Luke Hanson
Luke Hanson
Actor Raoul Bouva
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age 35
Occupation Police Officer/Captain
Family (Unknown) - Father (Deceased)

(Unknown) - Mother (Deceased)
Sheila Hanson - Former Wife (Deceased)

Maddie - Daughter (Deceased)
First Appearance The Walking Dead: End of Days
Status Alive
Series lifespan The Walking Dead: End of Days to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"If I died today, I'd want the world to at least know what we did here."
—Luke on how they saved people in the hospital when Atlanta was firedbombed.

Luke is a protagonist and one of the main characters of the End of Days series. He is a Captain with the Atlanta PD who was helping with the overcrowding of Grady Memorial Hospital when the outbreak began. Forced to take shelter in the hospital after Atlanta was firebombed by the government, he, along with others have formed a base on one of the upper floors of the derelict building.


Luke worked as a Captain with the Atlanta Police Department in Atlanta, Georgia, along with his fellow officers. He is secretly having an affair with Dawn Lerner, who wants him to leave his abusive wife for her. After Atlanta was firebombed by the government, he chose to stay behind with Dawn and help protect Grady Memorial Hospital.


Atlanta, Georgia

Sometime before the outbreak, Luke presented Dawn with her promotion and an award for her outstanding work as an officer.


Book One: End of Days

Chapter One

Though unseen, Hanson is the topic of discussion between Kerri and Licari as their eating lunch. They discuss the dangers of his affair with Dawn, and whether or not it will have consequences. He is one of the police officers at Grady Memorial with Kerri, Dawn and Licari when they arrive.

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Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Hanson has killed:

  • Numerous counts of Zombies.


Dawn Lerner

As Dawn's commanding officer, he was in charge of giving her the orders to try and get as many patients back into the hospital as possible when the firebombing of Atlanta took place. Though they did not save many people, Hanson did save several people from being immolated by the explosion.

Dawn and Hanson were close, serving as her mentor and teaching her everything he knew about being a good cop. What started out as companionship between the two quickly turned into a romance, since Hanson was married the two would eventually come to regret what they did.

However, their affair continued on in secret.

Kerri Shepherd

Kerri and Hanson have a stable relationship. Being a married man, Kerri does not approve of the secret affair between Hanson and Dawn, but has covered for the two when they would go missing.

Chris Licari

Being Licari's superior officer, he is in charge of the group of officers and tells him to help with the evacuation of Grady Memorial when the firebombing of Atlanta takes place. Licari believes that Hanson is responsible for most of the deaths of the patients when the firebombing took place, as he was told not to evacuate due to the possibility of it. Still, Licari follows his orders and helps Hanson when called upon.

Amber Bello

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Eric Franco

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James McGinley

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Wayne O'Donnell

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Bob Lamson

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Carl Gorman

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Jared Jeffries

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The Walking Dead


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