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  Lucas Black
Lucas 901
Actor Colin Farrell
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 40 (Season 5-8)
Occupation Retired U.S Marine
Family {Melanie Cervantes}- Sister
{Brianna Cervantes} - Niece
{Dwayne Cervantes} - Brother-In-Law
{Two Unnamed Brothers}
{Two Unnamed Sisters}
{Unnamed} - Son
Rosita Espinosa - Girlfriend
First Appearance "Remember"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Remember" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"I had a son, too, you know. [...] Lost him a few months in. He was only nine when he was bit. Right on the stomach. Just like your boy. I had him just when I finished up High School. A 19 year old kid with a diploma and a newborn child. I fooled around a bit on my girlfriend, and she didn't want me in his life. So... I accepted that. I didn't want to take care of him anyway. Too much responsibility on my shoulders. Three years later, she called me up and asked me if I wanted to see him... if I could... be the dad I didn't know how to be. So I did... I did my best. We were together up until the world went to shit... I lost her... just a couple days in. And then all I had was my son... and then he... he died. I failed to protect him. When he died, I died. I was crippled. I couldn't pick myself up anymore. Until I did. I found a way to move on. I found a way to heal. Somehow. I moved on. I buried him back in Kentucky, where I lived before all of this. Didn't leave Kentucky until after he died... then Aaron & Eric brought me to Alexandria. I thought it'd all be okay. Then that night... when the Saviors shot grenades into Alexandria... and your boy... led all the people into the sewers -- to safety... and I saw him bitten in the same place my son was bitten... it brought it all back. All those... feelings. All those... regrets... All that... anger and sadness. To see someone who grew up in this world... someone who became a man and someone who suffered so much... to die like that... it drove me crazy. I don't know how I'm still standing.... and I'm afraid... I would've killed Siddiq and you... just to kill Negan. I admire what you're trying to do. You're trying to build some sort of civilization. There's gotta be something after, yeah. But civilization is dead. It died a long time ago. All that matters is survival. Standing together doesn't mean shit. You don't have to say anything... because I already know what you think. Just... wanted to let you know where I stand."
—Lucas to Rick[src]

Lucas Black is a main character and later an antagonist who first appears in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead. He used to live in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, but after the events of Wrath, he relocated to Hilltop, due to him being apart of Maggie, Daryl and Jesus' plot against Rick and Michonne because of the decision to spare Negan.


Owensboro, Kentucky

Lucas lived in Owensboro, Kentucky -- who eventually traveled to Virginia and was found by Aaron, who brought him to Alexandria.


Season 5


Lucas appears at the gate when Rick's group arrives. Soon after, he knocks on the door and wants to take everyones' names. He then joins the supply run group to get to know Glenn, Tara and Noah. Outside the walls, the walker that Aiden, Nicholas & Mickey tied up has disappeared. The walker appears again and Tara tries to grab onto it. Tara looses grip of the skin as it peels off, and Mickey tries to kill the walker but Lucas steps in and Mickey ends up shooting Lucas in the leg. The walker is finally killed by Glenn. Lucas is angry at Mickey for shooting him in the leg and is helped back to Alexandria by him, after Mickey apologizes over and over again to him.


Lucas is seen in the infirmary being treated by Rosita. Rosita asks if Mickey is his son, and he says no, that he only has looked after the kid since near the beginning of the apocalypse.


Lucas appears at the beginning, giving the supply runners good luck and telling Mickey not to use a gun in case of another accident.


While Mickey is working on his car, Lucas goes over to him and asks him about the supply run that cost Aiden and Noah's lives... Lucas subtlety gives Mickey a chance to come clean about what happened, but he doesn't. Lucas angrily grabs a wrench and smacks it against Mickey's knee and assumes that Nicholas, Aiden and Mickey had been leaving people from the start (like the last supply run crew) and says that he's done with him, and then leaves.

Later, Lucas walks over to Glenn and Nicholas who are speaking to one another about Noah. Lucas asks if there's a problem, and Glenn walks off. Lucas tells Nicholas to keep his cool and to knock it off, as something big could happen if the word got out that Nicholas & Mickey left Noah behind.


Lucas appears at the gate letting Gabriel out. Lucas is present at the meeting that debates whether or not to kick Rick out.

Season 6

"First Time Again"

In a flashback, Lucas appears in the house when Rick first proposes the plan. Lucas is on watch duty so he is excluded from the plan. Mickey goes over to him as he is working, Mickey seems to have distrust for Rick and Lucas says that he gets shit done and doesn't mind Rick calling the shots. Mickey leaves after Lucas makes it clear that he doesn't want Mickey talking to him.

Later, Lucas is speaking with Olivia, Tobin, Spencer and Carter. Carter debates killing Rick, in fear of him killing them. Lucas immediately disagrees and yells at Carter when he points a gun at Eugene. It's all stopped once Rick enters the room.


Lucas appears defending Alexandria, he tries to save a woman named Sharon but he is forced to mercy-kill her. Lucas and Mickey run into Maggie. Eventually, a wolf runs into the three of them. Mickey is killed saving Lucas and Lucas brings him to the infirmary, but it's too late.


Lucas listens to the speeches from Rick and Aaron, and then sees Lucas enter the armory with gear. Lucas offers to go with her since she isn't convinced to stay in Alexandria. Eventually in the sewers, they go back after Maggie reveals that she is pregnant. He and Maggie wash Glenn and Nicholas' names off the walls.

"Heads Up"

Lucas is digging a grave for Mickey further away from the graveyard. He claims he's doing it because there's way too many bodies over in the graveyard. He reminisces about Mickey to Rick and how Mickey always looked up to him and that he never knew why. Later, he appears running with Rick, when Spencer climbs on a wire. Lucas, Morgan, Tobin and Rick pull him up after the wire snaps. Lucas tells him that he parked a car against a wall, and Spencer says that he didn't know about it.

"Start to Finish"

Lucas helps Maggie get on top of the small watch tower, he nearly dies in the process. Then he takes off once she is safe.

"No Way Out"

Lucas appears in the infirmary after Denise enters. Lucas helps get Carl ready to get treated, Rick goes outside to fight the walkers and soon Lucas, Heath, Aaron, Michonne and Spencer join in. He appears at the end of the episode, talking with Glenn and Maggie.

"Knots Untie"

Lucas first appears in this episode showing up at Rick's house with a gun, pointed at Jesus. He witnesses Michonne and Rick together but doesn't say anything. He is there listening to Jesus tell Rick about his community but does not speak during the conversation. He tells Rick that he will go to the Hilltop with him and they hit the road. He is in the RV trying to get some rest while they drive to the Hilltop.

When the group comes across the crash, they go inside the place and rescue the survivors of the crash. Once they arrive at the Hilltop, he is seen giving a dirty look to Gregory and follows the rest of the group to get 'cleaned up'. He is later seen when Ethan returns to deliver a message to Gregory and stabs him. Rick knocks Ethan down and punches him repeatedly. Andy tries to pull Rick off but Abraham tackles him but ends up getting knocked to the ground by Andy, and Andy chokes Abraham until Daryl pulls him off. Lucas punches Marco multiple times until his face is very bruised and Lucas' hands are very bloody. He eventually stops and tries to offer his hand, but Marco slaps it away. He then witnesses Rick stabbing Ethan in the neck, and then standing up and saying 'What?'

He is seen in the RV later when they head back to Alexandria. He smiles when he sees the picture of Maggie's unborn child and pats Glenn on the shoulder as if saying 'congratulations'.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

Lucas first appears in this episode in the church while Rick is giving his speech about going after the Saviors. He clearly disagrees with Morgan's alternate solution, but doesn't say anything out loud. He goes with Rick to ambush the Saviors. He talks with Rosita and Carol about Morgan keeping the Wolf hostage two months ago. Rosita and Lucas say they won't tell anyone. He joins the group when they kill the two saviors in the front and then go inside. He kills several Saviors in their sleep and when the alarm goes off, he helps cover Rick and Daryl. Once they exit Negan's base, he says goodbye to Heath & Tara and talks with Rosita to see if she is alright. When the man on Daryl's motorcycle rides out, Rosita shoots him and Daryl tackles him and punches him a couple times then questions where he got the bike. A voice on the radio orders them to lower their guns, and that they have Carol and Maggie.

"The Same Boat"

Lucas first appears with Rick and the group holding Primo hostage while Maggie & Carol are being held hostage as well.

"Twice as Far"

He sees that Daryl, Rosita and Denise are on a run, he offers to tag along and Daryl accepts. They are forced to exit the car when they come across a tree, Daryl refuses to take the tracks and goes another route, which Rosita says is Twice as far, and then Daryl tells her to go whichever way she likes. Rosita follows the tracks while Denise follows Daryl, Lucas is annoyed by the splitting up but he goes with Rosita so she at least has someone to watch her back.

Lucas and Rosita debate about whether or not the Saviors deserved what they got, and both of them are unsure. Later, they meet up with Daryl and Denise then they continue their journey to the medicine place. While they are walking, Lucas learns about how Daryl got his crossbow and bike stolen by a man in the burnt forest. Lucas tells him that they've all made that mistake once or twice. They arrive at the place soon after, Daryl and Rosita make sure the place is clear while Lucas stays out with Denise. They then go inside after its clear and Daryl, Rosita and Denise take everything in the store and Denise discovers a room which its insides spook her and she runs outside.

After that, they head back to Alexandria with everything that they needed, Daryl decides to take the tracks this time. While traveling on the tracks, Denise discovers a car with a cooler inside. She says she wants to get it but the three of them say it isn't worth it. They continue on but Denise stays behind, opening the door and trying to kill the walker. She eventually does after tumbling with it a bit and then Daryl seems angry about her risking her life for a can of soda. Denise then gets angry when Rosita asks if she is seriously that stupid and Denise tells Rosita and Daryl that they are both really good people until her words are cut short when she is hit in the back of the head by a crossbow bolt. The killer is revealed to be Dwight, who appears with a half-burned face, the three of them are ordered to drop their guns, due to them having Eugene as a hostage. Dwight complains that the crossbow kicks like a bitch and says that he wasn't aiming for Denise, but implying that he was aiming for Daryl. Lucas insults Dwight saying that crossbows don't kick and that he is a shitty marksman. Dwight seems amused and then orders Norman, a fellow Savior to shoot Lucas in the throat if he speaks again. Dwight then says that Daryl, Rosita and Lucas need to tell Dwight where their community is located or else they will kill Eugene, Rosita, Lucas and then Daryl. Dwight then asks what their decision is, and Eugene says that if they are going to kill someone, kill their companion hiding behind the oil barrels, Eugene claims that he deserves it so much better than those four. This serves as a distraction, so a fight ensues. Lucas shoots one in the stomach,and kills another one, then shoots Norman in the shoulder. The one he shot in the stomach is finished off by Daryl, and then once the Saviors start retreating, Lucas gets up and kills another one by shooting him right in the head. Eugene is revealed to be shot. Abraham, Rosita and Daryl pick him up to bring him back to Alexandria while Lucas picks up Denise's body to be buried back at Alexandria.


Lucas first appears talking with Glenn, Michonne and Maggie. They witness Daryl taking off and go after him, and Rosita tags along. Lucas, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita find Daryl's bike. Lucas tells Glenn that Daryl's pissed and that he can't be convinced to come back. They find Daryl after Daryl nearly shoots Rosita in the head, Rosita yells at him to watch where he fires that thing and Glenn tries to convince him. He fails, and Glenn, Lucas and Michonne head back while Rosita goes with Daryl.

Glenn, Lucas and Michonne are kidnapped by Dwight and the Saviors. Soon after, Daryl is shot in the shoulder by Dwight.

"Last Day on Earth"

Lucas first appears when Dwight opens the van and forces them to kneel down. After Glenn jumps out at Negan when he threatens to put Maggie "out of her misery", Lucas tells him to shut up for his own safety, and Negan "appreciates" the help. He is present when Negan kills the unknown survivor of Rick's group.

Season 7

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

Lucas first appears on his knees to the right of Michonne, and to the left of Daryl. He witnesses Abraham being killed by Negan, after Negan shows the bloody bat covered in Abraham's blood, Daryl jumps up and punches Negan in the face. Lucas assists him and attacks a Savior, and ends up biting off Norman's ear. He is grabbed by other Saviors. Negan voices how he disproves of that kind of behavior and kills Glenn. Lucas gets up but is immediately pulled back on the ground. He is held down and watches as Negan brutally murders Glenn.

He is later seen after Negan returns Rick to the group, still traumatized over the death of Abraham & Glenn. He looks at Maggie, feeling immense pain for her. Negan then orders Dwight to load up Daryl and Lucas.

"The Cell"

Lucas first appears sitting in a cell naked and is served a dog-food sandwich by Norman, who throws it on the ground so Lucas is forced to pick it up and eat it, despite having been on the ground. He seems amused that it is dog food. Later, he is seen in his cell kicking the door when EASY STREET plays. Norman enters to shut him up and violently beats him.

Lucas is brought to the infirmary where he meets up with Daryl. Norman orders him not to talk to him, but Lucas taunts Norman and then Lucas is knocked to the ground by him. Later, he is back in his cell being forced to listen to Easy Street. It is clearly driving him mad. Negan enters and Dwayne, Lucas' brother-in-law shows himself and the two are reunited. Dwayne tries to get him to become a Savior, without torturing him, but Lucas automatically declines. Lucas thinks of him as a changed man and refuses to speak to him.

Later, Lucas is taken out of his cell by Dwayne and the two go into a different room to talk. Dwayne reveals how he got separated from Lucas, and Lucas reveals what happened to his sister and his niece to Dwayne, and also reveals that he had a daughter and a wife who had died. Dwayne again tells him that becoming a Savior is his best chance of survival. Lucas finds a hammer and bashes Dwayne's brains in, and is forced to leave the Sanctuary without Daryl, but feels sorry to leave him behind.

"Go Getters"

Lucas passes out while walking on the road. He is picked up by Marco who brings him to the Hilltop. Once he arrives at the Hilltop, he is put in a bed in the infirmary to heal up. When he wakes up, Maggie is sitting there. The two catch up and then he meets up with Sasha and Jesus, who gives him new clothes to replace the clothing given to him by the Saviors. Lucas explains how he escaped the Sanctuary. Later, Lucas helps take out walkers when the Saviors play music in the Hilltop.

The next day, Lucas is with Sasha, Maggie and Jesus when they go speak to Gregory about them staying. When the Saviors enter the Hilltop, Lucas, Maggie and Sasha are put into a closet to hide. He calls Gregory a piece of shit after the Saviors leave, clearly upset that Gregory was thinking of giving them up to the Saviors. Later, Maggie sees Lucas preparing to leave after reuniting with Enid. She tries to get him to stay, but Lucas refuses and says that he has to get Daryl out of the Sanctuary, but realizes that doing so is a suicide mission and Maggie tells him that he could get captured once again. Lucas says that he knows that but he has to try. Lucas and Maggie hug and then Lucas leaves, and Marco opens the gate for him to leave, before they somewhat make up for all the conflict between the two of them.

"Hearts Still Beating"

Lucas appears with Jesus, and the two of them witness Daryl bashing in Fat Joey's brains in with a metal pipe. They leave the Sanctuary on bikes. Later, he shows up with Daryl and Jesus, reuniting with the rest of the group. Rosita and Lucas hug, and Lucas nods to Rick and Michonne. He joins the group, walking up to the Barrington House.

"Rock in the Road"

Lucas first appears in the Barrington House, arguing with the rest of the group against Gregory. He refuses to aid Alexandria, but other members of the Hilltop are convinced to fight against the Saviors. They begin to leave the Hilltop, Lucas expresses his disbelief that they will find more people to join the fight. Lucas accompanies them to the Kingdom, and on the way there he is brought up to speed of what happened at Alexandria while he was held hostage at the Sanctuary and was at the Hilltop. Rosita tells him about Spencer and Olivia's death, and Lucas basically scolds her for trying to kill Negan, but promises that he doesn't mean to say it in a hurtful way, only that he wants to make her understand.

Later, when meeting with the King, he speaks "out of turn" multiple times, clearly getting annoyed by Ezekiel and his theatrics. He eventually quiets down after Rick orders him to. He very clearly voices his opinion on fighting the Saviors, and questions whether or not Morgan would feel the same way if he was present when Glenn and Abraham were murdered.

After that, he stays at the Kingdom with Daryl, but is founded later when Rick, Tara, Michonne, Aaron and Rosita come across him scavenging through a wrecked car on the road. He reveals he was scavenging for the Hilltop and that he snuck out of the Kingdom. He then joins them to look for Gabriel, and he is present when the strangers surround the group.

"New Best Friends"

Lucas first appears and listens to Rick talking to the Scavengers. When Jadis refuses Rick's offer, Lucas attacks a Scavenger and beats him until Gabriel holds one of them by the throat with a knife. Rick is shown 'Up Up Up' and Lucas witnesses Rick being thrown into a junkyard pit and witnesses his fight with Winston. Later, Lucas tells the others that he can't go back to Alexandria due to the Saviors looking for him, so he offers to go with Rosita. Soon after, Lucas tells Rick that if he finds guns, he'll find a way to send them to Rick, but Rick tells him to send guns to Alexandria, but anything else to the Hilltop. Lucas agrees.

"Something They Need"

Lucas first appears getting ready for the trip to Oceanside with the group. He offers Michonne advice about using a sniper, informing her that he used to be in the Marines and used a sniper as a weapon primarily. Once Rick helps her to climb the tree, Lucas and Rick talk about how they were wrong about the Saviors, that they underestimated them. Lucas participates in the siege of Oceanside, and then heads back to Alexandria with the rest of the group and sees Dwight in the cell, and doesn't believe that he wants to help kill Negan.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Lucas first appears when Rick is interrogating Dwight. Lucas says that keeping Dwight alive could help them defeat Negan and the Saviors. Later, he is the graveyard, thinking about how Dwight killed Denise, and that he can't accept that he would be willing to help. Lucas tells Rosita who comes up to him that he couldn't let Dwight help if he had killed Rosita or Daryl instead. Rosita says that it doesn't matter who kills Negan, that it only matters if he's killed. Lucas asks why she had to be the one who had to shoot Negan back when Spencer was killed. Before the battle begins, Tara asks if Dwight was sorry about killing Denise. Lucas said when he did it, he wasn't, but he's unsure if he's sorry as of the current time. He seems angry when Eugene says that he is Negan. Lucas witnesses a zombified Sasha attack Negan, he runs into Valentine and ends up using his body as a shield when Norman arrives, and Norman shoots Valentine several times. Norman and Lucas brawl, and eventually Norman gains the upper hand. Rosita ends up killing him by stabbing him in the neck. Lucas shoots Valentine in the head to finally kill him. Lucas helps Rosita to the infirmary after getting shot by Norman, then participates in the battle. Later, he is seen attending Sasha's funeral and holding Rosita's hand and kissing her on the forehead while she is resting in the infirmary.

Season 8


Lucas slits the throat of a Savior to knock off the list of Saviors to take out in order for Rick's plan to begin. Later, he appears with Carol, Daryl, Morgan and Tara. Morgan sets the cars to blow. While Daryl is ready to shoot the bombs to attract the herd to the Sanctuary, Lucas says "Godspeed, Dixon" and heads off with Tara and Morgan.

"The Damned"

Lucas is with Aaron, Eric, Scott, Francine, Tobin and several others at attacking a Savior outpost. He kills 6 Saviors. Later, he witnesses Francine getting killed, then he provides cover fire for Aaron as he gets Eric to safety.


Lucas takes part in the plan to trap the Saviors, and later gets Aaron after Eric has reanimated and walked away. Lucas offers to take care of the zombified Eric and tells Aaron to go back.

"Some Guy"

Lucas is in a car with Rick as him and Daryl chase after the truck with the guns. Daryl is shot at and ends up falling off his motorcycle. Lucas tells Rick to get the car on the other side of the truck, and the car's engine is shot at. Rick ends up getting the car over there, then Lucas jumps over Rick and lands into the truck. He stabs the driver in the stomach, then ends up pushing him out, the truck then drives against the fence and crashes through. Daryl and Rick go over to find Lucas, and he is seen coughing, he crawls up "Hey." Rick & Daryl help them up. Daryl tells him that he looks like shit, and Lucas just nods, "Thanks". Rick says that they should just go find out if the driver is still alive.

"The Big Scary U"

Lucas appears sitting next to the car and learns of the Kingdom army's fate with Rick & Daryl. Later, Rick gives Lucas a bottle of water to 'clean his hands' but instead he pours it over his head and drinks some of it, and claims there's no point in cleaning his bloody hands as they're only going to get bloodier. He asks Rick if he ever sees things that aren't there, Rick is confused by the random question and Lucas just tells him to forget it. Later, Lucas runs over to Rick & Daryl during their fight, pulling Daryl off of Rick and then getting into a little brawl with him as well. Rick notices flames near the truck and he gets Lucas and Daryl moving away from it, and then it explodes.

Shortly after, Lucas tries to make amends with Daryl, but he doesn't seem to be interested. Lucas walks off, calling him an asshole under his breath. Daryl drives off with his motorcycle while Lucas and Rick make their way to Jadis' group. Lucas voices his disapproval of meeting with the Scavengers but says that he's with Rick because it's better to go with him rather than Rick going alone. Rick appreciates it. On the way there, they notice a helicopter and the two of them exchange looks -- completely stunned. At the end of the episode, Lucas and Rick are seen walking towards the Scavengers' home base through the binoculars of one of the Scavengers.

"The King, the Widow and Rick"

Lucas and Rick are brought in to meet Jadis and her group. They both negotiate for them to join the Militia. Jadis ends up declining and they are both put in separate containers and are tied up, and stripped naked. At the end of the episode, Rick is in his boxers, looking out of the container through a hole and glances at Jadis walking away, and he also sees the other container. The scene transitions to see Lucas in his boxers, clearly not happy with being held captive.

"Time for After"

Lucas first appears freaking out while he is locked up and tied up in a container. He has quick flashbacks of being in a Cell back at Sanctuary. Norman and Dwayne are briefly shown, but in quick flashes. Later, Rick is brought up to fight a walker, and Lucas is there to watch. There is a gun to Lucas' head, as some sort of pressure to Rick. While Rick uses the walker to fight against the other Scavengers, Lucas ends up smacking a Scavenger with his hands, even though they are tied. He ends up getting a Scavenger in a headlock while Rick had Jadis' face close to the walker head. Jadis agrees to a deal and Lucas lets go of the Scavenger. He leaves the Scavengers base with Rick and stands by while Rick goes up the ladder to look at the Sanctuary.

"How It's Gotta Be"

Lucas appears with Rick and the Scavengers, and gets ambushed. Lucas and Rick are picked up by Carol & Jerry. Later, Rick is driving a car, as is Carol, Jerry and Lucas. Lucas is absent throughout the episode until he appears near the end, and he has a fight with a Savior, he ends up killing him brutally and then finds Rick & Michonne later. The three of them enter the sewer and Lucas finds Rosita, and the two of them share a hug and a kiss while Rick & Michonne go find Carl.


Lucas appears in the sewer in the aftermath of the assault on Alexandria. He suggests getting Carl to the Hilltop, but Rick & Michonne decide to keep him in Alexandria. Lucas leaves with the Alexandrians, and with Dwight, Daryl, Tara, and Rosita. Lucas seems sad to see Carl die.

"Dead or Alive Or"

Lucas is leading the Alexandrians to the Hilltop along with Daryl, Rosita, Tara and Dwight. When Tara throws a walker towards Dwight, Lucas angrily grabs a hold of the walker and kills it, saving Dwight. He glares at Tara afterwards, who looks back at him blankly. Dwight thanks him for saving him, but Lucas just tells him to shut up, showing that he still has hatred for Dwight but understands how useful he can be. Lucas sides with Dwight when he pushes the idea to go into the swamp, that Tara, of course, disapproves of. Lucas stays back while Siddiq, Daryl and Rosita head forward into the swamps, right after Tara volunteers to stay behind. Lucas checks on Daryl, Siddiq and Rosita's progress and while he does that, Tara leads Dwight into the woods. Lucas runs after them and Lucas saves Dwight's life again, and tells Tara that Denise is dead and gone and that she needs to move past it. A few Saviors show up and Dwight reveals himself to save both Lucas and Tara and leads them away from the swamps. Lucas and the others arrive at Hilltop, and Lucas seems apologetic when Maggie & Enid hear the news of Carl's death.

"The Key"

Lucas appears with Enid, Michonne, Rosita, and Maggie when they discover a basket with a note about "The Key to the Future" outside of the Hilltop. Lucas is a little annoyed by how vague the note is, and considers it not worth the risk. Lucas offers to scout it alone and seems adamant in going alone, but is eventually convinced to accompany them. When they meet with Georgie, Hilda, and Midge, Lucas seems annoyed by how these new people act and he takes a look at their van, and suggests that they take what they have. Back at the Hilltop, he still holds the same opinion and is a little angered when Maggie is convinced not to do that, but seems to get over it quickly and he goes to see Rosita.

"Do Not Send Us Astray"

Lucas first appears at the beginning, rubbing his thumb over the 'World Greatest's Dad' pin that he found in the forest in "Dead or Alive Or", looking sad. He tucks it away as soon as it is his turn to continue the signal where they blow the car horns. Lucas later appears with Maggie and the prisoners when Simon arrives at the Hilltop. When the fighting starts, he rushes outside and kills five Saviors. The next morning, Lucas praises Maggie for being a good leader and comforts her when she seems to show regret for luring Negan to the Hilltop after sending the corpse of a Dead Savior. Lucas wakes up in the middle of the night, and fights off several zombies. He yells for people to wake up and almost gets bit while fighting walkers. He witnesses Tobin's corpse and seems a little angered, since he knew Tobin since from when he first arrived at Alexandria. Lucas joins Rick and Daryl when they go meet with Tara. Lucas remarks that he shouldn't have stopped Tara from killing Dwight, now that he is under the impression that Tara is going to die since Dwight shot her with an arrow.

"Still Gotta Mean Something"

Lucas appears inside the Barrington House talking with Maggie, Rosita, Daryl, and Dianne. He goes with Daryl and Rosita to find Eugene.


Lucas captures Eugene with Daryl and Rosita. Lucas is very aggressive towards Eugene and even threatens to cut his throat out and Rosita stops him. Lucas has trouble controlling his anger towards Eugene, but eventually lets up. When Eugene throws up on Rosita, Lucas chases after him while Rosita and Daryl lag behind. Lucas eventually loses him and then goes with Daryl and Rosita to continue looking for him.


Lucas first appears having a scene with Rosita, calling back to their scene in "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life", and then he leaves Hilltop, holding hands with Rosita. He kills a Savior alongside the others during Negan's trap. He takes part in the battle when the Saviors' guns are sabotaged. When Rick tells Siddiq to save Negan, Maggie objects. Lucas objects as well, with anger in his voice, saying that he got Glenn killed and the war isn't over until Negan's dead. Rosita grabs his arm, and gets him to calm down. He later has a few words with Rick, revealing that he had a son that died three months into the apocalypse back in Kentucky, before he joined the Alexandria Safe Zone. Lucas says that he understands that Rick is trying to honor his son, but he says that there is no such thing as civilization anymore and says that he wanted to let Rick know where he stands. He appears with Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl at the Hilltop talking about showing Rick and Michonne that Negan needs to die.

Season 9

Lucas will appear in this season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Lucas has killed:

  • Ten unnamed people
  • Melanie Cervantes (Zombified)
  • Brianna Cervantes (Out of Mercy)
  • 8 Unnamed "Wolves" - S6E2
  • Sharon (Out of Mercy) - S6E2
  • 10 Unnamed Saviors - S6E12
  • 2 Unnamed Saviors - S6E14
  • Glenn Rhee (Caused, Alongside Daryl Dixon) - S7E1
  • Dwayne Cervantes - S7E3
  • 7 Unnamed Saviors - S7E16
  • Valentine - S7E16
  • Unnamed Savior - S8E1
  • 6 Unnamed Saviors - S8E2
  • Eric Raleigh (Zombified) - S8E3
  • Yago (Alive) - S8E4
  • Unnamed Savior - S8E8
  • 5 Unnamed Saviors - S8E13
  • 9 Unnamed Members of the Militia (Zombified) - S8E13
  • Lance - S8E16
  • 2 Unnamed Saviors - S8E16


TV Series

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8




  • In Season 6, Lucas is listed under 'Also Starring'
    • For Season 7, Colin Farrell is added to the list of new series regulars alongside Tom Payne, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Xander Berkeley, Austin Amelio.
    • Colin Farrell remains under 'Also Starring' but is a series regular.
      • In episodes 1-8, he is credited after Austin Nichols
      • In episodes 9-16, he is credited after Ross Marquand
    • For Season 8, Colin Farrell is credited first after 'Also Starring' followed by Austin Amelio
    • For Season 9, Colin Farrell is added to the opening credits.
    • Lucas is one of the three series regulars to appear in every episode in the first half of Season 8, the other two being Rick & Daryl. It is also the first time he has ever been in every-episode of a half-season.
      • Lucas, Rick and Daryl have the most appearances in Season 8, with all of them appearing in 15 episodes
  • Lucas has the most appearances out of any other Alexandria Residents, with a total of 40 appearances.
  • Colin Farrell has appeared on Talking Dead.
    • He appeared on Talking Dead following "Worth" alongside Steven Ogg and Christian Serratos.
  • Colin Farrell made his Walking Dead SDCC Panel Debut on July 20, 2018 alongside Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and other TWD executive producers.
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Jones Family MorganJennyDuane
King County Residents LambertPaulaBillShaneLeon
Atlanta Camp CarolDarylJacksonLouisMikeyAbigailGregJakeMirandaElizaKateAlexanderGlennHeatherAndreaMerleEmmaTheodoreShaneDaleSophiaJacquiAmyEdJim
Nursing Home GuillermoFelipeMiguelAbuelaGilbertJorgeMia
Jenner Family EdwinCandace
Greene Farm MaggieAustinBillyAlecBethIkeHershelJosephineAnnetteShawnArnoldJimmyPatriciaOtisLaceyDuncan
The Living NateMatthewRandallSeanTonyDave
Michonne's Group MichonneMikeTerryAndre
The Prison VinceAxelOscarAndrewTomasBig Tiny
Woodbury MagdielJoshLillyJimAliceJeanetteMcLeodPhilipCaesarShumpertJacobsonOwenErynGregKarenMiltonEricFoster StevensRowanEileenClaireNoahPaulJodyFredGeorgeTroyHaleyPennyWarrenRichardMichaelGargulioCrowleyTim
Military Personnel GainesWellesWilsonBradySeanFranklinCallaway
Prison Newcomers AlexisSashaTraceTyreeseBobLizzieMikaBeckyLukeMollyJulioHenryNorisCalebDavidRyanCharlieChloeRichardsPatrickZachAllenBenDonna
Chambler Family TaraLillyMeghanDavid
Martinez's Group HowardMitchAlishaRossPete
Ford Family AbrahamEllenA.J.Becca
Post-Prison Survivors EugeneRositaGabrielEddieAdam
The Claimers DanBillyHarleyTonyJoeLenLou
Terminus PeterMartinGregTheresaGarethAlbertMikeMaryDanAlexEdward
Grady Memorial Hospital StevenAmandaLicariFrancoMcGinleyPercyBelloTanakaAlvaradoNoahDawnO'DonnellBobJeffriesGormanJoanGavinHanson
Dion Family DavidJaneDreLynn
Alexandria Safe-Zone AaronMarcusMarianneEnidAlexBobBarbaraScott= • LucasAlexaAnnieSiddiqGraceOliverHeathBruceTobinHollyMikeyAnnaKentFrancineRussellOliviaSpencerCassieRogerAdamDanielOrinDeniseDeannaRonJessieSamBetsyTommyMichaelStacyNicholasDavidSturgessBarnesNatalieHollyKayleeErinRichardsShellyCarterPeteRegAidenEric
DC Scavengers RalphAlice
Post-Alexandria Survivors AlexEllieDrakeJeffreyKerryDanielJackJoel
Rameriez's Group RamiriezClyde
The Wolves RileyOwenEdwardAphid
The Saviors NeganDwight Frank AryaFer Keno Laura Arat Regina Amber Frankie Tanya MarkSherryWadeCam Gary Jared Dean Gavin Yago Gunther Connor NormanRoyEmmettIsabellaJosephChrisGeorgeRomanCusterJiroMilesNeilPrimoAdamPaulaMichelleMollyDonnieMorenoVincentLouisVictorGabeBudT.Tina SimonGordon
Hilltop Colony PaulGregoryMitchellSaraSeanKalRufusBertieCrystalEduardoMarcoBrandonDannaCraigWesleyHarlanNeilFreddieAndyMaliaEthan
The Kingdom EzekielJerryDianneDrewNabilaJennyHenryKevinAlvaroColtonDanielJoeyAngelRichardBenjamin
Oceanside CyndieBeatriceKathyRachelNatania
The Scavengers JadisLeonTamielBrionFarron
El Fuego EileenTateDevinCobyClaireHugoToddBeckettBrianMarcoWyattHunterDrakeAustinJamesBlakeAbigailLydiaRichard
Cree's Group MayaCreeKevin
Scott Family DerekJeremyHarley
El Fuego Captives CraigKatieRyanTrentEva
Allendale AliceBeckyCadeCecilConnorMarcusMattMaxNickRobertSamScottZoey
Miscellaneous Survivors MaximusJennyEastmanSamChristopherAnaClara
Animals NellyShivaButtonsFlameViolet
Walkers HannahSummerWayneLouiseDougErinNickTonyBillJoe Sr.EddieWinslow
Alive characters appear in green. Dead characters appear in red and italics. Unknown characters appear in blue. Undead characters appear in grey and italics.