on Lee's initial approach the player has to do this slowly or by force.

The group is the last of a cancer support group who fled to the sewers once Crawford's rules began being enforced by Oberson, including the murder of five of the group's members before they could escape. Lee has the option to ask for help getting back to the house where the other members of Lee's group are held up.

While making their way back to the Mansion, a group sended from Crawford appears in the sewrs and, Lee, Vernon and Brie get separated from each other, Lee now must try to either take Vernon and Brie back with him, or escape leaving them, however as Lee, Vernon and Brie (Determinant) woman appears and overpowers them, another man appears and tells her to take them to Crawford, Lee can try to escape but will get knocked uncunscious by a third man.

When Lee wakes up, he finds himself trapped in a room of a building with Vernon and Brie, they will state that Lee is in Crawford. Lee tells them they need to escape from there as Molly previously warned them about Crawford comunity, Vernon alerts Lee of someone getting close as Gabby, the girl who brought them to Crawford forces another small group to enter the room and locks them, they end up being Kenny and the others, Lee is relieved to see them, including Molly, he asks them how they will escape and Molly tells them she has been in Crawford before and knows exactly every hall and every corner, but the members of the community are guarding the doors, Vernon points out he's been in Crawford previously too and knows where the guns are held, Lee then must decide who to help:

Help Molly: Both Lee and Molly escape the room and begin heading towards the armory, however as they're about to enter Molly is shot in the back by Gabby and Lee in the stomach by Zachary, both wake up back in the room.

Help Vernon: Both Lee and Vernon escape the room and begin heading towards the armory, however Vernon is caught by Gabby and Zachary, and Lee can give up himself or attemp to reach it, however he is knocked by Joe, both wake up back in the room.

Gabby tells the survivors that Crawford wants to talk them, and then a man enters the room and tells them they shouldn't have done what they done (attemping escape) and says that now they're on Crawford they'll have to adjust the new rules, but before, to show them they aren't "people to fuck with" he'll have to kill some members of the group, he picks up Kenny, but Katjaa attempts to attack Crawford, he deffends and shoots her, Duck sobs over her body, Gabby, believing Duck would attack her, shoots Duck, Kenny looks at what has been done and emotionally breaks down, then Oberson will take both Carley and Doug, but will look at Lee and allow him to choose who is spared.

Spare Doug: Doug will be brought back to the room and Oberson will take Carley, as he closes the door and lets Gabby and Joe on guard, Carley can be heard begging for her life and screaming when a gushot is heard and Carley's voice is no longer heard, it's assumed she was then killed by Crawford, Lee's face falls.

Spare Carley: Carley is brought back to the room, Doug is taken away as the door closes, outside Doug can be heard scared and begging to Crawford to "don't pull the trigger", however a shot is heard and his voice is no longer heard, Lee's face falls.

Lee seems to move forward after Doug/Carley's death and tells Kenny they must kill the people of Crawford, Kenny seems enraged and tells Lee they must avenge their fallen ones, Lee finds a knife and decides to use it on either Gabby or Joe, after it, Kenny begins beating the other to death and asks what to do next, Kenny insist they must kill all the members of Crawford, Vernon tells Lee he knows where the medical supplies are, Molly says they need to get to the armory again, Lee can choose what to do.

Kill Crawford residents: An small team composed of Lee, Kenny, Ben, Omid, Christa and Samuel proced to head towards the main room where Crawford is, on the way, they find several Crawford residents and Christa, Omid and Ben take charge of them while Kenny, Lee and Samuel still, on the road, Samuel watches from the window an small herd of walkers and alerts Kenny and Lee about it, Kenny decides that Samuel must go down and open the door and let the walkers get in so they'll fastly kill the residents of Crawford, after doing so, Kenny and Lee meet with Leland and Bonnie, they take a look on the door wich has "Crawford" written on it.

Get the supplies: An small team composed of Lee, Bonnie, Shel, Vince, Leland and Doug/Carley heat towards the supplies room, on the way, they find the building has been overrun by an small herd of walkers in the first floor, Vince, Shel and Doug/Carley lead them to the second, third and fourth floors so they'll take charge of  Crawford residents while this happens Bonnie finds a loaded gun and proceds to eliminate the Crawford residents on the way, once they're all settled in, they meet with Kenny and a door with "Crawford" written on it.

As Kenny, Lee, Bonnie and Leland enter the room, they find it is an execution room and find lined and tied up six outsiders about to be executed, among them are Mark and Brie, as a Crawford resident takes a gun and threatens them, Samuel secretly enters the room and warns Lee about how one of the outsiders is his sister, the interrogation man shoots the first cattle, Leland also sneaks up in the room and seems shocked after finding out other of the cattles is his wife, both Leland and Samuel attemp to take down the executioners but are restrained by Kenny or Lee, the second cattle is shot, and after either Samuel or Leland frees will attemp to take down the executioner, he shoots him in the stomach and the released one falls, depending on who was shot, two different scenarios will play.

Samuel was shot: Broke in tears, his sister will inmediately attemp to release herself, she will then choke Cam to death and release all the prisoners, however as she chokes Cam, he accidentaly fires his gun and hits Mark in the chest and Dee in the head.

Leland was shot: Dee, Leland's wife becomes enraged and initially attemps to untie her knots, however, Cam gets the upper hand and shoots all the cattles in the head, except for Sam, and Mark, who he shoots in the chest.

Lee is able to get the upper hand and kills Cam (If he wasn't killed before) or releases the restant cattles (If they're still alive), however Crawford enters the room and is surprised to find everyone has been killed, in this moment the rest of the survivors enter the room and without any alternative, Crawford is shot by Lee.

The walkers attemp to open the door from outside but Brie manages to block it, after seeing the consequences of what has happened Leland reveals he was the one giving the bandits supplies, causing the camp to be overrun, Irene and Justin/Danny deaths and forcing the group to move to Savannah, Kenny seems to see this connected to his wife and son deaths and pulls a gun and asks Lee if he's with him.

Allowing Kenny to shoot Leland: Kenny will say he's sorry for having to do this and shoots Leland on the head.

Disarm Kenny: Kenny will lower his gun.

As the remaining group finds a way out of the building throught the bell tower, however Norma and Zachary will appear from it, however Lee or Kenny will take fast action and shoot them, after they are ready to go, when suddenly Brie is bitten and disembowled by three walkers, the rest of the group runs towards the top of the tower, however while distracted a walker hung in the bell grabs Ben, Lee now must act.

Failure to save Ben/ Let Ben go: If Lee grabs him he'll tell Lee to let him go so he can be used as distraction while they escape, if Lee lest him go or failed previously to save him, Ben will be droped onto his death.

Grab Ben: Ben will be pulled.

Just in time Bonnie's group arrives and begins shooting walkers to buy the group time, Lee asks what will happen to them, but they assure they'll be fine, Lee and the rest of the group escapes.

While climbing down a ladder, Lee passes throught a window in wich he sees a reanimated Mark and Brie making their way towards the bell tower, Vernon asks if the group came Savannah via train and Kenny asks why he asks, as the entire group watches a giant herd of walkers infesting the entire city of Savannah.

Once on the mansion Vernon takes charge of Omid's leg, while Lee and Molly say their goodbyes to each other, after this Vernon and Lee have a talk about Brie's death and Vernon offers to take Clementine with him, Lee can either accept, believing to be too dangerous, or threatening him, whatever is the result he leaves. Lee then goes into the study, where Clementine watches Kenny through the window as he works on the boat. It is then that she begins to ask Lee if they'll have time to look for her parents before they leave on the boat. The player can either lie to her or tell her the truth, but either way she will begin to cry herself to sleep, where Lee will place the walkie-talkie on the arm of the couch and sit down. He soon falls asleep. Lee wakes up to find Clementine is nowhere to be found.

He goes out into the back yard to find her abandoned hat. Seeing the walkie-talkie abandoned next to a garbage can outside the yard, he investigates only to be attacked by a walker that was hiding underneath a board. Before the walker is able to bite Lee, Chuck appears from nowhere and beats the walker, getting bitten in the process at which point the group, consisting of Christa, Omid, Kenny, and Ben (If saved), will come out and question what Lee is doing outside,also seeming surprised by discovering Chuck is still alive along with whose blood is all over him. The player can choose to reveal the bite or conceal it.

Reveal bite: Lee shows everyone, the group shocked and despaired by such, though he asserts Clementine is more important right now. This action guarantees Omid and Christa's help in finding Clementije should Lee ask.

Hide bite: Lee hides the bite by rolling Chuck's sleeve down, brushing off the blood on his shirt being the walker's he just killed. Omid and Christa will now only come if Lee/Clementine helped them earlier.

They will begin to ask Clementine's whereabouts, to which Lee responds that she has been kidnapped, mentioning Vernon's offer. They all believe Vernon is the culprit. The player can choose to go alone on the search for her or ask for help. Christa and Omid will offer to help if the player reveals Chuck's bite to the group, however they will help regardlessly if Clementine is left in the house during the Crawford raid, which Clementine saved Omid from an intruding walker and the couple would desire to return her favor. Kenny will help if the player sides with him in most arguments throughout the game and sticks with him through major decisions (alternatively, the player can choose to respond with "Clementine is my family" if he attempts to deny helping. If the player treated Duck and Katjaa decently before their deaths, Kenny will agree to come along, albeit reluctantly). Ben (if saved) wil give Lee the choice for him coming, but will tag along of his own volition if the player had shown him support throughout the past 2 episodes. Alternatively, if the player mentions that Clementine had always been friendly to him, Ben will come to help. However, can cause backlash for Kenny coming, (only if Lee convinced him to come, rather than let Kenny decide) claiming Lee must choose only one of them. If Lee is polite about Ben coming, then Kenny comes, but will stay regardless is Lee is aggressive with his viewpoint. Lee is also given a second chance to refuse Ben's company as well, Kenny wholely supports.

Lee (and company, based on the player's decisions) then head to the sewer hideout, only to find it completely abandoned. Lee calls out to no avail, and begins to stress himself. Suddenly, a horde of walkers, presumably the same horde from the end of the previous episode, is seen shuffling in the streets. Then the walkie-talkie comes on and Clementine's voice is heard calling Lee. However, it quickly turns to the unnamed man's voice, saying he has Clementine nice and safe, and confirms that he isn't Vernon, and that Lee should choose his next words wisely. Although the game allows you to make a choice on what to say, the game cuts it off with "To be continued".

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